Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Friendship Algorithm

I know I'm almost 4 years behind, if I want to post this thing on my blog.
But I don't give a damn.
I still think that this is THE MOST BRILLIANT thing in the world regarding friendship!

So, thanks to Samuel who never gets bored on telling me how great the show is.
(After countless time watching the series on the plane or anywhere else, randomly, I finally surrender and download the series from the internet)
Thanks to Alia, who gets addicted to the show and never seems to get bored on watching the show over and over again, which makes me realize that I should probably mention the show on my blog, one time or another.
Thanks to the long waiting hour in the airport lounge, the very comfortable twin bed hotel, and the crappy movies on the plane, which gave me and Alia the chance on watching the show for countless number of time.

Here it is: THE MOST BRILLIANT Friendship Algorithm!

p.s. I'm so rooting for Jim Parsons to win Golden Globe on this year's award! Go Sheldon!!!