Saturday, July 18, 2009

Angry MODE: ON!

This posting is damn right very important.
I mean, I didn't write anything about my sister's birthday.
Dammit, I didn't write anything AT FREAKING ALL about my OWN birthday!
And yet I'm now writing about this.

Maybe just about everyone in the world, everyone with accsess to fast information in many ways, woould now know.
There have been explosions in Jakarta.

Not just IN Jakarta, but it happened in an area called Mega Kuningan, which happened to be a business district.
And worse, not just in Mega Kuningan, it happened in two of the best hotels in town, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.
I mean, what stupid people created bombings in a hotel, for crying out loud?!

Honestly, when the Bali bombing happened, I was just a little girl who only cared about myself.
And everytime I go back to Bali and see the monument, there wasn't any emotion, because when it happened, I didn't feel any conection at all.
I didn't care about the death toll, let alone the origins of the people who died.
I also didn't care when a bombing happened in JW Marriott in 2003.
I thought it was some kind of revenge thing, it was a fair thing.
As the Marriott is owned by some American and at that time the campaign about refusing American product was something big.
Plus, the casualties was favored only to the Marriott.
That was what I thought.

Not until I went to Canada, where I experienced many eye opening experience.
Where I was involved in many conversations that opened my mind.
One of them was that I share this very planet with other people who have just the same right as I have, to live.

And the other thing was that I really don't know what I've got 'till it's gone, my country for example.
Well, to be staying in the continent of America, espesially the north part, I have to accept that not very many people know where Indonesia is located.
So I worked my brain out to explain stuff about Indonesia.
And trust me, people, it was hard to picture a great Indonesian picture to those people.
Plus, thanks to the devastating tsunami.

When I say it was hard to create a good image about Indonesia, I really mean it.
See the what the Indonesian tourism has been doing with their "Visit Indonesia Year" campaign?
It wasn't very successful.

Do you guys wanna know why?
Because many Indonesians were dumb enough not to appreciate Indonesia's beauty.
Because many Indonesian were screaming about separatism act toward the country.
Because many Indonesians were too selfish that they actually do corruption.
Because many Indonesians were too cocky they shoot some random western people.
Because many Indonesians were too stupid, they didn't know what to do to attract attention, they decided to bomb two hotels in a row.

It's not just because I extremely love the buffet in the restaurants that were exploded yeaterday.
It's not just because Beyonce did stay in JW Marriott and Alicia Keys in Ritz-Carlton.
It's all about how bad it is to regain a good image for Indonesia after all these years.

When the people who did these bombing thing found, I really wished for him to be tortured to death!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

If you haven't watched this movie, I could only say,
"Are you like extremely busy or extremely hate animation/robotics movie?"
I mean, how can you miss one of the most talked about movies of this year?
I just don't get it.
If I were you, I'd die of my curiosity.

Anyhow, I just want to share some of my thoughts about it.

Watching the movie was like watching Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonians and Ketika Cinta Bertasbih at once.
The sets were in the Smithsonian and Egypt, that's why.

Megan Fox was friggin sexy.
I extremely understood why guys like robotics movie such as Transformers.
I doubt it was all because of the cool animation or cool fighting scene or even the cool technical stuff, it's all because of the sexy ladies.
And Shia Lebouf was very model-like, both of his looks and the way he acted.
I guess that was why girls want to see this movie too.

The pictures of the movie was great.
I mean, amazing animation. Amazing cinematography. Amazing fighting scene.
Too bad I went to a rather lousy (and one and only) cinema and I felt like the screen was too small.
So all the amazing things that I mentioned was not fully enjoyable.

The story was very usual.
There was nothing really new about some bad guys, robots in this case, who wanted to get even.
One thing that was new to me was about the sun.
Many similar movies told stories about how somethings gonna destroy earth or something related to it.
In this movie, the bad guys, or robots, wanted to steal the human's sun, for a change.
I mean, the sun. The current main energy for the whole earth.
Isn't any other movie maker gonna push on this fact?

The thing was though, the whole movie was too hollywood-ya.
I mean, what other movie business who ruins many airplanes, trucks, cars, motorcycles, old buildings, and other fancy infrastructures?
Plus they have the newest animation technology.
But the most hollywood-y scene was when Sam was supposed to be dead and he came back alive.
The one and only scene that made me question Steven Spielberg's capability.
I mean, for real, people!!!
I can still accept the Megan Fox's impossible running for miles in knee-high boots, and super tight white pants.
I can also still accept the way Shia Lebouf standing on the edge of torn buildings with fake wind was blowing his hair.
But the scene when Sam was back alive...
God please help Steven Spielberg!!!

Other than that, I quite like the movie.
My favorite character was Bumble Bee because of its neat way of talking.

So, if you haven't watched it, please question yourself,
Do you really wanna miss this movie?
Do you really choose to watch the pirates of this movie in that lousy pirated dvd or your lousy computer's monitor?

Have a great summer, everyone!