Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Album

Honoris Crux Diamond was known as a South African military decoration but now its meaning has changed into a Gothic genre band with Aliendheasja Fawilia as a front woman.

Their debut album called "In the Eye Of the Beholder" was taken from a quote by Laurence J. Peter. Its complete quote was
"Competence, like truth, beauty and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder"

The album was released on February 28th, 2009 and 1.30 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My mom and lil' sister came over for the weekend while my dad was away for work.

over this weekend, my mom told me an unbelievable story about of of her friends.

she said one of her friends, her fellow mother, came to tell her the story of her love life.
(like mother, like daughter, I know)

This woman is married with two children.
Well, they're not exactly children right now, since the firstborn is leaving Indonesia in March/April for getting his master degree in USA and the other son is about my age.
So she has been married to this guy for a very long time (do the math yourself, I'm too lazy) when she found out that her husband is cheating on her.

Her husband is a former member of board of directors in one of government's company and now currently appointed by the government to be the CEO in another government's company.
In other words, he is a pretty accomplished man.
He got the steady family, a great career, and good money.

Rumor has it, my mom said, he started cheating since the second year of him being appointed to be a member of BOD.
at that time, his wife-my mom's friend, didn't say anything.
She was suspicious but she pretended that she didn't hear any news. She was closing all her senses and trying to set her mind that her family was fine.

It turned out that her husband is one hell of a guy.
Not very long ago, my mom told me about there was a rumor about this guy being such a cheater.
I thought it was a mere rumor.
Gossip that had no proof.
Just last Sunday, my mom told me that this guy's mistress is pregnant.

So, the mistress is pregnant, the wife finally stood up for her self and met the mistress, and the guy was being a real jerk.
what a disaster.
when the wife-my mom's friend-asked him to choose between the mistress and herself,
ungratefully the guy said that he would choose the mistress because now that she's pregnant, he has to take care of the responsibility.
I say, responsibility my ass!
furthermore, the guy proposed divorce right at that moment.

I really don't get it.
what was exactly going through the guy's mind?
Was he thinking straight?
Didn't he remember all those years he spent together with his wife and kids?
Was he thinking about his sons and his affect on them?
Was he thinking about his reputation, as a man, as a husband, as a dad, and as a CEO?
Was he thinking about all his sins? and about God? and what he's gonna get in hell later when he's dead?
Was he thinking AT ALL?

I pray to God that none of this would happen to my family.
and to my relatives.
and to my friends' families.

I pray to God to keep my family safe and sound, to shelter us with God's power, and to shower us with love to each other,
until death do us part.

Something's Wrong

When I go to sleep at 1 AM,
get up at 5-ish AM,
which means I only get about 4 hours sleep,
I'm all pumped up and wide awake.

but when I go to sleep at 10.30-ish PM,
get up at 6 AM,
which means I get about almost 8 hours sleep,
I'm sleepy all day.
I can't stop yawning from my first class to my extracurricular activities.

I know.
I know it all along.
There is definitely something wrong with me.

people would definitely laugh AT me, not WITH me

It's not red.
It's not green.
It's not even baby pink and baby blue.

and my doctor could only say,
"keep on smiling, Alien!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hidup dalam Novel Cinta

Di dalam perjalanan pulang tadi aku mikir,
enak kali ya hidup dalam novel romantis?

Bukan aku yang sedang jatuh cinta.
beneran deh.
beneran bukan aku.

Udah beberapa waktu ini, aku lagi jadi tempat sampah cinta.
Banyak banget temen-temen aku yang cerita tentang masalah percintaan mereka.
Mulai dari yang masih ngeceng-ngeceng, sampai yang udah punya pacar.

Bukan berarti aku mengeluh.
apalagi iri dan cemburu karena aku sendiri gak punya kecengan baru, apalagi pacar baru.

Aku justru seneng.
seneng banget malah.
seneng banget udah bisa jadi tempat sampah cinta temen-temenku.
seneng banget bisa mendengarkan masalah-masalah mereka.
seneng banget kalau sampai akhirnya mereka bisa memikirkan penyelesaian masalah itu ketika sedang kebetulan bersamaku.

trus aku mikir ya.
enak kali ya kalo kerjaan aku gini melulu.
kerjaan yang ngedengerin berbagai macam hal tentang percintaan.
masalah keluarga yang tidak menyetujui, tentang beda agama, beda status sosial, dan lain-lain.

masalah percintaan seru lagi.
pake perasaan, pake emosi, dan semua kontrol terhadap tubuh kita supaya gak bereaksi berlebihan ( ex. menahan mata agar kelenjar air mata gak mengeluarkan airnya).

makanya muncul lah pertanyaan di awal tadi,
enak kali ya hidup dalam novel romantis?

soalnya kehidupan di novel romantis itu kan porosnya cuma satu: masalah percintaan.
gak ada tuh masalah organisasi yang labil, masalah nilai-nilai jelek, masalah tugas-tugas kuliah, masalah KKN, masalah Palestina vs Israel, masalah kemiskinan, masalah kesenjangan sosial, masalah pengangguran, dan berbagai masam masalah lain yang melengkapi hidup selain masalah percintaan.

Betapa indahnya dunia kalau hanya dipenuhi dengan masalah percintaan.
Apalagi kalau dunia dipenuhi dengan cinta.

P.S. kepada teman-teman yang punya masalah percintaan, semoga menemukan jalan keluar terbaik. kalau butuh teman curhat, silakan hubungi aku secepatnya.
*aduh, jadi inget postingan yang ini. LOL*




DEG-DEG-AN PARAH!!!!!!!!!!




Sunday, February 15, 2009

My fave in Top 36

I can't wait for Wedesday and Thursday to come!!!

here are my current two favorites in American Idol season 6.
I hope they're gonna stay in the show for a really looooong time!!!

Danny Gokey has been everyone's favorite since the day he audition.
His voice is amazing, he's good looking, and he has the story about his dead wife as a heart-breaker.
Even Paula said in Hollywood week that he's ready to record!

and this is Anoop Desai or you can call him "Anoop Dog" like the 'Snoop'.
I think he really stood up since his very own audition in Kansas City, like Danny.
He came out as a student from University of North Carolina with a shirt, short pants, and flip-flops.
When I first looked at him, I didn't expect anything.
and then when he sang, I was as shock as the judges. and I immediately thought of Sanjaya Malakar. Only, Anoop Dog is better.
He seemed so comfortable singing and he's good at it.
I really am hoping to see him some more.

So America, please be a smart country for this season of American Idol.
With all your help, dear Americans, I can see these two people more on American Idol.

Grammy Winners

The ones that I like...

Song of the year, Best Rock Album,
Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Once you know there was never, never an honest word
That was when I ruled the world
Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
This ain't lust
I know this is love
Should I give up or
should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
Finally could this be it
Adele - Chasing Pavements

Best Pop Vocal Album
I love you
But I gotta stay true
I’m under your spell
You got me begging you for mercy
Why won't you release me
Duffy - Mercy

Best Dance Recording
Work It, Make It, Do It,
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Work It Harder Make It Better Do It Faster Makes Us Stronger
Work It Harder,
Do It Faster,
More Than Ever,
Work Is Never Over
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
Whoa, gravity is working against me
And gravity, it wants to bring me down
Oh, twice as much ain't twice as good
And can't sustain like one half could
Its wanting more that's gonna send me to my knees
John Mayer - Gravity

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
Even when I’m a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I’m a Superwoman
Alicia Keys - Superwoman

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song
'Cause she work like a boss
Play like a boss
She made for a boss
Slowly a boss
Her favorite thing to say, don't worry I got it
And everything she got best believe she bought it
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Best R&B Album
Well, I don't like living under your spotlight
Just because you think I might find somebody worthy
Well, I don't like living under your spotlight
Maybe if you treat me right, you won't have to worry
Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
Can we get away this weekend.
Take me to Broadway.
Let’s go shopping baby then we’ll go to a CafĂ©.
Let’s go on the subway.
Take me to your hood.
I never been to Brooklyn and I’d like to see what’s good.
Dress in all your fancy clothes.
Sneaker’s looking Fresh to death I’m lovin those Shell Toes.
Walking that walk.
Talk that slick talk.
I’m liking this American Boy.
Estelle f/ Kanye West - American Boy

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture,
Television Or Other Visual Media

You're a part time lover and a full time friend
We sure are cute for two ugly people
You're always trying to keep it real
And I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
Michael Cera and Ellen Page - Anyone Else But You (from Juno)

Best Song Written For Motion Picture,
Television Or Other Visual Media

(the song is lyrics-less, so I copied-pasted this instead)
B (x4) - B - G#m – E - C#m - B – C# (x4)
B - C# (x4)
B - E - G#m - E
B - C# (x2)
B - E - G#m - E
F# - C# (x2)
B - C# - F# - C#
F# - C# (x2)
B - C# - F# - C#
B - C#
Peter Gabriel & Thomas Newman, songwriters (Peter Gabriel) -
Down To Earth (From Wall-E)

Best Instrumental Arrangement
Peter Gabriel & Thomas Newman, arrangers (Thomas Newman) -
Define Dancing (from Wall-E)



I've been holding it up. But I can't take it anymore!

Masalah kematian seorang anak Geodesi 2007 pas lagi pelantikan kaderisasi IMG.

Selama ini aku memilih diam dan gak berkomentar apa-apa soal hal ini.
Takut salah ngomong dan malah menjatuhkan satu pihak kan gak enak.

Tapi gara-gara kemarin malam aku pergi sama Andra dan Mueng, dan kita ngobrolin tentang berbagai macam hal. Sampai akhirnya kasus IMG ini terangkat menjadi suatu topik bahasan yang seru.
Termasuk pas Andra bilang, "udah baca koran PR hari ini belum?"
maksudnya Andra tuh koran Pikiran Rakyat edisi Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009.

Pas aku sampai di rumah, sekitar tengah malam, aku langsung penasaran buat baca PR.

ternyata, ini dia yang dimaksud oleh Andra (I quoted from PR hal. 19 di bagian Pendidikan):
Mahasiswa program studi geodesi dan geomatika Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) yang terlibat dalam orientasi studi (OS) ilegal sehingga menewaskan..., kemungkinan besar merupakan mereka yang masuk melalui jalur seleksi nasional masuk perguruan tinggi negeri (SNMPTN). Pasalnya, melalui jalur tersebut kejiwaan calon mahasiswa tidak diukur dan diuji melalui tes psikologi (psikotes).
Namun, mereka yang lulus masuk ke ITB melalui SNMPTN, tidak terkontrol oleh ITB karena penerimaannya bersifat nasional.
Adang pun mengatakan, angkatan prodi yang terlibat kasus ospek ilegal, yaitu angkatan 2005 dan 2006 kebanyakan merupakan hasil penjaringan SNMPTN.
"Mahasiswa geodesi memang kebanyakan dari hasil SNMPTN, bukan USM. Logikanya juga, kebanyakan calon mahasiswa rela membayar mahal untuk masuk ke jurusan bisnis atau informatika. Akan tetapi, membayar mahal untuk masuk ke geodesi itu sangat jarang," kata Adang.


pertama, ITB, melalui Pak Adang, menuduh bahwa mahasiswa yang masuk lewat jalur SNMPTN (atau SPMB atau UMPTN atau apapun itu namanya) adalah orang-orang yang lebih terganggu jiwanya daripada mahasiswa yang masuk lewat USM. soalnya mahasiswa yang masuk lewat USM sudah mengalami psikotes dan hasilnya baik.

gini ya, ITB dan Pak Adang yang terhormat,
dulu bapak masuk ITB lewat jalur APA???
lewat jalur sipenmaru atau SNMPTN atau apaun namanya itu kan???
berarti bapak sama saja menyatakan bahwa bapak mungkin juga mengalami gangguan jiwa dan tetap diterima oleh ITB karena bapak dulu tidak mengikuti psikotes saat akan masuk ITB.
berarti kalau terjadi suatu keajaiban dan bapak kebetulan menjadi salah satu mahasiswa yang terlibat dalam ospek ilegal dan kebetulan menewaskan salah seorang peserta ospek, bapak akan menyalahkan ITB yang menerima bapak tanpa lewat sebuah psikotes terlebih dahulu.
begitu, Pak?

Sebagai salah satu mahasiswa yang diterima lewat SPMB, aku merasa terhina.
Dengan kata lain, Pak Adang menuduh aku bisa saja memiliki gangguan jiwa dan diterima oleh ITB karena kebetulan aja gak ketahuan.
For one thing, waktu pas aku baru diterima oleh ITB sebagai mahasiswa, aku diwajibkan untuk melakukan psikotes yang diadakan oleh ITB.
kalau memang aku (atau teman-teman yang lulus lewat SPMB lainnya) terbukti memiliki gangguan jiwa dan tidak terkontrol, ITB bisa saja membatalkan penerimaan aku sebagai salah satu mahasiswa. Itu kalau memang aku seorang psikopat.
Jadi, jangan coba-coba bilang kalau mahasiswa yang diterima melalui SNMPTN tidak melalui sebuah psikotes karena aku sendiri mengalami dengan benar psikotes yang diadakan oleh ITB, walaupun psikotes dilakukan setelah pengumuman SPMB.

kedua, aku paling benci deh sama orang-orang yang menjadikan suatu jurusan lebih superior daripada jurusan lainnya.
Walaupun gak bisa aku pungkiri gengsi jurusan itu selalu ada dari dulu dan sampai kapanpun, tetep aja orang-orang yang membandingkan jurusan di ITB itu benar-benar gila.
Seperti kata Destri (hahaha!), setiap jurusan itu pasti punya kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing.
Ini, Pak Adang, yang kebetulan salah satu wakil rektor senior malah melakukan satu hal yang aku benci itu.
membuat jurusan informatika dan bisnis menjadi superior dan jurusan geodesi lebih inferior.
Aku gak ada hubungan apa-apa ya dengan ketiga jurusan itu jadi aku gak berpihak pada jurusan apapun.
Cuma fakta yang meninggikan jurusan X dan menjatuhkan jurusan Y itu adalah pihak rektorat, itu adalah hal terbesar yang bikin aku kesel sekaligus juga sedih.
Aku kira orang yang kerja di rektorat adalah orang yang benar-benar mau mengabdikan dirinya pada ITB dan mencintai ITB luar dalam. Ternyata semua itu hanyalah topeng belaka.
Kalau ibaratnya ITB adalah keluarga, udah suatu peraturan moral tidak tertulis bahwa setiap manusia sebaiknya tidak menjatuhkan anggota keluarganya. Dan menurut aku pihak rektorat baru saja melakukannya.

Gini ya,
aku ngerti semua pihak pasti sangat terpukul dengan musibah besar ini.
Hal ini benar-benar menjadi kado terburuk bagi ITB di ulang tahunnya yang ke-50.
Tapi seharusnya semua pihak bisa berpikir jernih dan gak terbawa emosi dong.
Terutama pihak rektorat yang kalau analoginya kembali ke keluarga, pihak rektorat itu seperti ayah yang mengarahkan setiap peraturan yang berlaku di dalam keluarga tersebut.
Menuduh dengan mengeneralisir semua mahasiswa yang diterima oleh ITB lewat jalur SNMPTN (atau apapun itu namanya) mungkin memiliki gangguan jiwa, seperti menjadi psikopat, itu sangat berlebihan.
Membanding-bandingkan jurusan A dengan jurusan B itu sangat keterlaluan.
Ibaratnya keluarga, seorang ayah seharusnya tidak pernah membandingkan kedua anaknya. Hal itu bisa membuat kedua anaknya malah berubah menjadi psikopat.

Semoga gak lebih banyak pihak lagi yang cuci tangan mengenai masalah ini.
Semoga masalah ini gak berkembang jadi masalah yang lebih aneh dan lebih jauh lagi.
Semoga masalah ini bisa terselesaikan dengan sebaik-baiknya.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seven Pounds (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

This is not how much human's brain weight (it's 1300-1400 grams or 2.86- 3.08 lbs)
This is a title of Will Smith's new movie.

And just like any other of Will Smith's movie, it's REALLY GOOD.

The story was about a guy (Will Smith) whom I thought his name is really Ben Thomas.
but it turned out at the very end of the movie, his name is Tim Thomas.
Tim used to be a really successful guy. He has a good job, good wife, and good money.
One day, he was blackberry-ing while driving and it caused him to kill 7 people.
Tim felt very guilty that he was planning to kill himself and donate many of his organs to the people who need. He was also giving out his house and money to some people.
and the movie was basically all about Tim's search to find the right person to receive the gift.

It's a really nice movie I think.

although, the plot was kinda confusing because the setting was jumping back and forth.
This Tim guy got many flashback in his mind.
But other than that, the story was amazingly thoughtful.
all the little details, like how this Tim guy wanted to die from the sting of a jellyfish, were very profound.

I simply like it.

Also, for me there are so many plus in this movie.
One of them happen to be the fact that how HOT Will Smith is.
In my opinion, Will Smith is one of the most handsome African-American guy that I have ever seen.
and in this movie, he couldn't be much hotter!
Jada-Pinkett, you're one lucky woman!

and actually, a few years ago, I have thought about giving away my good body organ(s) to people when I die.
I don't know why, but I think it's one of the nicest thing to give away my eyes to the blinds or give away my kidney to a person whose kidney has failed.
It probably is the best gift that I could ever give to another people.
And why do I want to keep my organs when I die anyway? I don't need them that much after I die, I bet. So, why bother keeping them?

I will seriously think about it.
because if I die at the very old age, there's no point of donating my (I believe) rusty organs.
Maybe I should start composing my inheritance from now on.

gara-gara dengerin penyiar

It's now February 14th.
It's valentine's/single awareness day.

Aku gak ngerayain sama sekali kok. gak peduli malah.
cuma jadi agak-agak aware sama datangnya hari valentine ini gara-gara aku keasikan ngedengerin penyiar di radio.

Aneh deh. Padahal biasanya aku gak suka ngedengerin penyiar ngomong, kecuali waktu PUTUSS-nya masih Dagienkz sama Desta.
Biasanya setiap ngedengerin radio, aku selalu cuma ngedengerin lagu doang. Setiap penyiar mulai ngomong, aku langsung mengganti ke saluran radio yang lain.
kemarin itu, tumben-tumbenan aku berhenti dan ngedengerin satu saluran radio (yang punya cabang di Bandung, Jakarta, dan Bali. yang kalau nama radionya diterjemahkan kedalam Bahasa Indonesia artinya bakalan jadi "batu keras". hehehehe!).
trus penyiarnya bilang,
"silakan kirimin cerita tentang momen paling romantis yang pernah 'batukeras-ers' alami."

Habis denger itu, aku langsung mikir,
"apa aja ya momen-momen paling romantis dalam hidup aku?"

seinget aku sih ada beberapa momen yang menurut aku romantis yang pernah aku alami
Ini dia (in random order ya) ...

1. Momen yang pertama ini terjadi waktu aku masih SMA.
Waktu itu lagi jalan-jalan ke Gramedia, tempat aku melihat ada Princess Diaries in the Spotlight. Harga bukunya dua pulh lima ribu rupiah, saat itu harga segitu bagi aku mahal sekali. Dulu aku belum segitu tergila-gilanya sama buku-bukunya Meg Cabot, belum nyari-nyari sampai dapet karena pengen mengoleksi. Jadi pas liat buku itu, aku cuma bisa mengelus dada dan menunda membeli bukunya karena mahal.
Kebetulan waktu aku ngeliat buku itu tuh, aku lagi barengan sama seorang teman yang kebetulan cowok. Dia ngeliat tuh aku pengen banget buku itu.
Beberapa minggu setelahnya, kita ketemuan lagi. Pas ketemuan itu, dia ngasih buku Princess Diaries in the Spotlight itu sama aku, tanpa alasan apa-apa.
Romantis banget ya si temen aku itu. Dia inget apa yang aku pengen dan bersedia membelikannya buat aku.

2. Trus waktu aku masih SMA juga, tepatnya waktu masih di Kanada.
waktu itu lagi ada formal dance gitu di sekolahku, aku datang ke dance itu sama host sister aku, Lisa. Selama dance itu, ada temen cowok yang selalu ngajak aku ngobrol. Dia nanya berbagai macam hal, mulai dari yang penting sampai yang gak penting. Awalnya sih aku mengira kalau si temen cowokku ini ngecengin Lisa. Gak taunya pas kita lagi di dancefloor aka gym floor, dia ngajak aku dance gitu. Trus pas aku udah harus pulang, dia nganterin.
Pas nganterin, dia bilang, "can I have a hug?" and then we hugged.
Trus dia bilang lagi, "Thank you so much. It has been the best dance ever!"
Romantis yaaaa????

3. Kejadian romantis lainnya waktu aku ketemu sama temen lama.
Kita udah lama banget gak ketemu. Kejadian ini terjadi tahun 2007 dan aku dan si teman cowok ini terakhir ketemu tahun 1999. Lama banget kan?
tentu saja setelah lama banget gak ketemu, banyak banget yang berubah dari temen aku itu. Termasuk wajahnya yang, jujur saja, tambah ganteng. (hehehhe!)
trus kan kita ngobrol lumayan lama, beberapa jam. Sampai akhirnya aku harus pulang, karena sudah malam.
Sebelum aku pulang, dia tiba-tiba diculik sama temennya yang lain untuk mengurusi sesuatu hal.
Baru aja dia hilang dari pandanganku beberapa detik, dia langsung sms,
"Dhe, kalau udah mau pulang miskol aku ya. nanti aku anterin."
Sms itu bisa bikin aku senyum-senyum sendiri.
akhirnya aku bener-bener harus pulang dan aku ngasi tau dia.
Dia nganterin aku dan kita salaman lama banget kayak di film-film gitu, yang salamannya susah lepas. hahahaha!

4. Kejadian romantis yang terakhir ini terjadi paling baru.
waktu itu aku lagi di 8EH trus harus memindahkan mobil sebelum parkiran mobilnya ditutup. Pas aku mau turun dari lantai 8, tiba-tiba ada temen cowok yang ikutan turun. Pas aku tanya dia ngapain turun, jawabannya sangat mencengangkan, "nemenin lo."
Aku sama sekali gak pernah loh ditemenin kayak gitu sama cowok. Jarang banget lah diperlakukan seperti cewek sama temen-temen cowok. Pas si temen cowok ini nemenin aku mindahin mobil, menurut aku hal itu bener-bener romantis.

Yah, begitu deh, sedikit cerita-cerita tentang perngalaman romantis aku.
Agak-agak kasian ya?
soalnya kan biasanya romantis itu dikasih bunga, dinyanyiin, atau bahkan dibawa ke Dago Pakar buat liat lampu-lampu.
aku sih, cuma dianterin dan dikasih buku juga udah klepek-klepek.
Biarin deh, yang penting romantis juga lah.... hehehe!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Keseruan Gara-Gara Indra

One of my friends, Indra Soaloon (whom people called Oon. I may be his last friend who call him Indra), tagged me on this.

The rules are simple.
Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer
After that tag 7 People.

1. The age of my next birthday
I'm OLD!!!

2. A Place I'd like to travel

Africa, one of my dream's destination...

3. A Favorite Place

Borders Singapore.
One of the BEST bookstore I've EVER visited!!!

4. A favorite food
Nasi goreng aka fried rice.
For me, it's hard to find the not-delicious fried rice.
and believe it or not, my likes of fried rice comes from my dad. I think it's genetic.

5. A favorite thing
okay, it's supposed to be thingS, without the 'a'.
I can also add some other stuff, like cellphones and laptop. but I really would DIE if somehow I lost my novels collection.

6. A favorite color
I mean, you can NEVER go wrong with black. what more can I say?

7. A city I was born

8. A city that you have ever lived in

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
you can't really see the city in this picture, it's in winter.
But that is basically what Regina is. Very winter-y, since the winter there last for EIGHT months.

9. A nickname I had

okay, it's actually supposed to be 'am still having'.
and it's ALIEN.

10. Hobby


10. College major

Environmental Engineering.

11. Name of my love

I don't know.
I haven't found anyone yet.

12. A bad habit
drive carelessly.
especially if I'm driving alone. I usually go fast and yes, very carelessly.

13. wishlist (3)
write a book(s)

own a company.

travel the world.

from the rest (Relationship and Sex)

I'm not quite done yet with quoting A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz.
This time, it's about relationship and sex.
since it's two more days to valentine's day, I think it's a great timing.
although the truth is I don't really care about all the valentine's day shit.
so here they are, the quotes about relationship and sex.

"My first time in a strip club and I was visiting family.
It wasn't what I imagined. The strippers were shaking their bodies, unenthused, bobbing up and down to repetitive dance music under glaring spotlights in front of leering muted men in suits. Sure, I felt elated to see so much smooth, pliable flesh in one place, but I wasn't as aroused as I'd expected. In real life, almost naked woman straddling poles just isn't as sexy as you'd think."
Jasper's thought - p. 233

"Whenever I'd heard anyone say 'Relationships are work,' I'd always scoffed, because I thought relationships should grow wild like untended gardens, but now I knew they were work, and unpaid work too-volunteer work."
Jasper's thought - p. 335

"Even though using a condom is as insulting to the senses as putting a windsock on your tounge before eating chocolate, use one anyway."
Martin to Jasper Dean - p. 335

"... although I didn't need a sex talk. Nobody does. A beaver can make a dam, a bird can make a nest, a spider can spin its web at the first attempt without even fumbling. Fucking is like that. We're born to do it."
Jasper's thought - p. 335

"For instance, she said I wasn't as romantic as Brian, just because I'd once said in an intimate moment, 'I love you with all of my brain.' Is it my fault she didn't understand how the heart has stolen credit from the head, that wild passionate feelings actually come from ancient limbic system in the brain, and that I was just trying to avoid referring to the heart as the actual storehouse of all my feelings when it is, after all, only a soggy, bloody pump and filter system?"
Jasper's thought - p. 346

"I don't understand the logic of strip clubs.
Brothels make sense. Brothels I understand. You want to fuck, you go there and you fuck, you orgasm, you leave. Sexual satisfaction. Easy. Understandable.
But strip clubs-at best, if you don't find them disgusting, you get sexually excited, then because you can't actually fuck these women, you leave sexually frustrated.
Where's the thrill in that?"
Jasper to Martin Dean - p. 425-426

Monday, February 09, 2009


keren deh nih...

yang disebelah kiri itu mobilku, sebelah kanan adalah mobil orang.
plat mobilnya sama-sama D1257, belakangnya aja yang beda.
Pas banget lagi parkirnya sebelah-sebelahan...

siapa ya kira-kira pemilik mobil Toyota Yaris D 1257 HV?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Masalah Percintaan yang Aku Gak Ngerti

1. Kehidupan cintanya Dewi Perssik dan Saipul Jamil.

Beneran deh. Kan ceritanya mereka udah cerai, trus ceritanya juga masing-masing udah punya pacar baru.
despite the fact that their new relationships do not work, they can't seem to get their hands off of each other.
Belum lagi si Bang Ipul yang mencak-mencak ke infotainment kalo pacarnya DP yang sekarang harusnya minta izin dulu ke dia sebelum berani macarin si DP.
I was like, "do these people thinking straight???"
Uniknya, kejadian kayak gini terjadi juga sama temenku.
Ada temen cewekku yang udah lama putus dari seorang cowok. Si cowok ini mirip-mirip si Bang Ipul lah. Gak bisa merelakan si cewek akhirnya deket sama cowok lain.
Aneh ya? kenapa sih orang-orang?
kalau udah mantan mah mantan ajalah... cari aja pacar baru sendiri. Gak usah deh pake balikan lagi ke mantan. Gak usah lagi turut campur urusan siapa pacar barunya si mantan. Bukannya ada kalimat, "masih banyak ikan di laut" ya?

2. Ketika dua orang sama-sama suka tapi memutuskan untuk gak pacaran.

I seriously DON'T get this one!
Nih ya, katanya sama-sama suka, tapi gak mau pacaran.
tapi kalau udah si cewek terlihat jalan sama cowok lain, si cowok marah. begitu pula sebaliknya.
kalau si cowok gak perhatian, si cewek marah. padahal pacar aja bukan, si cewek minta diperhatiin dan segala kegiatannya si cowok harus dilaporkan ke si cewek.
Katanya kalau pacaran banyakan berantemnya. Kalau gak pacaran malah sayang-sayangan.
Itu sih masalah simple. Pada gak mau ngambil resiko aja tuh.
Dan jangan lupa, berarti dua-duanya egois.
Ada juga yang berdalih dengan kedok 'sahabatan'. Aku cuma pengen ketawa.
Atau malah kedok 'kakak-adik-an'. Aku pengen ketawa makin keras.
Kenapa sih orang-orang?
Gak ada yang ngelarang pacaran kok (well, ada sih sebenernya. Di Islam dilarang. hehehhe) jadi kalau sama-sama suka, apa yang menyebabkan kalian gak meresmikan hubungan kalian?

3. Setelah 5 tahun pacaran rasanya sulit untuk putus.

Okay, this one is one of the craziest thing!
Aku punya temen yang udah jadian 5 tahun, dari SMA sampe sekarang. Trus cowoknya ketauan selingkuh. pas udah ketauan, si ceweknya malah memutuskan kalau hubungan mereka itu 'ngambang' tapi GAK putus. pas aku tanya kenapa, jawabannya "aku gak bisa putus".
and I was like, "WTF???"
gak tau sih ya sama cewek-cewek lain... tapi kalau aku pribadi sih diselingkuhin itu enggak banget! Sama aja kayak harga diri cewek itu diinjak-injak oleh cowok dengan sepatu seorang cewek lain. Jadi kesannya cewek lain itu yang tukang goda padahal cowok aja yang kegatelan.
dan merasa bahwa si cewek gak bisa putus karena udah 5 tahun pacaran itu tuh ANEH banget! masa harga diri cewek yang sangat berharga mau digadaikan demi pengkhianatan lelaki buaya???
Aku bener-bener gak ngerti!

4. Cinta beda agama.

Kalau masalah yang satu ini sih agak sensitif.
Kalau aku pribadi sih emang HARAM hukumnya punya cowok (apalagi suami) yang agamanya beda sama aku dan aku berusaha menghindari hal itu.
Tapinya ya, kan ada orang-orang yang gak peduli atas perbedaan agama itu dan mereka pacaran dan mereka seneng-seneng aja. Kalau kejadiannya kayak gini sih aku ngerti.
Yang aku gak ngerti itu adalah pasangan yang udah tau kalau mereka gak boleh menjalani hubungan beda agama tapi masih berkelit dengan berbagai macam kalimat seperti,
"makanya gue gak mau terlalu sayang sama dia... takut terlalu jauh... tapi liat nanti aja deh..."
atau yang lebih parah, "tapi gue emang udah suka ama dia... gimana dong?"
Gimana ya? aku gak ngerti sih masalah beginian.
Yah menurut aku sih harusnya dibikin simple aja, kalau emang sebenernya gak boleh, kenapa diterusin? kalau udah kejebak dan 'terlanjur cinta' aja baru pusing.

5. Tetap meneruskan hubungan walaupun dilarang orang tua.

Sebenernya ini lumayan mirip masalahnya sama 'cinta beda agama', tapi gak se-sensitif masalah agama.
gini ya, kalau aku sih emang kayaknya tipe anak yang lumayan nurut sama orang tua. jadinya kalau aku dilarang pacaran sama lelaki X, aku sih bakalan nurut tanpa terlalu banyak bertanya. Biar gimana pun juga, menurut aku orang tua tuh punya insting yang bagus banget mengenai kebahagiaan anaknya.
Yang aku gak ngerti adalah begitu banyaknya pasangan-pasangan yang bersedia pacaran backstreet demi cinta (tai kucing!) tanpa menghargai orang tua.
aneh ya?
awas loh nanti durhaka... dikutuk kayak Malin Kundang...

Begitulah kira-kira beberapa masalah percintaan yang aku gak ngerti.
semoga dengan berjalannya waktu aku bisa lebih mengerti.