Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now I Know... of the reasons why some of my friends said that they'd love to swap their parents with mine for a period of time.

I had this following conversation with my mom with my dad and sister as the witnesses.
"Mom, can I go and watch a local band performs?"
"What local band?" my mom asked, she got alert right away.
"Nidji. I know that they're not the type of bands that I like. But they're really big and I've never had a chance to watch them... So I'm just curious to see what they are like out there on stage. Live."
"When are they gonna perform? Who are you going with? how much will it cost you? and what time is the show gonna end? Because if it past your curfew, I wouldn't let you go anywhere driving alone!"
I was stunned.
But I tried to explain it to her,
"Well, they're gonna perform in this feast that this high school put on. I think I'm going with my friends from ITB, we're so excited to see them live, you know, since only one or two people had been to one of their shows. And it'll only cost me about Rp 20000, so cheap..."
"Okay... So, what time do you think you're gonna be home after watching them perform?" she didn't seem to forget about my curfew at all.
"I'm not sure yet. You know how it is with concerts and all. And this is a high school's music festival, in order to keep people to stay around the festival area, they're gonna put this band as a closing. I mean, they're really big and they have fans all over the place. If I were one of the people who's holding the event, I'd put them as the last band to perform. So you know, I think they wouldn't start performing until around midnight..."
"Midnight, eh? Just as late as I thought. Well, if you're gonna be driving alone around that time, you're not going anywhere. No questions asked. Case close!"
I found myself on silent.

I thought having a curfew was bad enough.
I guess I was wrong.
Being forbid to go to a concert is even worse.

I told my friends that I wouldn't be going to the concert because my parents didn't let me go if I have to drive home alone at past midnight.
They literally looked at me in disbelief.
Maybe they thought that my parents were a bit crazy.
How could my parents let me go overseas alone and outlaw myself on going to a local gig?
They didn't get it.
I didn't either.

But then, (God must have helped me on this. lol)
Just few moments ago, my mom sent me a text message and asked me about a local gig that I want to attend.
So I told her that the gig's gonna be held this Saturday.
Astonishingly, she asked me if I want a driver to drive me on Saturday so I can go to the gig.
Once again, I found myself on silent.
I gathered myself up and replied her, "It's okay, Mom. It's not like I'm dying to go there, I just think it's a good opportunity to watch them live on a smaller scale of concert."
I'm such a nice daughter, you see?
then I added, "But, don't you feel like coming to Bandung anyway? and doesn't Alia (my little sister) want to see Nidji live too?"
Hahaha! I got the trick you know!
And my mom said she'd think about coming to Bandung and she'd ask my little sister if she also wants to come to the concert.
Casually I replied, "you know mom, I wouldn't bother to push it because to made it clear that I don't have your permission. But it'd be nice if I can come..."
My mom simply sent "he...he...he..." to me.
and I smiled with happiness.

I really can't imagine having other people to be my parents.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I never felt so miserable about my life before.
But I guess nothing really is perfect in this world. Including my life.

you may have read this.
therefore you may understand my curfew.

I was so worried about coming home late tonight because of my curfew.

I was out with my friend Diah and we couldn't stop looking at my watch in order for me to be home on time.
Diah gave me a smile of mocking.
"Poor little baby, you now have a 10 PM curfew..."
I believe that was what she meant to say to me.
I was a little jealous of her.
She never had any curfew. and now that she grows older, she's allowed to come home at anytime she wants. Also, her mom never really yelled at her on the phone while wondering where she was, unlike my mom.
the saddest part is I never get jealous of Diah or everything she owns, until tonight.

I mean, 10 PM curfew was honestly really early!
For me to stick with my curfew, I have to finish everything (eating, talking, gossiping, laughing, etc) at 9.30 PM at the latest.

and I'm on my freaking holiday, for god's sake!

Now I wonder why some people said they want to swap their parents with mine........

Aku Punya Cerita

Sah kan?
aku kan perempuan juga...

So, I guess you can all guess.
Aku baru aja nonton Perempuan Punya Cerita.
Seperti biasa, aku selalu nonton telat.

Setelah hampir pasrah karena hampir bakalan gak nonton film ini, gara-gara banyak temenku yang udah pada nonton dan lebih banyak lagi yang gak tertarik sama film Indonesia, akhirnya aku menemukan juga satu teman yang belum nonton film ini.
Thanks to Diah!

Pokoknya ya, Perempuan Punya Cerita ini bercerita tentang beberapa perempuan dengan berbagai macam konflik hidupnya.
Ada perempuan yang jadi bidan.
Ada perempuan gila.
Ada perempuan yang suka seks bebas.
Ada perempuan yang menjalani pernikahan dini.
Ada perempuan lugu yang gak tau kalau anaknya berhubungan seks dikamarnya sendiri.
Ada perempuan yang kerja di bar dangdut dengan pekerjaan macam-macam (dari pelacur sampai tukang bersihin WC).
Ada perempuan kecil yang jadi korban fedofil.
Ada perempuan dari etnis Cina.
Ada perempuan kena aids.
Ada perempuan yang kerja sebagai pembantu rumah tangga.
Ada juga perempuan yang jadi mertua galak.

Berbagai macam cerita di kehidupan perempuan.

Overall sih, film ini keren.
Ide ceritanya oke.
Gambar-gambarnya bagus.
Akting-akting pemeran utamanya juga boleh diacungi jempol.
(sayangnya Rieke Diah Pitaloka kok agak-agak kaku ya? Trus, Rachel Maryam tuh emang spesialis orang gila ya? [Inget "Soulmate"?] Shanty dan Sarah Sechan top abis! Kirana Larasati tuh siapa ya? mukanya familiar tapi namanya enggak. aktingnya oke buat a newcomer. Fauzi Baadilah was as hot as ever! Winky Wiryawan ngapain sih di film ini? Susan Bachtiar cantiknya tak terkira! Ratna Riantiarno kurang banyak jatah aktingnya.)
Siapa sih yang gak kenal sama Nia DiNata dan Upi Avianto? Fatimah Rony dan Lasja F. Susatyo sih emang baru denger... hehehe.
Melissa Karim juga ternyata penulis handal.
Again, overall, Kalyana Shira Films has done it again!

One thing, though,
kok kayaknya cerita vulgar tentang hubungan seks lagi ngetrend ya sekarang?

Good job on Perempuan Punya Cerita!
But I just thought that they should've come up with fresher ideas.
Like what they did on "Arisan" and "Long Road to Heaven".
Oh well,
They made an absurdly-amazing movie and I believe they're gonna be so much better in the future!

p.s. Emang pergaulan bebas di Jogja separah itu ya?
Well, I heard about Jogja dan julukan kota 'remang-remang'-nya. Tapi aku gak tau kalo pergaulan bebas disana sebebas itu...
I mean, I know kids have free sex everywhere, but actually doing it in your own room with your hooded mom knocking on your door so innocently was one thing that I had never imagine before.
or maybe I'm just too isolated from this cruel little world... I never know...

One Hit

I was ready to write about something else on my blog when I received this email from one of my Muslim friends that I met in Canada (it wasn't like I met a whole bunch of Muslim people there).
I'm not a religious person, but this email hit me right away...
I edited the email and here's what I got now...

Read only if you have time for
Let me tell you, make sure you read all the way to the bottom.

ALLAH , when I received this e-mail, I thought...
I don't have time for this...

Then, I realized that this kind of thinking is... Exactly, what has caused lot of the problems in our world today.

We try to keep ALLAH in MASJIDS on FRIDAY...

(Why are we so sleepy in THE MASJID but right when the se
rmon is over we suddenly wake up?)

Maybe, FRIDAY night...
And, the unlik
ely event of a MAGHRIB SHALAT .
We do like to
have ALLAH around during sickness...
And, of course, at funerals.

However, we don't have time, or room, for ALLAH during work or play...
Because that's the
part of our lives we think...

We can, and should, handle on our own.

Isn't it funny how simple it is for people to NOT BELIEVE
IN ALLAH and then wonder why the world's going to hell.

Isn't it funny how someone can say "I believe in ALLAH " but still follow Satan
(who, by the way, also "believes" in ALLAH ).

Isn't it funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me than what ALLAH thinks of me.

forgive me for thinking...
there is a time or place where ALLAH is not to be FIRST in my life.

I should always have time to remember all ALLAH has done for us.

Yes, I do Love ALLAH .

ALLAH is my source of existence and savior.

ALLAH keeps me functioning
each and every day.
Without ALLAH, I will be nothing.

p.s. Thanks, Taphle!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A week of being a Manilenian

Finally, I had a chance to use my own laptop, with my own internet connection, in my own house, in Bandung.

so, here's my story about a week of being a Manilenian.

Really, the decision to go to The Philippines was a very sudden one.
I remember my little chat with Dino back in October. He asked me to come and visit him.
Then I checked my inbox and there was an email from Estelle.
I casually brought the issue up on the dinner table to my mom and dad, surprisingly they said okay.
To be honest, I didn't know what to expect in Manila.
I mean, I only knew one girl, which was Estelle, and the rest of my friends are guys. Not that it mattered, it wasn't really used to it. Most of my close friends are girls and there I was (about two weeks ago) traveling alone to a city that I've never been before to visit guy friends.
Plus, some of them are still students so they have to attend their classes. Some others have work to do. So, I wasn't expecting anything.

When I finally got there, there were some regrets.
Like, "I shouldn't have come here, they have other stuff to do and I'm here just to bother them."
Plus Estelle, the only girl that I knew, had to skip work in order to do something with me. She almost always came in late to pick me up because she had some other things to do before coming in for me. I felt really guilty about that.
but then, it was the morning that I had to finally leave the city. I was sitting on my bed in my hotel room with Dino and King. Suddenly, all the things I did in Manila came back to me and I felt so happy.
so I told Dino and King that I was so happy that I spent a brief week in Manila. I really do.
That's probably why I'm already considering about my second visit to the country.

So, it was my first day in Manila. After Estelle took me to some other places, we went to DLSU, De La Salle University of Manila (great school, by the way! ITB is nothing compares to it) There, I went to see some people in their debate society. It turned out that there are so many nice people in there.
We decided to went for dinner after they had their usual Friday training. They had this little tradition where they bring the newcomer in the debate society to a Chinese restaurant in the Chinatown. It was an honor that that they actually invited me in their little tradition.
so, even though the only thing that I could eat was the roasted duck, because anything else got pork in it, somehow, I still had a lot of fun with them. Now I really wonder how I should mention all their names. Well, from the first pic there's Jasper, Santi, Dino, Robin Garcia, LA, Nico, and Vic.
In the second pic you can see Vic, me, Estelle, Bianca, King, Phillip, Jasper, and Santi. The nicest thing about them was that they actually paid everything for me that night.

It's King, me, Robin Lucas, Don (Robin's friend), and LA in a karaoke place somewhere. I think the place was called Malate or something. It was a really fun night. Especially because I experienced so many new things that night, like went on a sex shop and walked around gay bar area. I also will not forget how Robin was asking some people for nude-girls performance to some other people in some other bar on my behalf. as if I'm thinking about changing my sexual orientation.
man, talking about feeling so scandalous...

It's Estelle and our lovely homemade cupcake by Sonja.
Estelle showed me a little cupcake shop somewhere in Manila and we got to put the icing by ourselves. It was pretty cool, since I could put as much as I want. Also, the taste of the whole cupcake was delicious. it wasn't too sweet, it was just right.

I finally got a chance to get my pic taken with a jeepney.
it was an okay one.
I wanted a pic of me with a very bright decorated one, but since it was kinda hard to find a jeepney that was parked somewhere, I think this one's pretty cool too.

you see, we're in a restaurant, in Tagaytay, one night and my friends dedicated this song for me. this is the coolest Filipino song that I'll remember forever.
Lift your head, baby, don't be scared
Of the things that could go wrong along the way
You'll get by with a smile
You can't win at everything but you can try.

Baby, you don't have to worry
'Coz there ain't no need to hurry
No one ever said that there's an easy way
When they're closing all their doors
And they don't want you anymore
This sounds funny but I'll say it anyway.

Girl I'll stay through the bad times
Even if I have to fetch you everyday
You'll get by with a smile
You can never be too happy in this life.

In a world where everybody
Hates a happy ending story
It's the one you love can make the world go round
But dont let it bring you down
And turn your face into a frown
You'll get along with a little prayer and a song.

(Too doo doo doo...)
Let me hear you sing it
(Too doo doo doo...)

In a world where everybody
Hates a happy ending story
It's a wonder love can make the world go round
But don't let it bring you down
And turn your face into a frown
You'll get along with a little prayer and a song.

Lift your head, baby, don't be scared
Of the things that could go wrong along the way
You'll get by with a smile
Now it's time to kiss away those tears goodbye

(Too doo doo doo...)
Let me hear you sing it
(Too doo doo doo...)

myself, in front of MOA or Mall of Asia. the mall was huge and it's one of the biggest mall in Asia. It's no longer the biggest mall in Asia, according to the internet, but it was still huge. It also has its own bay.

I decided to take a pic of my friends: King, Nico, Dino, and Estelle.

my very last day in Manila. two random pics of me. One with the ladies who were doing the Barong, their national clothing. Another one in a La-Z boy theater, a theater with a huge couch, similar to the ones I have at home. Nice.

My visit in Manila would not be as fun if I didn't have any friends to visit.
The funny thing with my friends was that whenever they got a chance they kept on telling me about how I should come back for another visit to The Philippines. They told me that my next visit have to be as long as two weeks and I had to tell them 5 months in advance. hahaha. I'll try...
but before that, I'm gonna be waiting here in Indonesia for them to visit me.
(next year, right, guys????)

For now, I have to set myself straight again for another semester.
my holiday is soon gonna be over...
thanks so much for everyone that's been helping me to spend one of the most memorable holidays I've ever had...

p.s. I have so much to write about Filipinos and some of their habits but I can't think of anything right now. I'll write about it sometime later...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Rest in peace...
I really wonder...

well, here's the thing:
Soeharto, Indonesia's former president, died this afternoon.

to be honest, I was relieved that he finally died today.
I mean, he was more like a bionic robot rather than a human being in these past weeks.
so, I think the fact that he eventually died is a good news for everyone.

although, even when he died today, nothing's supposed to change.
He did a whole lot of mistakes so his family needs to settle some way to pay back whatever he'd done.
Like those 15 billion money that he took.
I think this whole nation is going to really appreciate it if his family would give all the money back.

I felt kinda funny when one of his children said on TV that he really appreciated all the attention and symphaty. he also said sorry on behalf of his father incase that his father did anything wrong.
laugh out loud.

need I say anything about the one and only Indonesia's dictator???

honestly, up until now, I can't really get it why international media call Soeharto a dictator.
he did really good on acting as a good guy for ruling this country for 32 years.
you guys have to really live in this poor country in order to understand what I mean.

oh well,
now u know why I really wonder about him resting in peace.


Soeharto's dead now.

hopefully that'll bring some good impact on Indonesia...
wishful thinking...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well, my mom didn't say it that way, but the way she said it made me feel that I'm grounded.

She suddenly called me when I was in a car with my friend, on our way home.
It was 11 PM.
and the traffic was like hell.

So I picked up the phone and suddenly my mom yelled at me,
"Where are you at 11 PM?"
I answered.
"What are you thinking? You're still out around this time? You're a girl, remember that!"
I said my apology.
"I know I give you freedom and I trust you, but I don't want you to cross the border that we set up!"
I said another sorry.
"From now on, you have to get home by 10 PM! I don't want to hear any reasons or arguments!"
I said okay.

Well, what the hell was I supposed to say???
Arguments would have made her go nuts.

So, I'm unofficially grounded.

It's unofficial because my mom didn't say, "Dhea, you're grounded!"
Instead, she made it clear that I now have to be home by 10 PM.
Which is kinda impossible if I'm gonna go to 8 PM movies with my friends.

The thing is, I wasn't ready to be grounded.
I have never been grounded.
Usually, when I went home late, my mom would get angry, but she never set any exact curfew for me.
It was mostly my idea to be home early after my mom got mad.

It was really shocking.
Now that I'm 20 year-old.
and it wasn't like I came home drunk or pregnant.
I'm still a virgin and I never had any kind of liquor in my whole life.
My friends are also the best circle of friends that someone's could ever have. I never think any one of them would actually draw or push me to do some criminal things.
Also, I didn't go out clubbing.
It was a simple hang out with my dear friends. Where good food and lots of laugh involved.
Plus, I think I'm grown up enough to know what's good and bad.


I'm now unofficially grounded for unlimited time!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kasihan Pak Harto...

Kesehatan Pak Harto memburuk lagi.

Mau gak mau, berita itu adalah salah satu headline di koran-koran dan acara berita di TV.

Aku kan baca koran ya, trus aku ngeliat fotonya Pak Harto yang ditempeli berbagai macam peralatan medis.
Agak-agak kasihan sih…
Tapi aku kasihannya beda.

Soalnya gini,
Mamaku bilang, “Mama kok agak-agak takut ya kalau Pak Harto akhirnya meninggal?”
Aku dan papaku ketawa.
Kenapa harus takut coba?

Trus, temenku Ayesh juga bilang, “Pak Harto kasihan ya…”
Aku langsung bilang, “Kenapa kasihan, Yesh?”
Temenku Samuel lebih parah lagi tanggapannya, “Ngapain sih lu kasianin Pak Harto? Gue yang gak punya duit malah gak lu kasianin…”
Temenku Ade bilang, “Mampus lo!”

Kasihan aku sama kasihannya mamaku dan Ayesh beda tuh gini.
Menurutku, kasihan banget Pak Harto ditempelin berbagai macam peralatan medis kayak gitu.
Kalau emang keadaannya memburuk dan kenyataannya dia emang udah gak kuat lagi untuk hidup,
Ya udah lah ya…

Mbok ya, keluarganya merelakan saja…
Semua manusia juga bakalan meninggal...
Kalau Pak Harto emang udah mau duluan ya jangan dihalang-halangi dong…

Jangan salah, aku bukan tipe orang yang membenci Soeharto loh.
Emang sih Pak Harto nyebelin.
Gak mau bertanggung jawab lagi.

Tapi Beliau tuh udah banyak juga mengajarkan bangsa ini loh.
Misalnya, Beliau mengajarkan bangsa ini tentang korupsi, kolusi, dan nepotisme.
Beliau juga mengajarkan bangsa ini untuk punya account bank dimana-mana.
Beliau juga mengajarkan bangsa ini tentang monopoli disegala bidang.
Jangan lupa juga dengan cara beliau mengajarkan bangsa ini tentang rasisme.
Yang gak kalah serunya waktu Beliau menunjukkan bagaimana kotornya dunia politik.
Kalau gak karena jasa-jasanya, bangsa ini gak akan ngerti soal hal-hal diatas.
Hal-hal yang aku sebutin diatas juga cuma sebagian kecil dari berbagai macam hal yang beliau udah ajarkan pada bangsa ini.

Masa karena jasa-jasanya yang begitu banyak itu Pak Harto masih tetap dipaksa untuk hidup?

Kan kasihan Pak Harto…
Mungkin dia malah pengen cepet-cepet meninggalkan dunia dan kembali bersama dengan Ibu Tien…


Kasihan Pak Harto...

Bitter Beginning, Sweet Ending

Yesterday was one day that I can call a bitter-sweet day.

I began the day with one of my final exams.
It was the hardest subject that I had to take.
And I was right, the exam was the hardest of all.
I’m positive that I’m gonna flunk that class.

That was the very bitter part of the day.
The exam only took 2 hours.
But the future result will make me cry out loud for one whole day.

So, after my finals.
My friends and I decided to had early lunch.
We had lunch and we talked. There were 12 of us and you can imagine what 12 girls can do and talk.

After lunch, we went on karaoke.
With all 12 girls sang in one small room and the music turned up so loud, you can only imagine what happened.
It was one of the most fun afternoons that I’ve ever had.
We sang stupid songs, like “SMS”, “Ketahuan”, “Kucing Garong”, etc.
We also did a tribute to those wonderful elementary years when we all fell in love with Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and such.
We also honor the new songs (so much honor that I gave to these songs that I think I’m ready to puke), like “Ok” by T2, “Munajat Cinta” by The Rocks, “Klik” by Ussy, etc.
But we also sang really good songs too, like “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, “This Love” by Maroon 5, and “Heaven” by Maliq & d’essentials.
It was so much fun and I wanted to do it again!!!
Hopefully I got some spare time again with my friends and we can all re-do this karaoke-ing thing again.

Then, I went to 8EH, where I met some of the spontaneous people that I’ve met in my whole life.
The day was Tuesday and it was a perfect timing for going to the cinema for such a cheap price.
Gisha, one of my friends, asked everyone to accompany her to watch “The Golden Compass”.
So we did.
The 6 of us were heading to the movie.
Unfortunately, we got to go to one of the crappiest cinema in town: BIP cinema.

Before I got to the part why I hate BIP cinema so much,
I wanna write about what “The Golden Compass” was all about.
The story was weird.
But oh well, it’s a fantasy movie, what can I expect?
Every human has a deamon to be his/her companion. These deamons’ souls are somehow connected to the humans’. So humans and deamons can’t be separated.
From this idea, it reminds my about the old cartoon that the Japanese made, “Pokemon” and “Digimon”.
As usual, there are good guys and bad guys.
The bad guys are trying to separate humans with their deamons. The good guys are trying to stop them.
That was the whole story was about, in my opinion.

The whole movie was really weird.
I really don’t like the settings.
In some parts of the movie, the settings for place and time were back in the past.
Plus the actors and actresses were talking in Shakesperean English, except that Mr. Scoresby, who was clearly speaking English with Texas accent.
In different parts of the movie, they showed lots of properties that can only be found in the future, like the American-football shaped plane and others machinery.

Also, I think the whole idea of this movie was putting many successful movies together.
I mean, lots of scenes in this movie, especially when the lead actrees, which was a little girl by theway, was on a trip to go somewhere, are a lot like “Lord of The Rings”.
In this movie, there was a polar bear involved and helped the little girl to bring the world peace. A lot like “The Chronicles of Narnia”.
And these talking deamons with kids as leading actors and actresses are a lot like the talking animals and two kids in “Bridge to Terabithia”, besides “Pokemon” and “Digimon” of course.

What I hate the most in this movie was the ending.
The ending was very bad.There wasn’t any conclusion.
The ending was filled with lots of questions and plans.
It really shows that there’s gonna be at least a sequel of this movie.
Capitalism again!!!!

Plus, what are Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig were doing in this movie?
They’re like experts on acting but their portions in this movie were so little!

There wasn’t anything new with this movie.
I even felt sleepy as I was watching it (well, maybe it also because of the factor that it was late and I had a long day).
The movie simply wasn’t special.
So now you know that you don’t need to watch “The Golden Compass” if you don’t have a spare time.

Now, I got to the part where I wouldn’t want to watch anything at all in BIP cinema.
It is indeed a very crappy cinema.
In the middle oof the movie, the screen went black for 5 minutes.
It was such a long time for 1,5 hour movie.
Also, before the screen went black, the movie was fast-forwarded, so I got to see the later scene and confused.
The sound disappeared for like more than twice.
And the saddest part was a mouse pointer appeared on the screen for the last 5 minutes before the movie ended.
It was awful and disappointing.

From tonight, I swear to myself that I would never watch in BIP cinema ever again!

So, that was my bitter-sweet day.
I hope in the future I can just experience a sweet day, without a bitter part in it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - Wreckless Love

Let's go back in time
When seeing your ID on mine
Made me crazy
Ooh baby I'm saying

Let's go back there
Let's take it there
I'm talking bout
Back in time
When you wanted to know my every move
Tired to keep it smooth
Keepin'up with me
You drove me crazy ohh baby

Let's go back there
Let's take it there

When you
Didn't know me
Didn't need me
I wanted to touch me
Couldn't leave me
I couldn't know how
Far it would go
I couldn't know if
This was for sure
We just could not
We just could not get enough of it baby , let's go

Have that wreckless love
That crazy love
That off the wall won't stop till I get enough kind of love
I need that love
So baby, let's go

Have that wreckless love
That crazy love
That I don't really care
We can have it anywhere
Kind of love
That wreckless love

Let's go back in time
When our kiss was brand new
An adventure not perfected
A little hesitant

Let's go back there
Let's take it there

Take it back in time
When forever was a minute, and eternity was a second
I'm stressing that we have to go back there
Let's take it there.

When you
Didn't know me
Didn't need me
I wanted to touch me
Couldn't leave me
I couldn't know how
Far it would go
I couldn't know if
This was for sure
We just could not
We just could not get enough of it baby , let's go

Have that wreckless love
That crazy love
That off the wall won't stop till I get enough kind of love
I need that love
So baby, let's go

Have that wreckless love
That crazy love
That I don't really care
We can have it anywhere
Kind of love
That wreckless love

Ooh baby, let's go

My favorite song in Alicia Keys's new album: As I Am
I fell in love with this song because of the way Alicia Keys sings it.
It sounds fun.
When I read through the lyrics, nothing special about it.
but the way she sings it that rocks.

Monday, January 07, 2008

(for once) I Like Monday Morning!

I picked one of my friends up this afternoon and told her that I had a story to tell.
She asked me what the story was about.
I smiled and didn’t answer her right away.
She said, “A-ha! This must be something to do with your all-time-crush…”
I was shocked and asked how she could find out.
She said, “Well, you look really happy and nothing makes you happier rather than meeting your crush.”
Right away, I was more shocked than before.

Her sentence really annoyed me.
Did I really look that happy?
Was I really that excited?

Well, even if I did look THAT ecstatic (hahaha! I’m exaggerating), I don’t care.
I was very delighted, indeed.

It was one of the mornings I would not forget for my whole life.
I agreed to meet my all-time-crush in PAU building. We had one small transaction to make. He wanted to give back my book that he borrowed over the holiday and I wanted to give him a keepsake from Australia.

I arrived late; I wasn’t predicting that the road would be busy.
After I said sorry, I was ready to do our little transaction.
To my surprised, he actually asked where we should do the transaction.
I never expected that he would want to go to another place so I was kinda blank for one second.

I couldn’t think of any other place so I asked him to come up to 8EH, which was not a perfect place.

I knew that if I took him up to 8EH, everyone that was there would gossip about me and tease me over and over again. But it was still 11 in the morning and there wasn’t very many people in the studio, supposedly. So I thought, ‘what the hell..’
And for once, I was wrong. It was a rather crowded morning in 8EH.

I tried to calm down, but I think I failed.
I was too excited.
It’s been a really long time since we had a good talk. Just the two of us.
I really enjoyed the times this morning.

The usual situation still happened this morning, though.
He asked and I answered.
But this morning, he asked more questions and he looked that he was really interested in my stories.
I was so thrilled that he wanted to know so much about me.
It made me feel so special.

One very cute thing happened too.
We were just chatting along when he said, “Dhe, do you know the movie called Ayat-Ayat Cinta?”
I said yes.
“Is it already in the cinema or not?”
I was thinking where this conversation would go before I answered, “It’s supposed to be in the cinema by now, but I heard they cancel the premier…”
“I wanna watch it…” He said calmly.
I swallowed my own saliva, put my nerve back together, and said, “Well, we can watch it together…”
“Alright… We’re watching it together then…”
I was overjoyed.

It was also really funny when my 8EH friends reminded me about my job.
I was supposed to be announcing a show at 11 o’clock sharp.
So my friend said, “Alien, aren’t you supposed to be announcing like RIGHT NOW?”
I gave my best smile; I thought I could have gotten out of trouble by smiling.
My other friend came and teased me right away.
“Well, it’s the 11 o’clock show that you’re supposed to be announcing. If you still want to talk with him, why don’t you create a talk show on air? That way you can still chat with him plus do the announcing thingie at the same time…”
I laughed.

And of course, after he left me with thousands questions to be asked (like, “do you want to stick around and maybe we can have luch together later?”), my 8EH friends asked me all about him.
His name, his major, his personality, and all sort of stuff about him.
I, helplessly, spill many things out.
Of course I told them his name and his major.
I also told them how close we were.
I told them that I’ve been having a crush on him since I was in grade 10 and I have no idea about his feelings toward me.
They all agreed that having a crush on him for 5 years is more than enough.
I have to seek for the answer.
They insisted that I should sit down with him and talk seriously about our feelings.
I immediately said NO.
I don’t want to look aggressive.

I mean, I think it’s obvious that I like him so much.
I even think he can read my mind.
And I think that’s enough.
I think I should leave it up to that point.

I, for sure, want to know his true feeling about me.
But I don’t wanna force him to tell me.
I want him to tell me himself, without me demanding anything from him.

Besides, I’m not ready for a rejection yet.
It’s been five freaking years and to hear “Sorry, but I never see you as a special someone, Alien” from his very own mouth is not something that I’m looking forward to.

So, whatever!
Like I care about what other people think!

I’m happy that I got to talk with my all-time-crush this morning.
And that’s all that matters to me.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

my nickname

I never tell anyone about this, but I'm gonna spill it out here and now.

It's about my name, again.

See, my first name is actually kinda long. It's Aliendheasja.
Now, most people that know me call me by the first part of my first name, Alien.

Actually, when I was born, my parents never did plan that I was to be called 'Alien'.
Since the first day that I was born, my family called me 'Dhea'.

I was first called 'Alien' when I was in elementary.
Back in those days, I had an elementary crush.
My elementary crush was the first person who called me Alien. He actually used the word 'alien' as a name-calling for me, in other words, he tried to mock me down using my own name.
I think it was because he wanted extra attention from me.
and I think that was really cute, considering that we were still in elementary, don't you think so?

But the fact is, I hate being called 'Dhea' ever since I was in kindergarten.
I thought that too many people use the name 'Dhea' and I'm not that special anymore if I were to be called 'Dhea' by everyone that I know.
That was why, I always wanted to be called with other names rather than 'Dhea' back when I was very little.

So, now that I'm a grown up (well, hopefully I'm wise enough to claimed myself as a grown up), I feel a different thing about my nick name.
Like right now, there are only small number of people who call me 'Dhea', thanks to the name 'Alien'.
Only my family, my old friends from elementary, and people who live in my neighborhood that have the right to call me 'Dhea'.
My friends (from wherever, but my elementary-hood) and other people that I met after junior high school have to call me 'Alien'. It irritates me if these people call me with other names.
On the other hand, I now feel so special if the people who have the right to call me 'Dhea' use it wisely.

For example, I prefer my mom call me 'Dhea' rather than Alien.
I also prefer my older cousins to call me 'Dhea' or just with a simple 'Dhe' rather than Alien.
I absolutely prefer my crush to call me 'Dhea' and say 'Dhea' repeatedly rather than Alien.
It all makes me feel so special.

It was almost like I have a double life, as 'Dhea' and as 'Alien'.
but that would be a silly conclusion.

So for my friends who don't have any kind of right to call me 'Dhea' please stop teasing me and stop calling me 'Dhea'. It just doesn't suit me and you.
As for my family and friends who have the right to call me 'Dhea' please use it wisely, as I like it very much to be called 'Dhea'.
Heart Eyes

p.s. The reason that I wrote this post is because my crush constantly say the name 'Dhea'.
"Dhea ada ujian jam berapa?" or "Dhea aja yang tentuin dimana..." and so forth and so on...
Gosh! I'm such a weirdo!

Kapitalisme sialan!!!

Maaf ya baru tau sekarang...

gara-garanya adalah satu program berita yang ada di salah satu stasiun TV swasta yang punya motto "aktual, tajam, terpercaya".

Jadi aku baru tau tentang hal ini tadi sore banget.

Ternyata tarif sms yang harganya (pada umumnya) Rp 250 dan Rp 350 itu ternyata lebih mahal 3 kali sampai 4 kali lipat dari harga pokok pengiriman sms.
Ternyata harga pokok pengiriman 1 sms kemanapun di dalam negeri hanya Rp 76 saja.
trus kalo dihitung-hitung, para pemilik provider hp itu bisa untung paling sedikit Rp 8,2 miliyar perbulannya gara-gara sms doang.


yang lebih menyebalkan lagi, ada dua provider yang bekerja sama untuk me-lebih-mahal-kan tarif sms.
salah satu providernya adalah provider yang aku dengan setia gunakan.


jadi katanya si provider favorite-ku itu punya agreement sama provider X (dan satu huruf lagi, kalau gak salah. hahahaha!).
Isi agreement-nya adalah kalo pelanggan provider favorite-ku itu ngirim sms ke provider X, harganya lebih mahal. Begitu juga sebaliknya.


yang lucunya waktu salah seorang yang berperan penting di provider favorite-ku itu diwawancarai, dia bilang,
"enggak kok, kita punya agreement sama banyak provider lain juga..."
Dari kalimat itu yang aku tangkap adalah,
"makanya semua pelanggan provider favorite-nya Alien kalau sms ke provider lain harganya lebih mahal daripada ke sesama pelanggan provider favorite-nya Alien."


Alhamdulillahnya pemerintah udah manggil beberapa petinggi provider hp itu.
katanya sih pemerintah udah mengingatkan para provider itu supaya gak memeras uang rakyat.

tapi ya, kalo boleh jujur-jujur-an nih...
pemerintah sih biasanya cuma bisa ngingetin doang...
digosok-gosok dikit (pakai uang tentunya), cuma sebentar juga pemerintah udah bakalan lupa dengan fakta yang tadi aku sebutkan. Habis itu, masalah ini akan lenyap, seolah hilang ditelan waktu.
tau-taunya harga sms naik aja.



Thursday, January 03, 2008


to be honest with you, I'm kinda addicted to these Idols show.
from American Idol to Indonesian Idol. and of course, the latest one was Asian Idol.

Few weeks ago, the winner of the first Asian Idol was voted out. and the guy who won is from Singapore by the name called Hady Mirza.

When I watched the Asian Idol, I was so sure that Mike, the contestant from Indonesia, could win this thing.
Hady Mirza was simply an amateur!
he couldn't sing. he couldn't dance. he didn't look good. he simply didn't have that star quality.

But yet, when the result show was aired, he won the first title as an Asian Idol.

Many of my friends were upset.
I was too. I was very confident that Mike would win.
or anyone, but Hady Mirza. He was like the worst of all.

so my friends and I were mocking Hady Mirza inside out.
it was simply unacceptable for him to win the first Asian Idol title.

until I got to Singapore.

it was right on New Year's eve when I went to Orchard Road's HMV.
right away, I found a rack full of Hady Mirza's first album.
and yes! I listened to the WHOLE cd!

here's what I say...

he's not that bad...
I mean it.

His entire cd sounds very R&B-ish.
the music is not too bad. but it's very similar though, from one song to another.
so, I was standing in front of a cd player in an HMV store, feeling bored.
plus it was getting towards the very end of my year-end holiday and my feet hurt so bad from too much walking, I almost fell asleep.
Maybe, his album is best listened before you sleep.

Very similar to many other idols winner, his album's content was full of someone else's songs.
but the songs choice were really good!
Almost all of the songs are my old time favorite.
Say, "Ordinary People", "Rock with You", and "You've Got A Friend".
Two songs that were created for him, "You Give Me Wings" and "What's Left" was quiet okay too.
but when I got to the Malay songs, man, I'm telling you...
He doesn't deserve the Asian Idol title.

Whether he deserve the title of the first Asian Idol or not, I don't care.
The fact that his album was quiet okay was more shocking for me (eventho my friends and I believe that those people in the recording company must have made lots of editing there. LOL).
unfortunately his album cost a fortune. It was 19.95 Singaporean dollar, if I'm not mistaken.
I could afford it, but it would be such a waste.

So with that, my desire to justify some facts about this Hady Mirza guy is done.
I rest my case.

p.s. is he coming to the Indonesia for one more time? Because now I'm curious about how he sings (real) live...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Remarkable Things from DownUnder

this year-end holiday, I went to the smallest continent but yet the biggest island in the whole world, Australia.

and as I said on the title there, there are lots of remarkable things about Australia that I can go on and on talking about it.

Despite on how beautiful the three cities I went to, as you can see it on my pictures below, and lots of other tourism things that I did, I want to mention the two coolest thing about Australia.

First, it was about one of the classic problems that the world has: racism.

Well, despite on how there used to be news about the white people don't treat the aboriginal people in Australia in a good way and also despite that I'm a person who only stayed in Australia for a good one week, therefore I have no rights to judge anything, I saw there's no sense of racism in Australia.

I mean, it was so beautiful out there.

the Whites marry the Chinese, the Chinese married Indians (as in people from India), the Indians marry the Philipines, the Philipines marry the Latinos, the Latinas marry the Whites. and it goes on and on and on and on.

See, I've been to London and Toronto, the two cities which take turn to be the most diverse city in this whole world, but there wasn't many inter-racial relationship I saw when I was there.
and to see lots of these people love each other without even care about where their spouse originally come from, it touched the very corny side on myself.
It was indeed a beautiful world and I believe it to myself, we can have that world peace if we all want to.

And second, I honestly can't help myself to salute those Australians and how hard they're trying to help the world to overcome the global warming.
one of the most popular trend in this whole world.

I know I've never been to Sweden or any other European countries that were claimed to be the greenest country in the world, but these Australians are tyring to protect the planet. and they're trying hard.
the Australian's Reader's Digest's December issue was about how to create a green environment.
in almost every store, they provide bags that are made from paper or cloth. Some of the stores give the cloth bag for free but in some other stores the customers need to buy the cloth bag. And to my surprise, people buy the cloth bag. These Australian choose the cloth bag over the plastic one. what's more surprising is that after buying the cloth bag, they carry it around with them and they re-use it. They are trying to reduce the use of plastic bag.

Other cool thing about the whole environmental thingie is that in most hotels, they offer their guests not to change the bedings and towels. Imagine how much of detergent is used in the whole country if every single guest asks for new bedings and towels every single day!

I know I'm not from the first world country, therefore I can't compare Australia with my very own country. But if I'm forced to compare it, man, Indonesia sucks so bad.
These top five-star hotels don't care about how much detergent they use. All they care is that the guests pay all their bills. and in grocery stores, people who work there are too kind that they give out so many plastic bags everyday. worse, the grocery stores' customers don't care at all about the bad effects of plastic bags so we all just demand on more plastic bags and throw thew away even if it can still be re-used.

I'm telling you I can't compare my very own country with Australia on how much the people care about saving this planet. I can only salute the Australians and try my best to educate myself and my closest friends (for a start) to show that we all care about our environment.
so those are the two coolest thing about Australia.

now, please enjoy other remarkable things from the downunder via some pics that my family and I took below...

my sister and I in Melbourne's Eureka building. It's the tallest building in Australia so far and it has a cool ride called The Edge that took us above Melbourne. in the background of the pic there, you can see the Yarra River. To be honest, it wasn't as beautiful as advertised.

Here are my sister and I in Gold Coast's Movie World.

Their motto was "Hollywood in Gold Coast". but to be honest with you, my family and I was alittle bit disappointed when we were there. It was really small, it was even smaller than Indonesia's very own Dufan. Don't blame me, but I've been to 3 Disneylands in this world, one Disneysea, one Universal Studios, and lots of other amusement parks. This limited area of Movie World really is dissapointing.

Too bad we weren't able to go to the Dream World because we were in Gold Coast on Christmas there and NOTHING opened on Christmas for Jesus's sake!

So, what do you think we did on Christmas day? We decided to take it from the locals. We walked around the Surfer Paradise and we headed for the beach and parks. We found many-many-many Australian families were doing their Australian way to celebrate something: barbequing.

and in the evening, after having a halal food on Nando's (yey! check out Nando's in Citos! but the Australian's peri-peri sauce was so much better than the Indonesian's), walked around the quiet Surfer Paradise, bought some snacks in different grocery stores, and had a nice White Hot Chocolate from Starbucks (because it was a very cold summer, I'm telling you!), my mom had an idea to took a pic of us infront of out hotel. I honestly wonder why, mom!

and after spending sometime for shopping on boxing day in the very famous and crowded Pacific Fair, we headed for Sydney.

Our first destination in Sydney was the Sydney's Wildlife World.

Koalas and Kangaroo...

So Australia...
also, the best part of this Wildlife World is their invertebratae station and the butterfly forest. you can see the pic of my lil' sis and a butterfly on her hand.

other cool thing about Sydney is this car below. A Hummer Limousine. It drives around the Opera House on the very same day. cool, huh?

and of course the Opera House itself!
too bad it has a very expensive souvenir shops... I had to delay my desire to shop...*wink*
It's summer time! and it's time to go to the beach. My sist and I in Bondi beach. it was packed with people who are hungry for some sunshine and tan here and there. Lots of topless women were there too!!! (not that I'm interested in...)

and of course the famous Harbour Bridge. This pic was taken from a famous Cruise ship in Sydney too, anyway.

yup! another pic of Opera House and us!
hope you get some of the remarkable things that I really wanna share with you all...

Happy New Year!

hope this year will be a much better one!!!