Thursday, March 25, 2010

Train Your Dragon with Locking The Hurt

I think I have a disease.
I can't just go to the movie for one day. I just need to come back there the next day. I just have to. I don't know why.
Yesterday and today, it happened again.
I went to the movie two days in a row!

First day, yesterday.
I went to see The Hurt Locker.
I know. I know I was terribly behind on the fact that I haven't watch The Hurt Locker earlier. It is also such a shame to the company that runs the cinemas in Bandung. I mean, the movie was out back in 2009 and it just came out a few weeks ago? I honestly feel like living in an isolated village or something. Come on, cinemas owners (this and this)!!! Please don't make me feel like living in a cave!
Aaaaanywaaayyy, The Hurt Locker was a great movie.
I don't care what many of my friends said, but it was great!

First of all, I just wanna give credits to the Oscar Winner for Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow.
That kinda movie came out of a women??? very nice! I mean, if I have any slightest ability to direct a movie, I wouldn't direct that kinda movie. But for her to do it and won an Oscar, it was freaking amazing!
Next thing that deserves credit on the movie was about the constant intensity all movie long. It was very damn intense. Anie and I was pretty loud back in the movie. We were like, "Oh no! what's gonna happen now? He's gonna die now! he's totally gonna die! oh, God! this is sad! this is intense!"
It was a fun time, tho, Nie!
The last thing that I wanna point out in this movie was the very strong character of the lead actor. His character was very weird and strange and everything else in that area and it was VERY consistent from the start to the end. The way they wrap a character that can be very touchy but yet very ignorant at once was very neat. Oh I wish I have the ability to create such strong character in my future work of fiction!

Oh, one thing that Anie, Tomo, and I didn't get was the point of the title. what was "hurt locker" mean? Tomo said maybe it was the suit. Anie and me had no idea. anybody?

So, for those of you who haven't been able to watch this movie, you should watch it. grab the dvd or something.
I don't know if this movie deserves an Oscar as the Best Picture (knocking out Avatar-badly, Inglourious Basterds, Precious, Up In The Air, and UP-very badly), but it was worth watching.

The second movie that i watched was How To Train Your Dragon (3D).
I only knew about this movie last weekend. Never heard of it before. I was looking for the right time to watch it, until Sara (and her boyfriend Denny) asked me out. You think it bothers me to go with this couple as I don't have any "plus one" for myself, but the truth is, it doesn't bother me at all. The three of us hang out for so many times before, it made my mom launched a little tease on me, I get used to them (I'm not over them when they're cuddling though, I still think it's gross and all that, but I guess that's what couples do).

From the title, I can kinda get the whole point of the film.
Sure there was a little twist about people fighting dragons and it turns out that dragons can be treated as pets. But I still give credit for the story though. I mean, it's a cartoon, it has to be crazy and wild, like people fighting dragon, or better yet, people keeping dragons as their pets.
But the way the story goes deserves two thumbs up.
I don't know whether it was just me, but I was so drown in the story, I get why Dede was crying when she watched it before. There was a fun side, the moral-lesson side, the love-and-romance side, the parental side, and the touching side. It really got me, although it wasn't enough to make my eyes watery.
The effect was great. The war opening scene was very cool in 3D, I ended up ignoring the 3D effect for the rest of the movie. Another thing was the settings of the movie. I said it back when I was watching it and I'm gonna say it again, some of the settings were very Avatar-y. It was almost like watching Avatar, cartoon version. Remember all the floating mountains and island with foggy sky in Avatar? they have that too in this movie. How cool is that?

Over all, I really like How To Train Your Dragon (3D).
It has all the cartoon quality that I could imagine.
and I'm a die-hard cartoon fan, watching it just made my day!
So, if you're a big fan of cartoon, you should choose to die than to miss this movie!

Well, there you go, a lil' bit review of my 'disease'.
I can't wait to get back to the movie because every visit there is a new experience!
Have a good move watching time!

p.s. sorry for the lousy posting's title! LOL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(Best) Friend(s)

To my friends who have a "special someone" (or on their way of finding one):

I know you have found someone who is extra special, and I know you both have a special "bond", or whatever, that you and I will never have. But we have another bond, we're best friends. Or does the best friend bond disappear as soon as you meet somebody else? Maybe it does, maybe I just don't understand that because I haven't met that "somebody special." I'm not in any hurry to, either. I liked things the way they were.

So maybe Bethany is now your best friend and I have been relegated to just being your "friend". At least be that to me, Alex. In a few years time if my name ever comes up you will probably say, "Rosie, now there's a name I haven't heard in years. We used to be best friends. I wonder what she's doing now; I haven't seen or thought of her in years!" You will sound like my mum and dad when they have dinner parties with friends and talk about old times, they always mention people I've never even heard of when they're talking about some of the most important days of their lives. Yet where are those people now? How could someone who was your bridesmaid 20 years ago not even someone who you are on talking terms with now? Or in Dad's case, how could he not know where his own best friend from college lives? He studied with the man for five years!

Anyway, my point is (I know, I know, there is one), I don't want to be one of those easily forgotten people, so important at the time, so special, so influential, and so treasured, yet years later just a vague face and a distant memory. I want us to be best friends forever, Alex.

Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern p.21 (An unsent letter from Rosie to Alex)

My (Very-Extremely) Late Birthday Present

Come to think of it, on my 22nd birthday, I didn't get more than three presents.
I didn't even get anything from my parents or sister.
I got a cake from my dad's friend and family (thanks Lia and Ping-Ping!) and a Kalimantanese bag, which I really love (thanks Cella, Cita, Frisda, Pras, and Tere!)

So, when I got a birthday present from Sara on Friday, I was really happy!
It was a my very own Starbucks tumbler with a special print in it

and Ravina got hers too!

Cheers to you!
and let's head to Starbucks on the 22nd!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Orang Cina

Terinspirasi dari artikel di Kompas akhir minggu lalu, kalau tidak salah Kompas Minggu, 7 Maret 2010, tentang hubungan antara Orang Cina di Kampung Melayu.
Aku juga udah lamaaaa banget pengen nulis tentang ini, tapi agak takut dibilang menyinggung SARA, jadi selalu ditunda-tunda.
Setelah nonton film MILK, tentang kaum minoritas homoseksual, aku jadi pengen nulis lagi soal Orang Cina.

Kalau boleh jujur, aku sendiri berasal dari keluarga yang sangat rasis dan egois.
Menurut keluargaku, semua suku bangsa di dunia ini tidak ada yang bagus. Setiap suku bangsa pasti ada saja kejelekannya sehingga pantas untuk dicela.
Tapi, tentu saja yang memegang ranking paling tinggi untuk suku bangsa yang paling banyak dicela oleh keluargaku adalah suku bangsa Cina.

Om-om dan tante-tante banyak sekali bahan celaan untuk Orang Cina dari zaman dahulu kala.
Mulai dari pengemudi mobil yang suka egois, "Pasti yang nyetir orang Cina!"
Rumah makan yang dekorasinya didominasi oleh warna merah, "Pasti yang punya orang Cina!"
Toko yang paling laku se-kota, "Pasti usaha-nya Orang Cina!"
dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya.
Hampir semua komentar mereka selalu negatif.

Aku masih ingat waktu kecil pernah bertanya pada mama dan papa.
"Apa sih yang menyebabkan orang Cina banyak dibenci orang?"
Mama dan Papa menjawabnya dengan sangat bijaksana, "karena Orang Cina banyak yang sukses dan efek kesuksesan mereka itu biasanya menjatuhkan saingan mereka, yang biasanya orang pribumi."
Aku lalu bertanya lagi, "memangnya kenapa orang Cina bisa sukses banget?"
Mama dan Papa lalu menjawab dengan tidak kalah bijaksana, "Orang Cina adalah orang yang sangat mau bekerja keras dan rela berkorban demi kesuksesan. Seandainya saja lebih banyak orang yang mau belajar dari Orang Cina."

Jadi, sudah jelas ya.
Kalau om dan tante, bahkan ompung-ompung dan sepupu-sepupu, sepertinya sangat antipati terhadap Orang Cina, mama dan papa bersikap lebih positif.
Yah, kecuali pada saat-saat tertentu seperti saat waktunya buka puasa di Bulan Ramadhan dan restoran justru dipenuhi oleh Orang-Orang Cina beragama non-muslim yang tidak berpuasa namun hanya ingin mendapatkan momentum perayaan buka puasa itu, sedangkan orang-orang muslim lainnya harus mengantri lebih lama. Di saat itulah mama dan papa bersikap negatif pada Orang Cina. (But seriously guys, what happens every Ramadhan is very annoying. don't you guys usually have your dinner by 7 or 8???)

Dibesarkan dengan dua perspektif yang (agak) berbeda tentu saja aku berkembang dengan dua pandangan tersebut bergabung dalam pikiranku.

Beberapa hal yang aku generalisir terhadap sifat-sifat Orang Cina, berkat pemberian dari keluargaku, diantaranya:
1. Orang Cina itu selalu kaya.
2. Orang Cina itu selalu malas bergaul dengan Orang Bukan Cina.

Pandangan tentang Orang Cina yang aku dapatkan dari orang lain (keluargaku) itu ternyata harus diuji coba dengan pengalaman-pengalaman aku sendiri.

1. Orang Cina itu GAK selalu kaya

Sampai SMA kelas 2, bahkan waktu aku masih di Kanada, aku masih merasa bahwa Orang Cina itu selalu kaya.
Sejak suka part-time, aku akhirnya menemukan bahwa Orang Cina GAK selalu kaya. Kaget juga waktu pertama kali bos-bos aku (yang orang Indonesia Asli) bilang bahwa si XXX dan si YYY, dan banyak Orang Cina yang bekerja di tempat part-time aku adalah tipe-tipe Orang Cina yang BU=Butuh Uang.
Dibesarkan dengan mitos bahwa Orang Cina selalu kaya, aku kaget dengan kenyataan ini.
Mana mungkin Orang Cina bisa tidak kaya???
bukannya mereka selalu getol berusaha? bukannya apa pun usaha mereka, mereka mau berkorban untuk jadi sukses hingga akhirnya sukses besar? bukannya mereka tidak mau terima untuk jadi orang yang tidak kaya?
Walaupun masih kadang kaget hingga sekarang, tapi sekarang aku sudah bisa menerima kenyataan bahwa tidak semua Orang Cina itu kaya.
Ada juga kok Orang Cina yang tidak kaya dan membutuhkan bantuan finansial. Tidak semua Orang Cina yang punya usaha selalu berhasil, ada juga yang gagal dan tidak sukses.
Orang Cina bukan orang yang sempurna juga.

2. Orang Cina GAK Selalu Malas Bergaul dengan Orang Bukan Cina.

Bisa dibilang Orang Cina memang kebanyakan ingin selalu berteman dengan Orang Cina lainnya.
Aku yang hampir selalu bersekolah di sekolah negeri sebenarnya tidak banyak berinteraksi dengan Orang Cina. Palingan dulu kalau les Bahasa Inggris di tempat-tempat yang banyak Orang Cina-nya. Di tempat les yang memang muridnya sedikit, teman-temanku yang Orang Cina mau kok bergaul dengan Orang Bukan Cina.
Tapi, setelah masuk ITB, baru deh perbedaan itu terasa.
Baru terasa bahwa banyak Orang Cina yang tidak mau bergaul dengan Orang Bukan Cina.
Banyak Orang Cina yang gak peduli sama teman sekelas, tidak peduli sama kegiatan ekstra kurikuler, dan tidak peduli sama acara hura-hura bareng Orang Bukan Cina.
Pandangan itu kemudian berubah setelah bertemu dengan teman-teman baru yang kebetulan adalah Orang Cina.
Ada seorang teman yang kebetulan Orang Cina. Kalau gak kenal dia, dia kesannya gak mau berteman, padahal kalau dia diajak bercanda dia ketawa-ketawa aja. Emang dasarnya aja dia cuek, tapi kalau ditanya-tanyain soal hal-hal yang dia suka, dia mau berbagi. Selain itu, dia juga mau ngebantu-bantu dihimpunan.
Teman Cina yang lain, diam-diam menghanyutkan. Nilainya bagus, orangnya cukup pendiam, orang tuanya punya usaha sendiri dan cukup sukses. benar-benar kriteria Orang Cina yang sesuai dengan pandanganku sebelumnya. Tiba-tiba, aku mendengar bahwa dia adalah Ketua Kaderisasi di himpunannya.
Dan tentu saja teman dekatku saat ini yang memang Orang Cina. Dia sangat perhatian dengan keadaan sekitar, gak ragu-ragu membantu orang, peka terhadap masalah-masalah sosial, dan sangat mau bergaul dengan Orang Bukan Cina.
Intinya sih:
tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa manusia itu mirip dengan hewan. Kita juga senang berkumpul dengan sesama jenis kita. Begitu pula yang terjadi dengan Orang Cina, menurut aku, dan hal itu adalah sesuatu yang wajar.

Jadi, tulisan ini aku buat karena aku ingin rasanya orang-orang menutup pikirannya karena pandangan-pandangan mengenai stereotipe Orang Cina.
Seperti yang aku udah tulis diatas, tidak ada suku bangsa yang sempurna.
kita harus makin pintar aja untuk beradaptasi dengan berbagai macam orang yang berasal dari suku bangsa yang berbeda-beda ini.
Orang Cina sebaiknya makin mau dong bergaul dengan Orang Bukan Cina. Keluar dari kerumunan Cina, berteman dengan Orang Bukan Cina agar tidak banyak cap stereotipe jelek yang ditujukan kepada Orang Cina.
Orang Bukan Cina juga seharusnya belajar banyak dari Orang Cina yang mau susah dan mau berusaha demi mencapai kesuksesan. Tidak semua hal dari Orang Cina itu jelek, malah banyak sekali yang seharusnya bisa kita pelajari dari Orang Cina.
Semoga Orang Cina dan Orang Bukan Cina bisa selalu hidup berdampingan di Indonesia.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Parents' Thoughts: Dating

I am not yet bored telling the stories about what my dad told me towards dating.
It was one night before my friend's wedding and I went out with my mom and dad for a dinner.
On the dinner table, I told them that one of my classmate is gonna marry the following day.
To my surprise, my mom said,
"Wow. More and more of your friends are getting married, and here you are, still single."
I was surprised but it wasn't my mom's first time to said the very sentence to my face. She teases me from time to time about not having a boyfriend. Sure it hits me from time to time, but it never hurts my feeling. It didn't hurt my feeling to that night.
What shocked me even more, though, was something that my dad said,
"I don't think you have to worry about boyfriend anytime soon. I'm afraid that it will distract you from your study. I think you don't have to have a boyfriend until you graduate and get your master degree."
Hearing that, 'surprised' was not enough to explain my feeling. "shocked" was more like it.
Along with my friends' parents who ask their kids-my friends-to graduate as soon as they can and get married afterward, here my dad asked me to forget about romance.
and that's that.

So last weekend, my family and I were eating out, as usual, when my mom asked me what semester I am now.
When I answered eight, my mom told me the reason.
The previous day, my mom got a phone call from her cousin, my uncle.
they were chatting along when he asked my mom how old her kids are.
When my mom said "my first daughter is her last semester in university."
He said,
"Well, there's this guy I know, he worked in XXX company and he is looking for a girl."

My mom lost her words.
I, hearing that, was in awe.

The story of Siti Nurbaya crossed my mind.
I would never have an arranged boyfriend! let alone an arranged married.

Good thing my mom found her words and laughed at my uncle's sentence.
She said that I am still too young to be with a guy, I still wanna go to school and many other things.
My uncle still said something like, "But she's in her last semester! what is she gonna do after she's graduated?"
Another good thing that my mom eventually managed to cut his crap and said she's not interested in talking about my romance when I'm still young and when I still wanna go to school.

I mean, is my uncle crazy???
GOSH!!! puh-leaseeeee!!!
I'm still young.
Sure, I would like a boyfriend, but get an arranged boyfriend or marriage???
I know that young marriage is in trend right now, but I'm just not up for that.

Plus you should see my dad's face when my mom told the story.
It really showed that he thought my uncle was crazy and he could not careless. He wanted her daughter to stop messing around with romance and work their butts off in school.
(Tho, I haven't worked my butt off in university, but you get my message. lol)

So there, I hope my uncle gets the message.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dear John, I'm Up In The Air!

again and again I went back and forth to the cinema, for two days in a row!
I was loving it!

So the first day was a very random day.
It was Tuesday and I was in a very bad mood.
I wasn't sure why but I was just randomly asking Samuel and Tomo for lunch. When we were eating (very unworthy lunch at Rice Bowl, by the way, it was expensive, small portion, and not good), Tomo was like, "Hey, let's see a movie or something!"
Samuel and I was agreeing to that. So we went through my BlackBerry to see what movies were on.
I finally convinced them to watch Dear John.

I honestly didn't really know what the story was about.
All I know was that the movie was based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. Based on my experience of watching movies, The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe were a very romantic movie. A very nice and touching story. So I was expecting something similar to that. Plus, Channing Tatum was a total hotie, so what's not to watch?
So I was sitting in the cinema with three guys (Ade came in later), watching a romantic movie, and I knew that I did something wrong.
First of all, all of the guys didn't understand Channing Tatum's hotness (Sar, urus dulu lah mereka!)! I think they were all just very insecure about themselves. Channing Tatum was hot and they were not. LOL
Second of all, they were really ruining the romantic mood. They commented on everything. They answered every questions with stupid and irrational answers. and they laughed when the scene was supposed to be sad. Very annoying.
and last, the movie was very bad. Really. The story was very soapy (as in soap opera, I mean. LOL). It was just about a guy and a girl who loved each other, they had to be separated, she ended up marrying another guy, and finally her husband died and they got back together and they lived happily ever after. When the movie was over, I was really shocked and disappointed. I mean, "THAT WAS IT?" was the very suitable question for the movie.

So there, Dear John was not a very good movie.
It was one of the movie that you have to watch with your girlfriends in purpose of fulfilling your needs to crave of Channing Tatum's hotness. Other than that, don't throw your money away for something worthless.
(Oh, maybe you wanna watch it with your guy friends to get you energize after hearing their stupid-but very funny-comments. I had so much fun with Samuel, Tomo, and Ade back then)

And then yesterday, Wednesday, I went out with my longest-time-girlfriends: Diah and Aulin.
We were eating a very big and late lunch when we were confused on what to do.
(seriously, we don't know what Jakarta people look for everytime they come to Bandung, but we, Bandung people, are running out of ideas on What To Do in Bandung.)
I, again, successfully convinced them to watch Up In The Air.
I mean, what's not to watch that movie?
It's got George Clooney in it and it is nominated for this year's Oscar. What more can a girl ask for?

Up In The Air was about a person who travels around USA to 'let-go' (you're not allowed to say 'fired') of many-many employees. And this man, out of many other jobs in the world, loves his job. He loves being a nomad, moving from one place to another.
On his way, he meets a girl that he fell in love with, he meets another girl-a very young one-whom was very naive and idealistic. and he understands the importance of having a family.
It was a very nice movie. It wasn't as GREAT as Juno (they had the same director) but it was a very well-put-together movie. I get all the excitement, the sadness, the disappointment, the happiness, the surprised feelings, and the questionable ending.
What I don't understand was that this movie was actually nominated for Oscar. Why? I don't see any breath-taking specials that this movie has. It was just a simple movie with a pretty deep messages.
I don't know... I'm just an amateur...

But watching it with my long-time-girlfriends were like the best decision!
We had fun. We basically shared the same thoughts. We commented on everything. We didn't think that George Clooney was good-looking, we even thought that he was too old for his part. We thought that we couldn't be as mean as that Alex girl. We simply like the movie.
I would recommend you Up In The Air the movie if you're looking for a fun movie to watch.

So, there they are, my reviews for the two movies that I watched.
I'm having another long weekend and I can't wait to go back to the cinemas!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

(Lagi-Lagi) Politik Kampus

Tanpa terasa sudah mau pemilihan Presiden KM lagi di ITB tercinta.
YUP! bener-bener TIDAK TERASA. soalnya kepemimpinan Presiden KM yang kemarin menurut aku bener-bener tidak terasa. mengecewakan, gampangnya.

Jauh sebelum Pemilu Raya KM ITB mulai, aku dan beberapa teman sudah membicarakan beberapa teman seangkatan yang mungkin akan maju jadi calon Presiden KM.
Benar saja, salah seorang dari calon Presiden KM sekarang adalah orang yang aku dan teman-temanku sudah prediksikan.

Aku belum bisa membahas siapa-siapa saja calon Presiden KM periode 20010/2011, soalnya siapa-siapa saja yang udah lolos verifikasi dan resmi jadi calon Presiden belum jelas. Jadi, untuk hal itu dibahasnya nanti-nanti aja.
Aku cuma mau menceritakan tentang pengalaman unik aku aja.

Untuk kedua kalinya, aku diajakin jadi promotor.
Kali kedua ini, seorang teman tiba-tiba mengsms secara misterius dan mengajak ketemuan.
Kenapa aku bilang misterius, soalnya di salah satu smsnya, saat aku tanya apakah dia minta bantuan aku untuk menjadi promotor, dia menjawab,
"belum tau bisanya gimana lien, tergantung alien aja."

Jujur ya, pas menerima sms itu, yang aku rasakan secara spontan adalah kaget, bingung, tapi juga bikin geer.
Kaget karena aku sama sekali gak mengharapkan jawaban seperti itu.
Bingung karena aku sama sekali enggak ngerti maksud smsnya apa.
Bikin geer karena frase 'tergantung alien aja' itu kayak gaya banget aja.

Lalu kemudian semalam aku bertemu dengan teman ini.
Secara umum, seru juga obrolannya. Yah, aku kan jarang ya ngobrol politik, tapi kalau aku ngobrol soal politik, aku suka deh. Apalagi kalau politiknya itu bersinggungan dengan kehidupan sehari-hari aku.
Aku diceritain soal visi dan misi-nya calon pasangan Presiden KM dan MWA ini, diceritain penyebab mereka mencalonkan diri, diceritain sedikit tentang mimpi-mimpi mereka, sampai akhirnya diceritain sedikit tentang orang-orang yang mendukung calon pasangan ini.

Sejujurnya, sebelum aku diajak ngobrol-ngobrol sama seorang teman untuk jadi promotor ini, aku sudah menetapkan hati: gak mau jadi promotor siapa-siapa.
Gak peduli semenggiurkan apa iming-iming yang ditawarkan ke aku, atau seberapa besar tantangan yang bisa aku hadapi jika mejadi promotor, dan seberapa serunya pekerjaan itu, aku gak akan mau jadi promotor.
Aku udah punya kepercayaan-kepercayaan sendiri bahwa terjun di dunia politik itu tidak akan membawa kemaslahatan yang banyak bagi diriku sendiri. Mungkin lebih banyak ketidak maslahatannya. Jadi, untuk benar-benar terjun di dunia politik itu aku gak mau, cukup jadi penonton aja.
Sejujurnya lagi, aku kaget loh aku diajakin jadi promotor. Teman-temanku yang kenal aku dengan baik pun tau bahwa tanpa disuruh berpikir panjang pasti aku akan menolak menjadi promotor.
Aku gak pernah ikut Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan Tepusat, aku juga tidak mengenal (dalam arti tidak berteman) dengan para calon-calon pasangan Presiden KM dan MWA, aku susah untuk dipengaruhi, dan aku belum pernah ikutan pemilu dengan sepenuh hati (well, di Pemilu GM 8EH kemarin aku ikutan milih tapi gak bisa dibilang sepenuh hati ;p).
Aku bukan siapa-siapa deh di kampus. gak pernah punya gelar spektakuler apapun yang bisa dijual untuk mendukung calon-calon Presiden KM dan MWA ini.

Jadi sebenarnya aku menerima ajakan ngobrol-ngobrol itu demi memuaskan diri sendiri aja.
Seru aja ngobrol-ngobrolnya.
Aku juga jadi tau, kerjaan promotor itu ada tiga:
1. Sebagai Figur: bersedia namanya dipajang-pajang sebagai pendukung pasangan calon.
2. Mendatangi hearing: dalam setiap hearing, minimal ada lima promotor yang mendampingi si pasangan calon ini.
3. Membawa banyak Massa: yah, ini gak usah dijelasin lah yaaa...
Berat juga kan kerjaannya? Makin males aja aku. hehehe

Intinya, semoga calon-calon pasangan yang mau maju jadi Presiden dan MWA Wakil Mahasiswa bisa membawa KM ITB ke arah kesuksesan.
Semoga KM ITB bisa jauh lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

Monday, March 01, 2010

A Blushing Moment

So this morning I left for university not expecting anything.
In fact, I was extremely lazy because today's Monday and I was struggling from long weekend hangover.

I came to my 7 am class and to be honest, I was only absorbing about 50% of the lecture that my Professor told in class.
When he said the class was over at 8.20 am because he was preparing for a seminar of some sorts, I was really happy.
Then he invited the whole class, I was interested to come, considering the speakers were some experts from Japan and Korea, he said.

So my friends and I came to the seminar, not expecting anything.
The seminar was mostly about 3R that has been applied in countries like Japan and Philippines. My friend, Dede, and I were discussing a little bit about the seminar. But the rest of the time, we were mostly talking about stuff. Some very random stuff.
When it came to asking questions, the whole seminar room was silent.
The silence can possibly mean that everybody get everything about the seminar or everybody didn't get anything from the seminar and was shy to ask questions.

To filled the silence, I raised my hands and asked a random question that popped in my mind, plus a question from Dede. Of course I was asking in English and my Professor was smiling at me, I wonder if it was a proud smile or just a normal-simple-friendly smile.
It turned out the Japanese that I was asking questions to didn't have much informations regarding my questions. I wasn't surprised. I thought my questions wasn't exactly related to the seminar topics anyway, and I didn't have any expectations.
In fact, I was just asking questions to get the seminar going. To light up the room.
So when my questions was answered, I went back to talking to my friends.

Then we had a 10 minutes break.
My friends and I were still talking and ignoring stuff around us.
Suddenly, there he was. The Japanese guy, his name's Michikazu Kojima anyway, whom I had asked questions earlier.
He came up to me and told me that he was sorry that he couldn't answer my questions satisfyingly and that he didn't have enough informations.
I was in awe.
My friends were in awe.

I mean, I haven't been to very many seminars in my life.
and in the seminars I went in, previously, I haven't had a seminar speaker came up to me personally.
and for a seminar speaker to explained that he was sorry because he didn't have enough information to give me, I think it was very flattering.
He even gave me his card incase I have any further questions.

I was in shock. and in awe.
And my friends can help but commenting how cool the moment was.

If only every seminar speakers that I went (and am going) to are (gonna be) as friendly as Mr. Michikazu Kojima, all the knowledge that a seminar was trying to pass on would make a remark in every participant.