Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Jetsetter

I haven't been able to spare sometime writing about my experiences on my last night in Bali.
I was in Bali for a field trip with friends from my year and I chose to be with my mom on my last day in Bali.
It turned out that y mom has many plans involving entertaining many of my dad's business associates and I got to go with her.

Some may find this weird, but I really like it when my dad brings me to any business trips or events. I think it's really fun to meet many powerful people with very mature way of thinking. It's really interesting to hear people talk about business over dinner and it's always amazing what people can do to accomplish a particular target in business.

So my last night in Bali was spent by accompanying my mom to the 'sort-of' casual dinner invited by my dad's clients. This was where I met the Jewish person that I wrote here. Besides the Jewish person, there were two other Caucasian men (one of whom my family got pretty close with since we met his family back when we went to Switzerland), a filthy rich Indonesian man with his wife, and my dad's colleagues with their wives.

I got really excited about the dinner because it was gonna be in the newest and, currently, the most expensive (more than) five-star hotel in Bali called The St. Regis Bali Resort.
Since my dad would definitely refuse to spend money on over-expensive hotel rooms (I haven't got that weekend holiday in Four Season Resort in Jimbaran Bali from my wishlist), I had to absorb everything I could from that St. Regis.

I arrived at the hotel lobby in a big awe. The lobby had ethnic feeling with all the interior in it and a breathtaking overview of the hotel (note this: the grand staircase with the lights that similar to Senayan City).
My mom and I were wondering around, thinking why we didn't go straight to the restaurant. It turned out that we need to wait for a golf cart in order to get to the restaurant. I gulped. I couldn't imagine how huge the whole hotel was.
Eventually the golf cart arrived and the driver greeted us in a very friendly way. He gladly explained whatever places we passed by in order to get to the restaurant and showing the most expensive villa in Bali.

So the hotel has different kinds of rooms and villas we can stay in.
The rooms were similar to most five-star hotels in the world. They have different types of rooms from the standard to the suite ones.
And then the hotel also have a few villas. There are also different types of villas.
The golf-cart driver pointed us one villa and this is what he said to us,
"This villa right here has its own pool and its own butler. The rate of this villa is around US$8000 per night and we have people coming to stay here like Sultan Hasanah Bolkiah from Brunei Darussalam."
and I got very quiet after that.
EIGHT THOUSAND US DOLLARS PER NIGHT! what kind of people would spend that much money on one night???
Well, appearantly, people like Sultan Hasanah Bolkiah!

and then I arrived in the restaurant.
A very fancy one, called KayuPuti. A very nice restaurant with an open kitchen concept.
The menu was set into six delicious courses:
  1. foie gras (very excelent foie gras. I had foie gras once before and I hated the taste so bad, I almost threw up. but that one was extremely right, the taste.)
  2. thin slices yellow fin tuna and crab meat Nigiri style with avruga pearl and preserved lemon soy vinaigrete (I never like any sashimi. I don't get why people eating raw fish. but that night I was deeply in love with the tuna slices. and the combination of crab meat was just perfect.)
  3. pan seared deep sea scallops in clear tomato consomme, with enoki and shimeji mushroom (the very so-so food in the whole dinner. I think the taste was very similar to Thailand's tom yum minus the hot spices. it was my least favorite course.)
  4. black angus beef sirloin done medium rare, sauted baby bok choy, coconut foam and Sumatrans rendang meat gravy (my MOST favorite course in the night. everything was PERFECT. the tenderness of the steak, the gravy, the veggies. when I ate it, I felt like dying and going to heaven.)
  5. passion fruit and milk chocolate mousse, passion fruit sherbet, and sugar swirls (I don't know what the dessert chef was thinking, but it was very delicious. The combination of passion fruit, chocolate, and coffee was unbelivably refreshing. I ate bits by bits very carefully, not wanting it to disappear right away.)
  6. Homemade praline and coffee
plus strawberry-kiwi juice, for me

The silliest thing that happened on that dinner was my shock and awe on everything, including the very long list of different kind of beverages.

Because I wasn't having any wine, I was offered juice, when I asked the waiter about the kind of juice that they had made from fresh fruit.
The waiter seemed to mention every types of fruit that exist in the world.
He mentioned blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, banana, kiwi, bla-bla-bla. I was really confused on what I wanted, by the time the waiter was done mentioning all the fruits that they've got, I forgot the very first fruit that he told me. And I got even more confused when he said that I could mix any fruits that I want.
I ended up settling for the simple strawberry-kiwi. very boring but I like it.
The same thing happened when the waiter offered me selection of tea. They have every kind of tea that exists in the world. From chamomile to peppermint, to jasmine, to earl grey, to any tea with fruits flavour. I got very lost.
Also when I asked the waiter about the coffee. He mentioned everything from cappucino, to latte, to frappucino, to espresso, to machiato, to every type of coffee that Starbucks makes, and even more.
I ended up settling for machiato, very delicious.

I just couldn't believe that I have experienced something as big as that fancy dinner in that fancy hotel.
I can't wait for the next big thing!

Buat Apresiasi Sastra 6

Aku dan Langit

Bulan tersenyum padaku

Dia menemaniku beberapa minggu ini

Rahasiaku disimpan olehnya

Tidak digosipkan bersama bintang-bintang

Awan menyapaku

Dia menggodaku dengan bentuknya

dengan goyangannya

Apakah bentuk hati yang sekarang dibuatnya?

Mars berteriak menghampiriku

Sudah lama tidak bertemu, katanya

Warna merahnya terpantul diwajahku

Nafasku cepat,

berusaha membagi oksigen dengannya

Tiba-tiba aku tertohok

Kaget tiada tara

Matahari ikut marah

Sinarnya memancar tanpa ampun

Aku tidak bisa tinggal diam, katanya

Aku harus membalaskan kekesalanmu, katanya lagi

Kemudian seluruh langit pun tahu

Gosip bintang-bintang

Orion menyapaku, berusaha memastikan.

Centaurus bertanya, Aries menguping dari jauh

Aku cuma bisa mengangguk sendu

Meteor datang bikin ribut

Siapa yang berani menyakitimu?

Dia bertanya padaku

Emosinya justru membuatku semakin takut

Sampai akhirnya aku menyerah dan bercerita

Seperti konferensi pers artis-artis

Tanpa terasa air mataku mengalir

Langit serta merta menemani

Air hujan jatuh ke Bumi

Angin mengelus rambutku

Sabar, katanya

Atau mau aku panggilkan tornado untuk menghampiri rumahnya?

Aku tersenyum

Matahari kembali bersinar

Hangat kali ini, bukan panas

Bulan juga tersenyum

Aku akan selalu menemani, katanya

Bintang berkelip riang

Awan membentuk bunga

Angin memelukku kencang

Aku tidak akan apa-apa


I have not yet been able to create relationship to a REAL Jewish person.

I mean, I've met so many people with different religions and all, but not a real relationship.

Well, of course I met a Jewish back when I was in Canada.
She's of course not from Canada, Canada is very big on Christian, in case you haven't notice.
And Canadians are, I think, more Christian than Americans in general. It's just that USA is very diverse, the Christian feel is, I think, fading out.

So, I have a Jewish friend from Germany.
But like many Germans, she wasn't very religious.
I wasn't judging on anything here, I am not a very religious person myself.
In fact, I'm FAR from being religious.
This friend of mine was born Jewish but she didn't practice anything. It was just in her blood and she wasn't even care.
She ate pork all she wanted, no religion consideration.

So there, one Jewish friend, which is not a big accomplishment because she wasn't proud at all on being Jewish.
Other than that, NONE.

Sure I watched Schindler's List.
One of the greatest movies ever made by Steven Spielberg (it's, in my opinion, ten million times better than Jurassic Park!) over and over.
Sure I had exams about the World War II and all the casualties, including the details of Holocaust and everything.
But I never really got to know anything about Jew from a real Jewish.
on one of my exams, I remember there was this one question:
"Why do you think Steven Spielberg was very interested and eager to make Schindler's List?"
I answered it with really long sentences, stating on how Spielberg really cared about the holocaust and everything. and I didn't got a full mark.
It turned out that the answer was very simple.
"Spielberg was eager to create Schindler's List movie because he's a Jew and he was trying to find his Jewish side and show it to the world."
and my host sister, Lisa, said, "Well, yes Alien. of course that's the answer. You can tell he's a Jew from his last name."
and I was in awe. I have no clue. I don't know anything about Jew.
Not even the type of their last names, or even the fact that Steven Spielberg is a Jew.

When I was in Bali and met one of my dad's business clients and he turned out to be a Jew, I was a bit excited.
This man was Jewish by blood and attitude and look.
By look, I can't describe it. You just have to see. It's basically the same thing with any race in this world. They have their special kind of uniqueness.
By blood, I can't also describe that. I'm sure he has that Jewish blood, as you can't change religion to Jewish, you have to born with it.
By attitude, he wasn't eating pork, or meat. Being a Jew doesn't mean that they have to be vegetarians, they're just not allowed to eat pork.
what really struck me was that his family still actually lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.
He's like the first real Jew that I have ever made an encounter with.
It was cool.

Though, it got me thinking.
While my country is refusing to have anything, all sorts of communication or relation in any form, here's my dad doing business with a Jewish through and through.
A bit ironic, indeed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Buat Apresiasi Sastra 5



Pernah melihat air mengalir?


Cepat bagai dikejar anjing


Pernah melihat gunung berapi meletus?

Debunya menutupi mata, gelap

Guncangannya terasa hingga ke negara tetangga


Pernah melihat kapur melayang di udara?

Terhempas dari tangan seorang guru

Bergerak cepat tanpa suara

Memerah bila terkena


Pernah melihat peluru ditembakkan?

Suaranya keras, memekakan telinga

Gesekannya mengeluarkan api

Dapat melukai hati



Orang itu berdiri tegak

Matanya menyala merah,


Ledakannya keras,

Menggelapkan mata

Kalimatnya berkejar-kejaran

Tepat pada sasaran: hati




Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Does It Have To Be Singapore?

I was shocked when I heard the commercial on TV.
I had to leave the TV to get something from my room when I heard it.
So I decided to stayed in front of the TV until the commercial was back on.
and it is true!!!

Kris Allen is coming.... to Singapore!!!

Of course!
of course he needs to come to Asia! after all, Asia is really a good market for everything, right?
of course he's coming to Singapore and not other Asian country! after all, Singapore is like a place where everything meets for Asia. It's like the 'Asian Pier' or something.
of course his ticket is gonna be expensive! after all, he's the latest American Idol which makes him very recent and very famous at that moment.

and of course, Life is Never Fair!

So here, now, I have to kiss Kris Allen goodbye.

As for you who may be very lucky (whether you're living in Singapore or you're just filthy rich), here's the information about the concert.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Buat Apresiasi Sastra 4


Aku sendiri di kolam tanya
Langit cerah namun hujan berjatuhan
Kamu berlari pelan
Aku berbisik kencang

Kemana perginya jawab?
Mungkin ke suatu tempat ramai
dimana pantomim jadi riuh rendah
dan konser musik bergema dalam hati

Aku tidak begitu saja jatuh
Lubang itu bahkan tidak terbuka
Kamu tidak begitu saja terbang
Sayapmu bahkan patah

Saat aku menemukan jawab
Kamu bersembunyi, mencari kunang-kunang
Kemudian kamu menemukan kupu-kupu
Kamu segera membawakannya madu

Aku duduk diam termanggu
Apa jadinya ketika bunga itu layu?
Apa jadinya bila gula bukan berasal dari tebu?
Atau bila angin tidak lagi mengandung debu?

Apa kamu akan kembali?
Apa bumi akan berhenti berputar?
Apa kartun bukan lagi khayalan?

Apa kita akan merangkai kesimpulan?