Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I wonder why...

.... people really like buying pirated DVD...
I know they are really cheap and you basically can get any movie you want...
Even though I have 40" of flat screen TV from Sony with a BOSE DVD player and very cool BOSE sound system, I still don't like watching a movie from DVD, esp. the pirated ones.
Also too, my DVD player rejects the pirated ones most of the time. lol.

I also wonder why people really like to download every movie released from the internet...
I don't like watching anything using my laptop. I'd use my laptop to watch a movie when I don't have any other gadget to watch a movie with anymore. My laptop's screen is too small and I need my glasses to be able to actually see any movement (okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but oh well...).

but now I really wonder why people refuse to go to a movie or a cinema or whatever it is you wanna call it...
the cinema has bigger screen and better sound.
You can also buy delicious caramel popcorn there.
Better yet, you can support whoever it is that actually earn some money for living from making money....

so why would you refuse to go to the cinema to watch a movie????
especially when you promise someone that you'd go and watch a movie together???
especially when the someone I wrote about was me.
No. Not the someone who refused to go to the cinema. but the someone who was forgotten...

and really now, who the hell do you think you are???
Mr. Oops-I-actually-forgot-that-I-promised-to-take-you-to-a-movie,would-you-rather-

then I could easily be,
Ms. I-have-lots-of-friends-to-go-to-the-movie-with-that-wouldn't-actually-forget-that-
or even say,
"Right... that would be nice... but you know, I'd rather find someone else to go to a movie with rather than stuck in my room watching it alone. Oh, and by the way, could you do me a favor? instead of giving me the movie, can you please go away and go fuck yourself?!"

p.s.Thanks Mira for cheering me up! You really made my day (or night, rather...), girl!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I know it's cold outside...

.... and I think everyone's ready the warmth of August Rush!
or not...

It's all because of my last night's experience...
It was Wednesday night and my LO friends and I were having a midweek madness feast. Well, it wasn't really a feast, coz we just went to see August Rush the movie.
but for me, because I just had TWO lab works (Microbiology for Environmental Engineering and Fluid Mechanics II. thank you VERY much.), I saw this simple movie night out as a feast of some kind. Especially after we walked into our studio to sit down and watch, we were thrilled because there was very few people, so we basically rent the theater for ourselves that night.

My LO friends and I were planning to see August Rush together since January.
Now that February is almost over, we finally did it together.

So, the August Rush story was about a boy named Evan Taylor that was later change to be August Rush in order to get a more ear-catchy name for an artist.
Evan lived in a home for boys and was assumed to be an orphan by the authorities. It turned out that Evan wasn't and orphan and both of his parents are still alive. It also turned out that his parents were musicians and they passed their gifts toward music to him. Evan turned out to be very talented and he could play any kind of musical instruments at the first sight. Furthermore, he could actually write a symphony at the age of 11.

it seems like an amazing story, eh?

I mean, honestly, it was a very crappy movie.
Okay, the songs that they were playing was cool.
Okay, the actors' and actresses' acting was good too.
What really annoyed me (and my friends) was the dialogs. They are VERY corny and cheesy (jagung keju, long-live Fazlur!)

But please,
don't get me wrong...
I like romantic movies and stuff, but what kind of guy who actually talk to the moon?
and who the hell counts every single day that passes by except prisoners in prison?

It was simply disappointing.
I would compare the story and how everything was flow in the movie with Indonesia's very own sinetron, or just normal soap operas, or maybe telenovelas, or some Bollywood movies.
I hope you can imagine how disappointed my LO friends and I were.
There's this one scene where previously we knew that Evan's mom would perform with the New York Philharmonic and Evan walked into the room and found out that he was invited to perform in it too. When we watched and heard that, every single one of us was making lots of noisy-disappointed sounds.

There were too many coincident, too many hyperboles,
simply too much of everything.
and it wasn't even clear at the ending whether or not the family got back together. The ending was only a picture of Evan aka August and his parents looking at each other.
It doesn't mean that they actually got back together...

The most important thing is, if you ever wanna watch August Rush the movie, go watch it with your cool circle of friends. That way, you can make fun of everything that makes no sense. Plus a little tips from me: go to the movie on Wednesday night. Hardly anyone goes to the movie on Wednesday night, so you can do almost anything you want in the cinema. Like the list of things my friends and I did last night: put your feet up to the seat in front of you, gave comments all you want, and passed on the popcorn without disturbing anyone else.
and to did them all with some of the good friend I have (Anie, Ravina, Resty, Tomo, Firman, Adnan, and Ade) made it even more fun. We should do it more often, guys! (if only my schedule that related to school is not that full this semester... shitty)

last thing:
for other people, just make sure you squeeze some fun activities into your very tight schedule. believe me, you need it!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Valentine's Day Tradition

I actually never really care about the fact that February 14th is the Valentine's Day.

It's just this year I had to care about all the Valentine's Day tradition because I have to raise some money for some people's graduation. (It's weird, I know, coz it's not gonna be for my OWN graduation)
I really wanted to use this momentum of Valentine's Day to raise some money.

So, in a sudden, I had to think about all couples that would actually care about Valentine's Day.
I had to think about where to buy roses, chocolates, candies, and even balloons.
It wasn't irritating to, because searching for something to sell on Valentine's Day actually broaden my mind a little.

What I wanna say is,
I never really care about how many people who sell roses on the street.
I don't get why would you give roses to your girlfriend, guys, because roses don't last long and you can't really use it for anything, worse to eat it.
I also don't care why other people need to have a partner on Valentine's day. Some people even curse themselves because they are partner-less.
I also never get why people have to use lots of pink to decorate something for Valentine's Day.
Plus I never get the tradition to play "My Valentine" song by Martina McBride on every radio station on Valentine's Day. I never even like the song!
oh, and I think Indonesian local TV channels have developed one new tradition, showing a movie called "Ada Apa dengan Cinta?" on Valentine's Day every freaking years since it was first released.

So last night, when I went home from wherever I had been hanging out, I was kinda shock.
I was kinda shock to see how many people actually care about Valentine's Day.

People who were selling flowers were only apart for about 1 m from each other.
Every public place was painted in pink.
many people were eating chocolates.
all local channels were showing movies about love.
and the local radio channels were playing love songs over and over again.

Oh well,
It's not like I'm gonna care about anything that is related to Valentine's Day from now on.
Besides it is also forbidden to be celebrated according to my religion and my own belief.
So, happy celebrating whatever it is you are celebrating!

Monday, February 11, 2008

sumpah ya...

kapan sih ke-norak-an ini berhenti???

nonton bola rusuh...
nonton konser rusuh...

pake acara meninggal segala lagi...
nyusahin ah.....

soalnya nih ya, yang kena imbas dari kematian 10 orang pas lagi nonton konser tuh bukan cuma keluarga yang ditinggalkan aja.
Aku juga kena imbasnya...

Hari Minggu pagi, pas koran dateng ke rumah, tanteku juga dateng...
"Pulang jam berapa tadi malam? Aduuuhhh... Tante itu langsung kepikiran kalian loh pas tadi baca koran... masa ada 10 orang yang meninggal pas lagi nonton konser...."
aku cuma bisa tersenyum.
Hal ini udah aku perkirakan.

Gak mau ketinggalan, mamaku juga langsung,
"Meninggal??? 10 orang??? makanya mama suka takut kalau kalian nonton konser..."
makasih loh ya....

I wonder if I'm gonna be able to receive any kinds of permission on going to any upcoming concerts...
thanks to whoever died on Saturday night.

and thanks to BESIDE (and the EO) for holding a really chaotic concert...
(who the hell are YOU guys anyway??? what are your songs like???)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend party!!!

here's my beloved little sister.
dulu, waktu adekku masih SD, I was her role model. dia pengen banyak hal yang aku punya, contohnya aja, dia dulu mendekorasi bindernya sama kayak binderku.
bukan contoh yang bagus sih, tapi whatever lah ya...

beberapa tahun terakhir ini, setelah aku pulang dari Kanada, kejadiannya malah kebalik.
aku yang makin lama merasa makin tua di depan adekku selalu pengen tau apa yang dia suka dan berusaha menyukainya juga. Alasannya juga aku kurang tau pasti, tapi kayaknya karena aku pengen hubungan antara kami berdua tetep deket kayak zaman dulu. I'd honestly do anything for her.

nah, karena itulah, adekku yang bernama Alia ini banyak memberikan pengaruh terhadap berbagai macam hal yang aku suka. Contoh yang paling kecil adalah soal selera musik.
I've been trying so hard to like whatever kinds of music that she likes. or at the least, I've been trying to understand or convinced myself that whatever bands that she likes are good enough to be listened to.
Termasuk satu grup musik yang bernama RAN.

Adekku jatuh cinta banget sama trio ini. Dia bahkan udah duluan nonton performance mereka live di Jakarta sama temen-temennya, which made me surprise that she even got the permission to go. Soalnya adekku biasanya kalau mau pergi ke tempat-tempat kayak gitu harus aku temenin. but then, it's clear to me that she really likes this group.

So, when she found out that RAN was coming to Bandung to perform in Score! Ciwalk, she decided to come. Which meant that I have to babysit. Which was okay for me too because I've been listening to RAN's album (RAN for your life) on my iPod over and over again and I got curious to see what they're like on live performance.

Jadinya kemarin aku dan adekku ke Score! deh.

yang pertama manggung tuh satu band baru yang bernama KEN. Aku agak-agak kasian pas band ini main, soalnya kayak gak ada yang tau lagu mereka gitu. Orang yang dateng juga masih dikit banget. aksi panggung mereka juga biasa aja. Walaupun si vokalisnya sampe turun panggung dan nyamperin penonton, tetep aja penontonnya cuek. Belum lagi yang menurut aku lagu mereka jelek. hehehe.
No offense buat para penggemar KEN, tapi menurutku lagu mereka tuh biasa banget. gak ada yang spesial. lagu-lagu mereka tuh menurutku kayak campuran antara Samsons dan J-Rock. hehehe.

Sesudah KEN, trus langsung Bali Lounge 2.
Kalau kamu temen deketku, kamu pasti udah tau pendapatku mengenai si Bali Lounge 2. Band ini tambah lama tambah nge-pop aja. Mana si vokalisnya itu terlalu berlebihan, berlebihan pas nanyi berlebihan pas ngomong Bahasa Inggris, bahkan berlebihan pas ngomong Bahasa Indonesia.
Seharusnya lirik lagunya itu, "Singing toGETHER."
sama si vokalis malah nyanyi, "singing toGATHER."
gara-gara berlebihan itulah. hehehe.
Tapi yang emang fantastis adalah tiap solo yang dimainkan oleh tiap pemain musiknya Bali Lounge 2. keren abis! Terutama Harry Toledo, buset banget deh!
sayangnya lagu-lagu mereka yang terbaru itu terlalu pop.

yang terakhir baru deh RAN.
Aku agak-agak bingung juga mau komentar apa soal performance mereka. soalnya heboh banget. Pas Bali Lounge 2 dan KEN, ada space kosong kayak kolam gitu antara panggung dan kerumunan penonton. Pas RAN, space itu terisi penuh.
Yang lucunya, kayaknya para personil RAN itu seneng banget bisa nyanyi di depan crowd. They looked like they enjoyed their names being called by the crowd. They loved the attention and it really showed on their faces.
and my sister was freak out in every songs they played and the other girls went crazy. LOL
It was a fun crowd indeed. Banyak cewek-cewek yang cuma tau lagunya RAN yang judulnya "Pandangan Pertama" tapi mereka bersedia teriak-teriak gak jelas.
kenapa teriak-teriak gak jelas? soalnya para personil RAN tuh gak ada yang cakep. So, unless the girls were melted by the lyrics of the songs, I wouldn't know what they were screaming for. Maybe they were screaming for the sake of the fun night. LOL.
Trus, buat performance-nya RAN sendiri, aku agak sedikit kecewa soalnya live performance mereka tuh sama banget kayak dengerin rekaman album mereka. dikit banget improvisasi yang mereka lakuin. tapi yah, aku sih berusaha maklum aja, mereka kan artis baru. hehehe.
selain itu, mereka nanyi-in lagu favoritku kok, "D'Inspiration".
Selain itu, seperti biasa, setelah aku dan adekku nonton satu artis, kita berdua pasti selalu berusaha foto bareng mereka. hehehe. here's what we got from the backstage...

selain itu ya, look who I found running around as one of RAN's crew...
Satrio, the former guitarist of Maliq&d'essentials who's now in a band calles Alexa. cool, eh?

So, yeah that was my weekend party.
I should say thanks to my little sister to drag me down to a pretty cool Saturday night.
Love you, sis!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

what to do in the new Chinese year...

... nonton "XL Extra Large: Antara Aku, Kamu, dan Mak Erot"!

Sebelum nonton, yang aku tau dari film ini cuma dua hal: aktor utamanya adalah Jamie Aditya dan katanya film ini lucu banget.

Kesalahan aku yang terbesar sebelum menonton film adalah I usually put my expectation up too high and I end up dissapointing.
Soalnya aktor utamanya tuh Jamie Aditya dan penulis ceritanya itu Monty Tiwa, I just can't help myself.
I adore Jamie Aditya so much and Monty Tiwa has been doing great work!

Ceritanya tuh Jamie Aditya berperan sebagai Deni. Anak pegawai negeri yang punya banyak masalah keluarga. Demi menyelamatkan keluarganya, Deni diharuskan nikah sama atasan ayahnya yang bernama Vicky. Si Vicky yang diperankan oleh Dewi Sandra ini turns out to be a sex addict. She demands Deni to have a long, hot penis, yang sayangnya Deni gak bisa sediakan buat Vicky. Jadi deh Deni dan teman-temannya heboh mempersiapkan Deni buat perkawinannya a.k.a memenuhi keinginan Vicky a.k.a memanjangkan penis Deni dengan cara mendatangi Mak Erot dan menyewa pelacur buat 'latihan'.

Ide ceritanya keren.
Walaupun cerita tentang kehidupan bebasnya agak-agak menjijikkan.
Selain itu juga baru aja aku singgung pas aku ngebahas Perempuan Punya Cerita, kayaknya sekarang-sekarang ini cerita tentang vulgarnya sex lagi ngetrend dikalangan para pembuat film.
As if the world revolves around having sex.

Jamie Aditya-nya juga keren. Si beliau emang cocok banget jadi cowok lugu dan nerd. Ditambah lagi segala gerakan-gerakan konyol yang dia ciptakan sendiri. Dia gak pernah malu keliatan malu-maluin. and that's one of the things that makes me in love with him.
Selain itu aktingnya juga jago, man! Pas dia ngaku-ngaku-in kalo pecun yang dia sewa itu sebagai pacar dia, aku rasa itu romantis banget! and I almost believe that he's actually a romantic guy in the real world, which is-of course-a really stupid things to do: comparing real life according to a movie.
Sayangnya Jamie Aditya keliatan udah tua di film ini...

yang juga keren adalah Sarah Sechan.
She used to be my favorite MTV VJ and I have zero number of favorite MTV VJ after her, Jamie Aditya, and Nadya Hutagalung resign.
Salah satu hal yang dulu bikin aku cinta banget sama Sarah Sechan adalah kesediannya untuk gila-gilaan di depan kamera MTV. she's almost like Donita but less pretty and crazier.
di film ini, sumpah dia gokil abis!!!
aku sampai bingung harus milih mana yang lebih gokil: Sarah sebagai Mak Siat (cucu ke-8-nya Mak Erot) atau Sarah sebagai salah satu anggota Trio Macan wannabes.

yang gak kalah keren tentu saja Alex Abbad.
Sebenernya sih aktingnya gak spektakuler-spektakuler banget, tapi the way he always dressed up in the movie made him looks waaaaaayyyyyy cooler.
Aku nih cewek normal dan aku rasa Alex Abbad keren banget pas pake kemeja dan celana bahan selama di film ini.

Selain itu sih pemain-pemain di film ini biasa aja.
Aktingnya, muka-nya, gayanya, bajunya, semuanya.
malah si cewek yang dapet peran jadi pecun yang ujung-ujungnya disukain sama Deni aja aktingnya gak spektakuler, gak cantik pula.

tapi ngomong-ngomong soal pecun yang gak cantik, kayaknya sesuai realita banget deh...
Not that I'm an expert on those kinda stuff, but if you really pay attention, you basically get it.
Yang jadi pecun (baik di film ataupun di dunia nyata) tuh dikit yang mukanya bener-bener cantik. badannya juga gak bagus-bagus banget.
Intinya: cuma orang-orang yang bermasalah aja yang bersedia jadi pecun dan kalau kamu berniat jadi pecun, gak perlu badan bagus kok, yang penting niat dan kemauan. (LOL)

Good movie, though...
but it's not worth Rp 25000.
Aku sarankan sih nonton film ini pas nomat aja.
Khusus buat orang Bandung, aku sarankan jangan nonton film ini di bioskop yang kelasnya lebih rendah dari BIP seperti Regent dan Nusantara, you may throw up in there coz you got to see 'it' on screen and in front of your face. LOL

Jangan juga mengharapkan sesuatu yang spektakuler dari film ini.
menurutku sih film ini biasa aja.
Gak lucu-lucu banget dan gak fresh-fresh banget.
Masih lebih lucu dan vulgar Quickie Express.

Ya sudah, selamat menonton!
dan happy long-weekend to whoever that lucky enough to get it!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I can't wait...

.... for my next holiday...

that may seem really weird because it's my last day of holiday and tomorrow is my first day of school in a new semester.
I should be happy and ready for another semester after a two-weeks holiday.

the fact is: I'm not.

I really am not ready for another exhausting semester...

Another thing is I planned so many things to do during my holiday.
unfortunately, I didn't really do much.

For example, I planned to decorate my room with more pictures but I didn't have time to actually print any pictures.
Or I planned to get over with this cough I'm having before Monday, but up until now I'm still coughing.
I also planned to get through any love problems and leave it as a wonderful holiday fling, but I failed.

I'm really not looking forward for my 7am class tomorrow.
I wonder if I would be able to wake up at 5am tomorrow morning.

I wonder if I would be able to get through this semester.......

God please help....