Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

few days ago I went to the movie (as usual) with a very good friend of mine, diah (u should b proud, Di!).

I went to watch Pursuit of Happynes.

I know, I know that I was so behind. It was such an old movie n ppl have been talking bout the movie for such a long time.

And really, I can't help but writing about it here.

Spoiler alert!!!

From the beginning of the movie, I felt like crying.

But fyi, I didn't cry at all,until the movie ended.

anyway, I just have to tell u that it was a really cool movie.

The movie was about a guy named Chris Gardner who had a hard time surviving to live.he lived w/ his son christopherd a wife linda. He was a salesman who sold a bone-ray something which was said better than the x-ray.coz it was really expensive,his family was struggling w/ money.his wife was so frustrated that she actually left him w/ his son.

Chris gotta survive the world for his son,so he applied in an investment company thingie as an intern worker.he wasn't aware that it was only an internship n he wouldn't get pay. in order to live,he had to work his ass off,sell all the bone-ray thingie,get kicked out of his home coz he couldn't afford the rent anymore,stay in a shelter specially made for the homeless ppl,until sleep in the toilet.

I'm tellin ya, there r some scenes which can make u laugh alrite,but there are also some scenes that can make u cry out loud.

I, personally learn a whole lot from that movie. E.g. I sleep too much and work too little. (coz that Chris Gardner guy seemed like he never slept and always worked)

Well, as u might guess, at d'end Chris was hired as a permanent employee in that company. he was chosen as the best among all 20 interns. And he finally can achive his happiness that he was pursuing.

Spoiler ends here.

After the movie was done and the credit rolled, diah and I couldn't stop ourselves from giving lots of compliments to the movie. it was very touching. and eventho Will Smith had to look a lil older and very thin, he was as charming as usual.and his lil boy was the cutest thing in the entire movie.

One last dialog b/w diah n me as we were walking outside our studio:

Me: "my mom will definetly burst down in tears if she watches this movie..."

Diah: "yeah... I think we're gonna cry like a baby if we've got a baby of our own too..."

Me: "right..."

So, please watch this movie if u are parents or u wanna become one, or simply if u feel like appreciating ur lives more.

P.s. Prepare some tissue if u're a touchy kinda person!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

poor kids...

I wrote about the whole UAN thingie in here and here before and I think I'd never get bored to write about it again and again....

I was reading the newspaper this morning and I had to slip a smile.
I told ppl everywhere that this UAN thingie is BULLSHIT!
It's simply a piece of crap.
The ideas, the management, all those ppl behind UAN.
they all just one not so funny joke.

See, first the govn't said UAN is a must.
then ppl started to wonder about what happened if there are kids who don't pass UAN.
so the govn't said they could simply do the Paket C thingie.
then again, ppl started to wonder about whether the kids who pass Paket C would be accepted in public university or not.
so the govn't assure that the kids will get in to the universities. guarantee.

So this morning, I woke up. Had a glass of warm water. Took the newspaper and went to the bathroom.
As I was sitting on the toliet, I read the article.
Kids who pass Paket C won't be able to do SPMB this year.

I let a smile slipped.
Told You..........

then, I was at work and had this lil' conversation with my senior colleagues.
she said, "In my sist's school there were about 10 kids who got 29 in their UAN result. about 80 kids got 28. 100 kids or more got 27. my own sist actually got 27 and her rank is around 200-something. the rest of the kids mostly got 24."
lemme remind u that UAN only consist of 3 subjects: math, Bahasa Indonesia, and English.
this means that almost every kid got in average 0f 8 in every subject.
amazing result, isn't?

I mean, get real... this is UAN. supposed to be the most stressful exam for the school kids.
and I'm not trying to be sneaky on the subject.
but still, an average of 9... or even 8...

Can those kids with average of 9 be responsible for that mark?
They must've been REALLY smart then...

My sist was in gr.9, so she's graduating from junior high school too.
the funny thing is, I don't know what she got for her UAN result.
the funnier thing is, I don't even care. I just simply don't try to figure out the numbers.
Becoz I know, all this UAN thing is BULLSHIT
and no matter how good my UAN result, or my sist's UAN result, it won't affect our lives.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I would never...

....let any of my future children become one of those celebrities...

well, probably the word celebrity is not quite correct.
but I can't find another word for it...
let see from my explaination... (I'm not good at explaining stuff, so please don't put ur expectation up too high)

the thing is, she's really busy with this whole practice thing with a new play called "Bobumba".
Maybe some of u know a kids' magazine called Bobo and this magazine always put on a play/musical annually.
this year, my lil sist get involved in this play as a drum, or rather tifa player.
so, she has to do this everyday practice from 10 am to 6 pm.

well, in order not to let her waiting all alone by her self in wherever she practiced, and becoz I got nothing left to do, I had to accompany her.
I thank God that I didn't have to accompany her the whole day. I just had to drive her to wherever she had the practice and made sure she started practice and not left alone.
and later, I had to pick her up. and I had to be there for her very early, becoz my mom was worried that she'd wait too long all alone.

So I drove her to the place and waited there until she started.
and I'm telling u, I had to wait there forever.
They asked her to come at 11 and it didn't start until 2.
They said the practice would be over at 6, so I was there at 5.15 and it didn't finish until 6.45.

man, what is wrong with this bussines???

I've had enough!

I appreciate actors and actress and whoever doing this entertainment job more now...
I just don't get it how they can handle all those waiting!!!
God only knows....

oh well....

I know that life's about making decisions...
it's all about choices...

that's why, I choose not to write in my blog for another week and let my beloved notebook get re-formatted becoz it has virus(es)...

I mean, I want my notebook be healthy again.
I don't want it gets infected by any viruses...

*oh Gosh! I'm turning to one of those type of guys who give names to their cars, their penises, or they laptops!!!
God help me!*

and oh, I chose to accept the job that I was offered this holiday...

y'know, I'm having this 3 months of holiday and I don't know what to do except writing on my blog, going back and forth to the movie, stay in my parents' house in Jakarta coz everyone else has something to do, while I don't, and coming in and out of different malls every single day just to buy snacks or ice cream.
So, basically, I'm desperate of doing something.

well, actually I have something to do.
I gotta to go to 8EH sometime... help my friends cleaning out the studio, basically do a thing or two there...
and my friends from Bandung have said that they wanna come to Jakarta and go to Dufan... so I said they can stay at my place.
and one of my Thai friends, Jo, said that she'd come to Indonesia. but she isn't sure yet...
or, I could just sleep in until it was time to have lunch...
and my dad offered me a trip to Aussie next month... but I said, "I don't know..." just becoz I think I had spent a huge amount of money and going to Aussie will cost my dad a fortune.

so, I went to Bandung one day, just one day.
and I went to this office who called me.
they asked me if I'm taking any summer school this holiday. I said no.
they asked me if I'm going somewhere again this holiday. I said that I am not sure, but I guess no.
finally they asked me if I want a job this holiday.
so I asked them what kinda job I'd be doing.
so they explained to me about the job.
without even thinking or discussing it with my parents, or without even knowing how much I'll get, I said yes.
I know... I know I wasn't supposed to do that.
but I know my employer. I trust them. they know my parents and stuff. so I know they won't use me in a bad way.

so, yeah, I got the job.
I agreed to do the job for about one and a half month...

and, hopefully I'm gonna be a millionaire by the time I gotta go back to school...

so I know I can't really sleep in this holiday.
I may miss the "nomat" days and have to pay regular ticket for the movie.
Maybe I'm just seeing my family for weekends, just like our regular meeting, like in a normal school days.
Maybe I'm not gonna be able to make it to Dufan (but hell, I'm pretty much fed up with all those Disney and Universal stuff).
Maybe I won't have that much time to do that much thing with my friends.
but oh well... I gotta make up something.
I got decisions to make.
I got a life to live.

Life is full of choices...
that's why I gotta make a good decision, just to keep living...

Man, life is GOOD!

p.s. I'm wearing my "Life is Good" tshirt while I'm writing this... LOL

Saturday, June 23, 2007



y'know in Japan, when taking the escalator, I really had to watch where I stand.
in Tokyo, to stand and being lazy in the escalator, I had to stand on the left side of the escalator. the right side, I have to provide a way for other ppl going thru.
in Osaka, it was the other way around.

after Japan, I always stand on one side of the escalator, kinda squeeze my way to hold the handrail and make sure there's a way for ppl to get trhu me if they need it...
I also have the feeling that I had to keep climbing the stairs while I clearly take the escalator. I just have the feeling that I have to get going.
or better (or worse?) I have the feeling that other ppl should keep walking eventho taking the escalator. I think that ppl shouldn't take their time or being lazy on climbing the stairs. I have the feeling that ppl should get more faster than anything.

I have the feeling that it's only me who is allowed to be lazy...

Everyone else should get going, faster, and faster...

while I'm here, having my holiday...

wow! I'm such a weird person!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

7 Days in (not so) Sunny June... part 3-end

Day Four

The fourth day I was in Tokyo wasn’t exactly a good day. Rain had started since early morning. The forecast on tv said it was gonna rain for the whole day and it wasn’t gonna stop until the next morning. Terrible.

But what could I possibly do?

Our tour was booked, so we had to get on with our next plan: Fuji Mountain and Hakone Tour.

It was such a bad day. It was very cold and the rain just wouldn’t stop.

We started the tour at around 9 am. It was such a bad day and I was really tired, so I spent most of my time sleeping in the tour bus, instead of doing any sightseeing. I only woke up when the bus was almost arrived to the destinations.

The bus made its first stop in the Fuji visitor center. We did a little shopping. And there was still mist. The bus drove until the 5th Station in Mount Fuji, which was 2390 km above the ground, if I’m not mistaken.

And guess what we saw there?


Man, we’ve came all the way to Fuji Mountain and we didn’t see anything at all.

It was just the cold, the rain, the fog, and us.

I was all disappointed. And so did my mom. My sist? She was okay coz she got her nap all the way to the mountain and all the way back.

We even took the cable car to get a better view… yeah, a better view of NOTHING.

I managed to took a pic anyway…

Anyway, on the tour, I met some new people. I was sitting together with a father of two daughters from the USA. We didn’t share a word until the last minutes of the tour. And I was guessing that he was nice, actually. And that couple from Montreal, Canada. They were nice too.

But as usual, my relationship with my tour mates lasts only as long as the tour lasts… that’s really too bad…

Day Five

The previous day, I got back to the hotel from the Hakone area with Shinkansen, the used-to-be factest train the world. But on day five, I left Tokyo for Osaka by Shinkansen. And on the previous day, I didn’t get a chance to take any pics of me and the Shinkansen. On the fifth day, I did.

So, on the fifth day, I was in the train station by 6 am. Very early, indeed.

See, the thing was, I love going to amusement park. And I was in Japan for a week. I went to the Disneyland and the Disneysea, what else did I wanna visit other than the Universal Studios of Japan? No idea.

So yeah, I was on the the 6.25 am train to Osaka with my mom and sist.

What really cool was it was such a really good day. The sun was shining all day long and we got to finally see Fuji Mountain from our seats in Shinkansen. I have to admit, it was really beautiful. A guy told me that when I actually went pass Mount Fuji, the Shinkansen was going 300km/hr. God! that fast!

And we finally got to the Universal Studios Japan (or the Japanese like to call it USJ) at around 10. Guess what we thought? FUN!

Even though most of the games in USJ was all about watching 2/3/4 dimension movies, it was still fun. I mean, it was really interesting and really funny to watch.

We watched the 4D Shrek movie. Really funny and really… umh… real. The 4D movie looked really real. Y’know how game looks really real in PS2 or PS3 or even in Xbox? The 4D movie was even better!

We watched the Woody Woodpecker 3D animation movie, where they put together a cartoon character and a real human character. I couldn’t stop thinking on how they actually did it.

And then more 3D movies. The Terminator, the Back To The Future Ride, and my favorite one was the Spiderman 3D ride. That was a really cool one.

And of course they had a parade too, but it wasn’t as magical as the Disney’s. Too bad I was there too early, coz they’re having the Shrek’s baby’s march on June 30th.

But I had fun anyway…

The pics from some of the parade cars

and other pics!

color match?...............and mom's fave char!

ever wondering why my name's alien? hahaha!

And one really cool thing that happened to me on the fifth day was the meeting to an old friend of mine…

Well, he’s not old, literally, and we haven’t had that friendship thingie for that long. We met each other in Canada and we hadn’t met each other for 2 years. His name’s Taka and he lives in Osaka.

We talked in the msn before I actually came to Japan and we both were really excited about the meeting. But I was actually a bit hopeless on meeting them coz Tokyo and Osaka was so far away.

But then I really made it to see him. Although we didn’t have much time to talk, but he helped me find my way back to the platform I got to be to finally rode my Shinkansen back. We had a good talk.

And he was really nice to me. He bought ticket to another station just to company me. He was explaining which food actually contained pork and which didn’t. He walked me to my platform. He waited until my train left. Talking about some gentlemen, he was one kind.

What really nice of him was that he actually gave me presents. Yup, people! With ‘s’ on the back of the word ‘present’. He gave me a nice traditional Japanese fan and a book (with Japanese writing in it) with lots of pictures about his hometown. He was really nice and I felt miserable. I mean, I wasn’t sure that I’m gonna get to meet him, so I didn’t buy anything for him… So I was really happy and thankful, but yet felt really bad.

Well, I’ll make up something for Taka, for sure…

Day Six

My sister and I begged my mom to sleep in on the sixth day. My mom agreed. So we started the day at around 10.30 am. We had breakfast and left the hotel really late. A guy named Robbyn, an Indonesian guy who worked for my dad’s company in the representative office in Tokyo, came to accompany us. Also too, he came so we wouldn’t get lost, which there was a huge possibility that we’re gonna b lost, since almost no one spoke English in Japan.

Our first destination was to a mall with a reasonable price. As I said before, everything’s really expensive in Japan. Food, drink, clothes, train tickets, entrance tickets, everything. Apart from those Disney souvenirs, we didn’t buy a whole lot of stuff. So, we decided that we need to see a Japanese mall. Then we did. It was a nice, open mall, called Granberry Mall. The stuff wasn’t that expensive. It was more likely reasonable price, everything. I found one really cool blouse and a really cool brand called “Life is Good”. I got a cool t-shirt with “Life is Good” sentence written on it and a sticker for my car. (So, whenever u see a black Toyota Yaris car with ‘alienkeren’ and ‘life is good’ sticker on it, that’s gonna be my car) And yeah, life is actually really good for me at that time…

We had a nice late lunch, a traditional Yakiniku lunch, where we grilled the beef and vegetables
in a traditional way. The food was great. And Pak Robbyn’s wife came by to say hello to us. His wife’s name’s Michiko and she’s Japanese who can speak a totally good Bahasa Indonesia. I asked her why she learnt Bahasa and she answered, “I came to Indonesia and really like it there, so I decided to learn Bahasa.” And I think that was really cool. She can’t even understand English, she simply understands Bahasa better. I was flattered by that fact.

From the mall, we went back to Shibuya. We looked around the shops once again. There was a building called Shibuya 109 where we found many stores which sold lots of girls clothing. From head to toe, from underwear to accessories. But, for me, it was such a horrible building. I mean, they played crappy music, their style of clothing was just not my type, well, it was simply not my kinda thing. Whatever, we had the experience. In other store, my sist found a pair of shoes that she really liked. Fyi, b/w my mom, my sist, and me, my sist was the one who shopped the most and of course I was the one who shopped the least. But wait, one coolest thing that we did in Shibuya was taking a pic in one of those famous photo boxes. The photo boxes were really cool. The backgrounds were kinda crappy tho, but after we were done taking pics, we could write or simply scratch anything on the pic. They were cool machines. But my sist and I loved simplicity, so we decided to print it just the way it was. I scanned it, have a look!

We were done looking around Shibuya at around 6pm and we were off to Ginza.

We didn’t buy anything for ourselves actually in Ginza. Despite everything was REALLY expensive in Ginza, y’kow how small those Japanese were, no size practically fitted me or my mom or even my sist. We ended up buying a vest for my dad, since it was the international Father’s Day the following day. The vest cost us a whole lot of money. But that was for my dad, so we put our calculator off.

In a mall in Ginza, we met a friend of Pak Robbyn. A lady named Yoshiko. To my surprise, she has been to Indonesia, esp. Bali, for many times. She even lost count. She also can say and understand few Bahasa Indonesia words. And again, I think that was really cool. I can’t believe how much these Japanese tourists appreciate Indonesia. Maybe they respect Indonesia more than the Indonesian themselves.

Well, we ended our day in Ginza. We got back to the hotel and started packing. I was kinda frustrated when I was packing my stuff. Eventho I got the least amount of stuff, I also got the smallest suitcase among my family, but of course my dad figured out something and he helped me packing.

Day Seven

It was the day of our departure for Jakarta. It started very early, we had to get up at 5am to catch our bud to go to the airport. But it was so hard for my sist and I to get up, my mom needed to come to our room and actually yelled at us. But it was a good day to start a trip home. We basically spent most of our time in the airplane. 4hrs from Tokyo to Hong Kong, 2 hrs transit in HKIA, 4 hrs from Hong Kong to Jakarta.

btw, I was glad that I finally found a store that sells dorayaki in the airport. Gotta taste Doraemon’s favorite food! LOL

until, we finally got back to Jakarta, safe and sound...

Well, that was my stories. Love to share it…

Hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed my traveling!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

7 Days in (not so) Sunny June... part 2

Okay, let’s move on to…

Day Two

I only went to one place and one place only on the second day I was in Tokyo. The place is Tokyo Disneyland.
If u’re my friends, u know how much I love Disney.
My room’s wall border is all Disney (and also my sister’s). My car’s decoration is all Disney (and also my mom’s). I have loads of things with Disney characters on it: t-shirts, pens, fridge magnets, key chains, cell phone chains, biscuits, chocolates, lights, books, and many other things.

So when I got to Tokyo Disneyland I was amazed.

I mean, it’s really cool just to be there. To see the place decorated with all Disney stuff. To see those Disney character went around everywhere. I love the atmosphere.

Fyi, I’ve been to Euro Disney and Hong Kong Disneyland but I was still as excited in Tokyo Disneyland as I was in the two other Disneyland. I can’t even imagine how excited I’d be when I finally go to the American one.

In Tokyo Disneyland, there are 7 different areas with 7 different decorations. My mom, sist, and I went around it starting from the World Bazaar, Tomorrowland, Toontown, Fantasyland, and then we came back to the World Bazaar, to Adventureland, Westerland, and Critter Country.
The Tokyo Disneyland was really big so we (my sist and I) had a hard time to decide what we should ride. But finally we decided that we should ride anything that we haven’t ride in the
Hong Kong Disneyland.

The scariest thing that we rode was the Big Thunder Mountain.

When we first got to the line up, we didn’t know what the ride would be like. We couldn’t see anything from outside. So we were linng up and eating and making jokes at ppl, and there was finally a window where we could see what the Big Thunder Mountain really was, and we were shocked.

My mom was like, “Are we really gonna ride on this one?”

And I was like, “It looks scary…” (I’m not a fan of any kind of roller coaster, so that you know.)

But my sister confidently said, “I wanna try this…”

Becoz I’m never gonna let my sist ride anything alone and my mom wasn’t gonna wait for us alone outside the ride, and we were stuck in the middle of the lining up and there was no way out, we were like, “bring it on!”

After that Big Thunder Mountain thingie, we decided that one roller coaster ride for one day was more than enough. And my mom was glad becoz being able to ride the roller coaster meant that her heart still works properly and she wouldn’t get any heart attack pretty soon. lol

Other thing that I love from Disneyland was the parades.

The parades were awesome. In Tokyo, the special parade was Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights. That’s when all the cars were built with different lights and.........

Okay, lemme just show u the pics.

The pics are not very good coz it was kinda hard to get a nice pics when everthing was really dark, except the cars full of lights.

And oh, here are some pics from other parades too…

And of course, I wouldn’t forget to post my pic with my all time favorite Disney character: Donald Duck.

Ohhh... you wouldn't know how happy I was after the pic was taken...

And here are the pics we took for the day…

Day Three

So what time do u think we got back to the hotel after Disneyland? Around midnight.

Do you think my mom, my sist, and I gave up and just sleep all day long becoz our feet were really sore and we were damn tired?

If u answer yes, u’re wrong. Coz on the third day we went back to the Disney area and went to the Tokyo Disneysea

If I said that I was amazed when I went to the Disneyland, I let and awe surprised when I arrived in the Disneysea.

See, becoz I’ve been to two other Disneylands before the Tokyo one, I kinda knew what to expect in Tokyo Disneyland. But I’ve never been to any Disneysea before (well, there’s no other Disneysea. There’s only Disneyland and Disneyworld in the USA.) so I love it so much there. The decorations, the rides, the Disney characters, everything!

Well, ppl say that pictures tell a thousand words… here are the pics!!!.

There are a lot of things that I noticed from my two days trip to Disneyland and Disneysea. I’ll make the list.

  1. No matter how old ppl are, the Disney parades just blow ppl off. I mean, I was really happy when I watched the parades. I waved to all the Disney characters even though I know that they were just clowns. I had the feeling that they looked at me and they waved back to me. And it didn’t only happen to me, the old ppl were waving, the small children were waving, and the middle aged ppl were waving and laughing. We were really in the land of our dreams when we saw all the Disney characters waved back to us. The happiness was worth living.
  2. Many Japanese couples went to both Disneyland and Disneysea and I think that's really cute. I mean, going on a ride with ur bf/gf, adoring every bit details of the Disney’s decorations, the parades, and everything. Probably I should look out for a guy who loves Disney too… lol.
  3. I don’t understand one thing, tho: many girls went to both Disneyland and Disneysea with their high heels or stilettos. And I could clearly see that those shoes were killing them. Their walking looked really weird. Believe me.Oh, and y’know the little dress that u usually wear on summer dinner? Like a black little dress which is backless and really sexy and everything… The girls wear those too! My mom was like, “Are they going to the party or they’re really gonna ride this with us?” I could only laugh. And one more thing too. So, now u can picture what many Japanese girls wear to go to the amusement parks: High heels or stilettos, little formal-summer dress, and of course make ups (lots of them). Do u feel that I left out one thing? Yeah, girls need purses. So, the girls were wearing the little dress and their stilettos. Their feet were hurting becoz they’d been walking all day and their hands were busy carrying whatever snacks or souvenirs they bought. You’d think they were strong enough to carry their own purses. No. The guys were the one who carried all the girls’ purses. So, look at my point number 2. I said that it’s cute for couples to go to the amusement parks together. But it’s funny to see the couples were walking together in the Disneyland and/or the DisneySea with the guys carrying purses and the girls’ feet were hurting.
  4. U might find this funny, but one other thing that I adore so much in both Disneyland and Disneysea is the toilet. The janitors really work. Every toilet was clean, the seat covers were always provided, I never run out of tissue, the soap was always there, and it didn’t stink at all. My mom’s getting old, so she needed to go back and forth to the washroom all the time, and she liked it there too. I mean, compare to public toilets in Indonesia, y’know why I love the toilets.
  5. Becoz I love Disney so much, I once had a thought that it’d be really cool to work in the Disneyland. I mean, working as anything except being a janitors. As in many other amusement parks, in every ride in Disneyland, there’s at least one person who counted ppl in and made sure that the ppl ride safely. I once wanted to be one of them. But then I think about it again and I canceled the thought. I mean, I might have loads of fun on the first week, or even in the first month. But being nice at all time when everyone else is having fun and I am working is such a hard thing to do. Being a two-faced person is not my kinda thing. So I’m never gonna work in the Disneyland.
  6. The last thing I noticed was not about the ppl in the Disneyland or Disneysea. Both Disneyland and Disneysea closed at 10pm. So my mom, sist, and I usually stayed until everything was closed. We usually left at 10 past something. We got to our final station usually at 11.30 pm. So we were taking our time walking, coz our feet were sore and we were really tired. But everyone else around us was running at 11.30 pm in the train station. For only God knows what. I mean, it’s normal to run for the train in the morning, coz ppl were really afraid of being late. But at 11.30 pm at night? What were those ppl running for? I just didn’t get it.

So, yeah, those two days were the best days on my entire stay in Tokyo.

I have more stories to come though… read on!

To be continued...


An intermission before I get back to my going to Japan stories…

Yesterday was a nomat day, my sist and her friends decided to watch Shrek the Third aka Shrek 3, and I decided to come along.

Learning from my previous posts, my readers 'yelled' at me coz I’m one of those spoilers. So, I’m not telling anything about the story. Well, at least I tried not to… LOL

I think Shrek 3 was really funny. Every detail went right.

Well, don’t forget that I’m one of those cartoon freak (u’ll understand that in just another posts), so I probably don’t review any cartoon movies objectively.

I can’t help it, y’know. Cartoon is full of happiness, imaginations, dreams, and happily ever after endings.

Like in the Shrek 3, the ocean waves and the water on the beach looked really like water.

And then Prince Charming’s hair, it bounces like a jerk’s hair perfectly.

And those little details about the Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Captain Hook, Pinocchio, and many other fairytales characters. I simply love it.

And I think Justin Timberlake did pretty well on dubbing as Artie.

Need I say more?

Just go and watch Shrek The Third aka Shrek 3.

I love it, so I assume u’ll love it too.

Monday, June 18, 2007

7 Days in (not so) Sunny June... part 1

I know…
I know that I disappeared without telling (almost) anyone…
But who could possibly resist a week of holiday even if it sacrifices the burning needs of writing on a blog?
I couldn’t!

So, as a result, I abandoned my blog for about a week…
But here I am…
Back here in the beloved Indonesia...
… and I’m more than ready to write (almost) everything about it!

On June 10th, which was also one of my friend’s bday, Lisa Pitrofsky (happy bday, Lisa!), I left Jakarta.
For Tokyo! And I was really excited!

I didn’t know that Tokyo was actually that far from Indonesia. I spent the whole Sunday on the journey to get there. Plus the trip from Narita International Airport to my hotel seemed like forever. Thank God for the in flight entertainment services, my iPod, and my comics.

My first impression after arriving was: “Is Tokyo really a modern city? Or is it just a story that everyone’s telling?”
Why? Becoz the Narita International Airport wasn’t that sophisticated at all.
But hey, I wasn’t gonna judge any city by only its airport (even though I judged Hong Kong by its airport. I love HKIA and I like going around in Hong Kong, despite of the language difficulties).
After the airport, of course I gotta get to the hotel. My first impression when I got to my room was: “Was this room for real?”
I know that I’m a spoiled brat; I’m so used to staying in good hotels with wide rooms and bathrooms, and every other basic needs. So when I got to my room, I was like, “How come dad decided to stay in this hotel?” Coz my dad loves good hotels too.
And my mom said, “Oh… typical Japanese hotels… Very small rooms with very high rates…”
So I shut my mouth.

*I realize that it is gonna be a really-really-really long post if I write my whole week in Japan at once. So I decided to part my stories… keep on reading!*

Day One
The next day, Moday, my mom, my sist, and I were ready to explore Tokyo around. My dad came along for business; he (almost) didn’t have anytime to do any sightseeing.
I got my train pass for the week and we used train to go all over.
Basically, the subway, they called it JR in Japan, is similar to any kind of subway all over the world. The difference is only the ppl in the train station. I started my first day at around 10 am, and ppl were running in the station. They were running for their trains. It didn’t matter if they were wearing shirts with tie (for guys) or skirts and high-heels (for girls), they were running. I could only stare at them.
I don’t know. I just couldn’t see the point of running for the train, becoz the trains come in every 5 minutes or even less. Yeah, I’m just an ordinary Indonesian.

My first stop was Harajuku. My sist and I were willing to see ppl with their different styles. We didn’t get to see much, tho. Coz it was raining and I got there in the morning, so those ppl who usually dressed up with layers of clothing and make up were supposedly still working. We were a bit disappointed. We didn’t get to capture any of the different styles.

Other than the ppl, I like Harajuku. There are some really nice shops around there. Nice shops with some really nice clothes. Too bad that they were really expensive and the sizes were all petite. Their free size was even a bit too tight for my sist. (or probably it was just us who have been over weight for the rest of our lives. lol.)

Well, we got some cool stuff from Harajuku. We had a nice sushi lunch. And now I can say that I’ve been to the one of the most stylist places where many ppl in the world look up into.

Next stop was Shibuya. I like Shibuya too. I like standing on the side of the street, watching the flood of ppl crossing the streets and the high buildings around it. It’s a lot like a Japan’s Times Square with more ppl in it. And the coolest thing was there was a film or advertisement shoot in the Shibuya when I was there. My sist and I stopped there for a bit and watch the shoot.

In Shibuya, we only looked around the shops. We spent most of our times to pick and choose what cd(s) to buy in HMV (our favorite cd store!). My mom and other adults were waiting for us and they looked really bored. But we can’t help it. The cds were really expensive, so we had to think about buying one for hundred times before we actually buy one. After my mom made us to decide and I found that they run out of Elliott Yamin’s cd, we bought some cds and we love it.

Also in Shibuya, we found some many ppl dressed up with many different styles. And one of the coolest things we found in Shibuya was a little room with many different kinds of photo boxes. We didn’t have time to do the photo box, so we decided to come back. And the pic, I’ll put it on here later, for sure…

Last stop for the day was Asakusa.

We finally found lots of tourists in this place. Of course, becoz it is the place to buy souvenirs.

So that was basically what I did, bought lots of souvenirs.

Well, I didn’t buy that much, actually. Coz I didn’t tell anyone where I was going. So, if u got any souvenirs from me, u gotta feel lucky!

In Asakusa too, we first found those cute Japanese ice cream. Well, for those of u who have been to Sushi Tei, you gotta know these kinds of ice cream. Check out Sushi Tei’s dessert and you’ll know what I mean… Pino Ice was good. The daifuku is my family’s big time favorite. And those Haagen Dazs Japanese style ice creams were good too.

But of course, the one who bought lots of souvenirs was my mom. My mom was buying souvernirs for this aunt, and that uncle, and those friends of hers, and these friends of dad’s, and everyone. She even bought stuff and when I asked her who she’s giving the thing for, she simply said, “I don’t know. Just incase I forget to buy some ppl souvenirs…” Gosh!
Oh well, we had a good day. That if I forget about my sore feet from too much walking.

But it was a really good day of sightseeing, and feeling the train, and feeling the warmth of those Japanese...

Next posting's gonna still be about Tokyo and Japan...
keep on reading!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

3 movies

Holiday’s here and I’m back to my holiday routine: go to the movie one day after another.

See, this week only, I’ve been to the movie for 3 times. I went there on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Okay, let’s start the review…

I went out with my LO friends. We had a blast. Totally. After a long debate, we finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End.
FYI, I didn’t watch the first two Pirates movies coz I’m not into that kinda movie. But I didn’t really care. It’s for the sake of getting together with my friends.

So I watched the movie. I-of course-didn’t understand a lot of things in the movie. For instance, I didn’t get the Pirates song, Callypso, or even Will Turner’s relationship w/ his father and Elizabeth Swann w/ his father.
I didn’t know that Kiera Knigthly was supposed to be Orlando Bloom’s gf in the movie.
I didn’t know that Jack Sparrow stands really funny.
I just didn’t know what the story was about.
But then I was really thankful that I work as a scriptwriter in 8EH. At least, I read about this movie in the internet, so I kinda get what the movie was about.

I sat on my seat and unlike my watching-a-movie-routine, I was very quiet. I didn’t give a lot of comments like what I usually do.
Partly becoz I was sitting besides Anie, a good friend of mine who usually watches a movie really quietly.

So, what do I think about the movie?
I like the movie, to my own surprise. I mean, not knowing the plot from the first two movies made me think pessimistically towards the movie.
The action was cool.
And I know it is a fiction, but I think the animation was just in the right portion.
The best thing about the movie was this movie made me laugh big time. The sentences that they were saying were really funny sometimes. I found myself laughing out loud alone, while no one understood anything. Or maybe it was becoz that day was their second time watching the movie.
I know Johnny Depp is a good actor, but I understood that more after watching the movie. And the character that he was playing was the best character ever! I mean, Jack Sparrow was so self-absorb, but yet so smart. It makes ppl hate him but yet adore him at the same time.
I also know that Orlando Bloom is one of the hottest guys alive according to many magazines in the whole world. But after watching this movie, I understand now why girls are crazy over him.
One thing, I never regret that I went out to watch the movie. Beside that I enjoyed the movie so much, I love hanging out with my LO friends…
But one weird thing: I don’t really wanna watch the first two movies.

On that day, I went to watch Spiderman 3.
I know… I know… It’s such a shame that I haven’t watched the movie…

But see, almost all of my friends have watched the movie without me. Even my lil sist went to watch this movie twice (one of them is for free).
Finally I found a friend who didn’t have time to watch the movie yet. So, we made promise and we went out together.
I sat nicely besides my friend and asked about his watching habit(s). He said that he usually watches quietly.

So I sat there, watching the movie quietly. And disappointed.
I mean, the actions were okay. There were some scene that made me let out a lil’ gasp.
I also like the animation. The sandman was cool…
And the Spidey’s black suit is really cool, I think.

But then, other than that, the movie sucked so bad.
I hate Peter Parker’s bangs when he became more aggressive.
I also hate that Gwen Stacy girl and her white hair. I hate he fact that she gave Spidey a kiss.
I hate that MJ chose Harry over Peter when she felt lonely and desperate.
I hate that black monster.
I hate the whole story when all the enemies are unbeatable.
I hate that Harry suffered a short time memory lost. It honestly made the movie similar to Indonesian’s soap opera.
I also hate the fact that Harry was the bad guy and then he realized he was wrong and his friends mean the world to him and he finally died in order to save his friend’s lives. It’s more like a cheap drama movie.
And it felt that I was in the movie forever. It was almost like a never ending movie.

What I didn’t regret was the movie ticket fare, it was only 10000 rupiah. And the happiness of watching Eddie Brook Jr. (“It’s Brook, Sir. Eddie Brook, Jr.”). I fell in love with him in a cool movie called “In Good Company”. I like his character in this movie, a betrayer. What I hate from him is his hair. He honestly didn’t need to color his hair blonde. Really.

I watched an Indonesian movie called 3 Hari untukselamanya.
I expected to watch a really cool movie. Considering Nicholas Saputra is the main actor.
And yeah, he was great, as always.
He looked good. And for sure, he is a good actor.
See, in his previous movies, he acted as a really cool guy who ignores a lot of things.
In this movie, he was acting like an ordinary teenager. Smoking pot, smoking cigarettes, driving, arguing, getting horny, drinking beer, etc, etc. He swears all the time too… so that makes this movie more real.
One thing tho, he doesn’t look that teenage anymore. I mean, he’s twenty something already, so acting as a first year students in college didn’t really suits him.

His partner in this movie is Ardini Wirasti. I think her character didn’t really suit her. She’s a good actress as a rebellion, but she needed to be sexier than that. And it didn’t seem right when she acted that she liked to be touched.
She looked really smart and tough as a girl though, that’s what I like.

The story was okay…
Basically it was about a guy named Yusuf who had to take a set of plates to Yogyakarta. I watched the movie with my mom and we were really busy figuring out what happens with the plates.
I personally don’t really like the movie.
I know it showed reality.
But I think the whole movie was only about ppl getting high. Either it’s with alcohol or drugs. And everyone in the movie was so obsessed with sex. And it also showed the inconsistency on religion belief.

What I hate the most is the ending.
It was cool when Ambar and Yusuf finally had sex. And it was cool when they actually had to meet each other after all that happened to them. The fact that Yusuf’s gf met Ambar was cool too.
Yusuf and Ambar, both looked at each other.
And the credits rolled.

I don’t know…
I wasn’t as satisfied as after I watched Gie.

I can say that I am disappointed.
I expected a better movie…

So yeah, that’s my reviews…

Gosh! I really have to find something else to do besides going back and forth to the movie everyday.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


about my last posting...

I guess I was wrong about the US's law...


read on

p.s. I wonder if she really cried, or she was just pretending to cry...
well, she wasn't a good actress after all..
so, she might be really sad...

Friday, June 08, 2007

a joke!


I know Indonesia's law sucks really bad...

I know Paris Hilton is really rich and famous and sexy and all that...

but don't u think this fact is a real joke???

what I don't know is the US's law seems to be as sucks as the Indonesia's...

so, let's just get drunk in the US and drive ourselves home and hit something on the street, either it's someone's car or even just a traffic light...
we all can get away from our court sentence(s) in a finger snap...
we only need to be really sexy, really famous, and most importantly really rich...
and of course, don't forget to do the “extensive consultation with Los Angeles County medical personnel”, just like Ms. Hilton did...

Thursday, June 07, 2007


That’s the kinda species of ppl that I haven’t had a chance too meet a big number of them…

I mean, I’ve lived for almost 20 years of life, but the number of gentlemen that I met has not been satisfying.

Let’s start from when I was very little…

I lived in a very small village and most of my friends were boys. I can’t remember having any gentleboys as my friends, considering all of us were too small to understand the manner, I guess. I can’t also remember meeting any true gentlemen when I was little, considering that I was too young to be able to do absolutely everything, therefore I needed a lot of help. So, I’m not sure whether it was very gentle for men to drive me home when I was just in grade 4, or it was just another man’s responsibilities to drive a lil kid home.

So, count my elementary-hood out, then. When I got into junior high school, I still didn’t meet any.gentlemen, or rather gentleboys… No one offered me a ride home anymore, so to speak. Well, I kinda got that becoz I was still too young and so were my friends. No one actually drove his/her own vehicle. But yet still, outside school, no men seemed to be gentle enough to me. I noticed that my driver took care of me, but that’s his job. I also noticed that my older cousins were kind enough to me but we share the same blood, so count that out. What I also noticed that no men held the door for me, no men stood up and gave me his seat when there was no seats left, no men acted gently when I was that young.

Senior highschool, I expected to see some gentle-men-to-be. Guess what? None! I was still the one who held the door. I was the one who held the umbrella when it was raining; eventhough the man-to-be was taller than me. I was the one who was walking at the back and let a guy pass me thru when we were walking together, there was no men to watch my back and make sure that I was save. I was the one who paid the bill when we went out to restaurants, coz those men that I know believe that my parents were rich enough to afford a meal for me and another extra person. Shame…

Up until now, I haven’t had any close relationship with any gentlemen. One guy came to me and asked me to pay for the movie tickets. Another guy came and asked me for a ride home. Another guy waited for me to ask him out. And then another guy came with an answer “I’m not sure where we stand” when I asked him “what do u actually want from US?” I thought that was it, but then another guy tapped me on my shoulder and asked for my dictation in order to make him a gentleman.

A usual conversation b/w a guy and me… at around 10 pm…
“I’m going home…” I said
“How are you gonna get home?” he asked. *I smiled away, assuming that I finally found a gentleman*
“I drive…”
“Alone?” he asked, no surprise tone tho. I didn’t really care, I was too excited to the thought of a guy being such a gentleman.
“Oh… okay…”
What? What? That was it???

There was a worse situation tho…
“I’m going home…” I said.
“Okay…” he said.
“What? That was it? I thought u’re supposed to walk me over to my car, open the door for me, or say ‘take care, Alien’ at the least…”
“Huh? U’re used to driving alone… u’ll gonna be fine…”
“…..” speechless.

And I thought this one’s gonna be better…
“So, how are u gonna get home?” a guy asked me.
“I drive…” I answered.
“This late?”
And I was wrong.

Then he turned away to ask another girl the slightly same question…
“So, how are u gonna get home?”
“I’m not sure yet…” the girl answered.
“Do you want me to walk u home?” (coz the guy didn’t own a car or motorcycle, so he didn’t have any choice but to take her home by angkot or by feet)
So I once asked one of my guy friends about this…
“How come u offered to give her company but u let me go home alone?”
“Well, do u want me to company u?”
“…….” Speechless.

It’s not that I wanna feel special or I am in need of a man who acts like a gentleman. No. It’s just that I just realised the very small numbers of gentlemen that I know off. I could mention some of them... Adnan, one of my LO friends, he was acting very gentleman-ly on Tuesday… and some of my guy friends in Canada… also, my Philipino friends, the guys were holding the door for the girls, or even for each others, for example…

I don’t mean that being a gentleman means the guy just need to do those little things. Like holding the door, offering a ride, or even watching a girl’s back and making sure that she crossed the street savely. But I was saying that, it doesn’t take much to be a gentleman, in my opinion. A guy can just easily offer his help if he sees a girl’s carrying heavy things. That simple.

Also, it makes me wonder about myself too… Have I been really independent as a girl, as if I don’t need anyone’s help? As if I don’t need any kind of man to get me thru anything?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

surat cinta

nah, buat teman2 yang gak tau soal ini...

dan atas rikuesan (mas) bowo...

aku scan deh si surat cinta dari bapak rektor pas zamannya penerimaan mahasiswa baru (hampir) setahun yang lalu...
surat ini dibilang surat cinta, salah satu alasannya adalah karena dicetak diatas kertas yang berwarna pink. hahaha!

surat ini kesannya serius banget... liat aja poin yang ini:

tapi trus gara2 poin ini, surat ini jadi kerasa lucu banget...

udah mah gak dianggep sebagai mahasiswa sama senior gara2 gak ikutan OSKM...

ditambah lagi pelecehan dari rektorat yang menganggap anak 2006 masih kecil dan harus di kasih komando buat nyari tempat kost-an.

lucu kan?

Jadi, segala macam ospek di ITB tuh beneran gak boleh...
menurut rektorat

tapi, segala macam ospek masih tetap berjalan kok...
buktinya anak TI udah dapet jaket himpunan...
anak Arsi udah dengan bangganya pake2 jaket himpunan...
sebelumnya sih mereka susah2 pake acara nginep di Lembang segala...

Sebentar lagi aku mo masuk jurusan nih...
artinya, sebentar lagi bakalan ada ospek jurusan...
apakah yang akan terjadi???

World Environment Day

I forget to write something about it yesterday...
so I took time to write it down here...

more info about Worls Environment Day (WED)? click here

what's really cool is... click on this
and that site has the coolest list with two really good pics of hot guys... I can name 3 of them...
Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt

but then, don't forget to read on this....

u'll know more than just the World Environment Day!

p.s. argh! I really wanna get into Environmental Engineering!!! wish me luck, kay?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the F-Day

I got the title from one of Korean movies that played in Blitz in their Korean Movies festival or something, the D-Day...

F-Day means FTSL Day

susah juga mendeskripsikan acara ini dengan bahasa Inggris... emosinya beda soalnya *ciehhhh*
jadi, mari kita berganti ke Bahasa Indonesia!

okeh, setelah sekian lama menunggu, akhirnya tanggal 4 Juni kemaren jadi juga anak2 FTSL 2006 ketemuan sama senior2 kita di 2 himpunan, 1 ikatan, dan 1 keluarga. *capek deh!*

well, just to make sure, FTSL itu adalah singkatan dari Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan. salah satu fakultas yang ada di ITB.
Seperti yang aku udah tulis di postingan ku yang sebelumnya, anak FTSL 2006 itu (kasarnya) belum diakuin jadi mahasiswa gara2 blum punya jurusan dan blm msk himpunan apa2...

nah, setelah beberapa kali interaksi (yang menurut aku gak efektif) sama 2 himpunan, 1 ikatan, dan 1 keluarga, akhirnya tercetus jugalah acara tanggal 4 juni kemaren...

yang bikin aku kaget adalah surat yang dibagikan di hari terakhir UAS ini:

gak nyangka kalau Fakultas mau juga ngeluarin surat resmi kayak gitu...

Awalnya persiapannya ribet banget!!!

kita disuruh ngumpul, kesannya mo ospek beneran.
buktinya barang bawaannya juga bermacam2:
pakaian: baju olahraga dan training TPB (yang modelnya compangcamping dan warna tangan dan kaki yang kanan beda ama warna tangan dan kaki yang kirinya)
nametag: ukuran nametag praktikum fisika yang ditulisin nama, nim, penyakit, dan golongan darah
roti dua biji, permen, dua botol air minum msg2 600ml.
ponco atau jas hujan.
alat tulis
perlengkapan angkatan: 40 sapu lidi dan 40 pengki.

mana pas ngumpul, para senior itu ganti2an ngomong dengan muka jutek, "ada berapa jumlah yang datang?" atau "kemana tiga ratus orang yang lainnya?" atau "acara tanggal 4 juni itu serius!" atau yang paling parah, "kami melihat keseriusan kalian dari jumlah!"

I said, "capek deh, kak!"

Kakak2 senior yang terhormat, jumlah anak FTSL itu ada 420an anak. coba kakak bandingkan dengan angkatan kakak yang lalu, ada berapa orang, kak? palingan seratusan kan? waktu itu, apakah semua orang datang, kak? pasti ada yang gak bisa dateng kan?
kalo zaman dulu ngatur yang seratus orang aja susah, gimana ngatur EMPAT RATUS ORANG???

yang kasian sih si bapak ketua angkatan, Dhira. oh ya, dan juga para koordinator kelas.
mereka yang paling sering kena marah.
"Jadi kalian berani janji berapa yang dateng pas tanggal 4 juni nanti?"
"300 kak"
"kalian yakin bisa ngumpul semua 300 orang? tadi aja yang dateng cuma seratus orang!"
"Yakin, kak" *padahal mah gak yakin*
trus yang anehnya....
"Kalian egois banget sih! kalau kalian yakin yang dateng bakalan 300 orang, yang seratusan orang lainnya mo dikemanain? dibiarin aja gak dateng?"
ketua angkatan dan para koordinator kelas, "....." speechless.

Lucu ya?

ada yang lebih lucu lagi...

Minggu malam, semalam sebelum the F-Day...

sms pertama: "[jrkmFTSL]tmn2 bsk qt kmpl jm6@lap.sgtga,lgsg pke bju trainingTPB,bw prlngkp,bw tmpt nametaq plstik fisika aj"

sms kedua: "[jrkmFTSL]Plngkpn bwt bsk:trainingTPB,bj OL TPB,plstik Nmetaq aj,2Roti,Prmen,2x600ml mnm,ponco,AltTls"

sms ketiga: "[jrkmFTSL]Tmn2..hayu smua dtg acara bsk..ini acr bwt qt smua loh..d jmin rame..hehe!jgn lp jm6@lap.sgtga.."

sms keempat: "[JrkmFTSL]Acara bsk acara serius.bkn main2!SIAPKAN ANGKATANMU!TUNJUKAN ANGKATANMU! -by:FTSL(HMS)"

I could only laugh....
no comment!
takut salah si gue...

and finally, the F-Day!!!

ngumpul sih emang jam 6. tapi aku baru bangun jam 5, slese mandi jam stgh 6, dan brangkat jam 6. secara rumahku lumayan jauh dari kampus...
setelah jemput 2 temen, akhirnya nyampe di lap.sgtga (translate: lapangan segitiga) jam stgh 7.
gak aku duga, ternyata lap.sgtga udh penuh sama lautan manusia berbaju biru norak. (man, come on, kapan sih baju olahraga TPB gak norak??? apa gunanya fakultas desain???)

jam stengah 8 kurang dikit, kita mobilisasi ke lapangan deket parkir sipil. acaranya mulai jam setengah 8.
pas kita baru mulai dateng, langsung deh ada danlap yang bertampang jutek gila-gilaan (tapi cakep juga kalo diliat-liat).
"Baris menurut kelas, jadikan aku sebagai center"
terus kita disuruh ngitung satu-satu! pake acara ngulang segala... akhirnya lama di ngitung itu, soalnya harus nungguin sampai angka 347 dl smuanya...
terus, tradisi kebanggaan mahasiswa ITB, salam Ganesha...
dan si danlap tetep aja bilang, "aku belum melihat keseriusan teman-teman. aku belum melihat semangat teman-teman"
akhirnya kita dibebaskan dari kepungan anak2 dari 2 himpunan, 1 ikatan, dan 1 keluarga plus dosen2 yang ternyata datang...
kita dibagi jadi 20 kelompok dan dipisah-pisahin.

lima kelompok jadi barengan terus. kita dikasih pengarahan soal sampah dari anggota HMTL. trus masuk ke acara inti yang sebenernya cuma sebagai kamuflase: pemilahan sampah.
buktinya acara ini sebagai kamuflase adalah: acara ini dimulai jam 9.15. jam 9.30 kelompokku udh gak tau mau ngapain. soalnya tukang sampah ITB itu emang kerja, mereka ngangkutin sampah dan hobi nyapu-nyapu.
ada bukti yang lebih konkret lagi, jadi keep on reading!

habis ngobrol2 gak jelas yang bikin ngantuk dan lapar sama taplok, jam sebelas kita dikumpulin lagi di Plawid.
ketemu sama danlap lagi, dan si danlap keukeuh sumekeuh, "aku belum melihat keseriusan kalian"
dikasih waktu buat istirahat, makan, dan shalat dari jam 11.30-12.30
habis itu, acara perkenalan himpunan.
dikalangan anak2 2006, udah mulai bisik2, "perkenalan himpunan nih... siap2 aja dimarah-marahin..."

dan jam satuan, perkenalan himpunan mulai...

kelompokku dapet HMTL (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan) duluan.
mereka ngejelasin perihal HMTL dengan terstruktur sekali. ngomongnya pelan2 dan rileks banget. asik.
ditanyain lambang juga mereka ngejelasin. ditanya kenapa jaket himpunannya warna hijau mereka bingung dulu tapi trus menjawab dengan jawaban klise, "kan TL dekat dengan lingkungan, kalau lingkungannya baik kan biasanya warnanya hijau, makanya jaket TL hijau..."
asiknya, mereka ngomong dengan santai, "kami harapkan nanti semua yang masuk TL jadi bagian dari keluarga kami dengan bergabung di himpunan. Kalau gak mau juga gak apa-apa, kita gak memaksa..."
yeah! kayaknya aku gak salah pengen masuk TL! LOL

trus ke HMS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sipil)
seorang temenku bilang, perasaan dya pas masuk ke wilayah HMS, aura senioritasnya kerasa banget. dan aku stuju gila-gilaan.
mereka ngambil 'sample' perkenalan 5 orang dari 2006 dan seperti yang udah diketahui sama semua orang ttg kemupengan cowok2 ITB (terutama Sipil) terhadap cewek, mereka milih cewek yang cantik-cantik...
saat-saat aku ngerasa aneh adalah saat seorang senior yang katanya lagi jadi penanggung jawab sementara HMS (kalo gak salah) ngomong. "HMS selalu bertindak dengan alasan yang benar. HMS mengutamakan kepentingan anggotanya." dan dua kalimat itu selalu diulang-ulang. mukanya juga jutek campur datar campur tegas.
trus yang tambah aneh adalah kenarsisan HMS. "Selamat datang di HMS. Himpunan terbaik se-ITB."
well, I can only say, slamat berjuang teman2ku yang pengen masuk sipil!!!

habis itu ke KMKL (Keluarga Mahasiswa Kelautan)
keanehan dan ketawa2an dari HMS dibawa ke tempat KMKL.
tapi langsung jadi garing.
soalnya banyak yang aneh deh pas masuk ke wilayah KMKL.
contoh satu hal yang aneh banget adalah keenggakmenghargainya anak2 KL yang lain pas ada satu orang yang lagi ngomong di depan, ngejelasin ttg KL.
maksudku, di HMTL dan HMS, sebacot apapun orang yang ngomong di depan, semua anggota himpunannya diem, ngedengerin.
tapi pas di KMKL, orang yang lagi ngejelasin ttg KMKL ngomong, anggota2 KMKL juga asik ngomong sendiri...
trus yang lucunya, 2 himpunan sebelumnya terang2an bilang klo mo masuk himpunan harus ikut proses kaderisasi dulu, tapi di KMKL, smua anak KL pasti masuk KMKL, tanpa kaderisasi...
satu hal yang bikin aku masih bisa tersenyum pas di KMKL adalah senyuman Ganen, si ganteng. (hahaha!) kecengan bersama aku dan teman2 2005-ku yang terlihat tetep fresh walopun yang lain udah kucel gak ketulungan.

yang terakhir adalah IMG (Ikatan Mahasiswa Geodesi)
ada tragedi yang terjadi sebelum perkenalan dgn IMG.
kelompok aku disuruh nunggu lama dan ujung2nya disuruh pindah tempat gara2 perkenalan dengan kelompok sebelumnya terlalu ribut dan ada dosen yang protes...
trus kita pindah ke DPR. trus anak geodesinya mulai deh marah2... nyindir2 panitia dan/atau himpunan lain.
trus perkenalan mulai, "karena ini judulnya perkenalan, saya beri kesempatan bagi yang mau berkenalan untuk bertanya."
langsung ada yang nanya, "apa arti lambang yang ada di jaket himpunan geodesi?"
dijawab, "kalau mau tau arti lambangnya, masuk dulu Ikatan Mahasiswa Geodesi!"
dan pertanyaan2 selanjutnya pun dijawab dengan jawaban yang sama, "kalau mau tau jawabannya, masuk dulu Ikatan Mahasiswa Geodesi!"
sampai akhirnya ada yang bilang, "kalau gitu, buat apa kita nanya-nanya tentang himpunan geodesi?"
dan si senior menjawab dengan santainya, "justru itu aku bingung daritadi jawabnya. daritadi pertanyaannya tentang himpunan saja. Kita ini Ikatan Mahasiswa Geodesi, bukan himpunan!" diikuti oleh tepuk tangan para anggota IMG dan kebingungan anak2 2006 yang masih polos ini.
intinya, perkenalan dari IMG itu adalah perkenalan paling gak jelas.
tapi walaupun tujuan perkenalannya gak nyampe, aku tetep ngerasa orang yang ngomong di IMG dan ngaku bernama Basuki (yang aku percaya 1000% bohong) itu jenius! kalimat2 ngelucunya itu pintar banget!!!

setelah perkenalannya udahan, ada mentoring.
sambil ngantuk2, kita di-mentor.
nah, tadi aku sempat nulis kalau acara pemilahan sampah ini hanya kamuflase, ini buktinya:
kakak senior: "siapa yang bisa menyimpulkan apa yang dia dapat hari ini dari kegiatan bersih-bersih ini?"
aku: (hanya berkata dalam hati)"ah... kegiatan bersih-bersih kan cuma namanya doang. dateng kesini kan buat nambah banyak kenalan..."
Rofi: (akhirnya berani ngacung dan menjawab)"yang saya dapat dari kegiatan hari ini adalah... bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla"
kakak senior: "Oke, jawaban yang bagus. ada lagi?" (yang mengindikasikan bahwa jawaban Rofi bukanlah jawaban yang dia inginkan)
Ratih: (dengan kalimat awalan, "yaudah deh, gue aja...")"hari ini kita tuh belajar... bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla..."
kakak senior: "Iya. jawaban dari Ratih dan Rofi tadi bagus. mereka belajar macam-macam hari ini. tapi sebenarnya hari ini ada satu hal lain yang labih penting dari itu semua. acara bersih-bersih ini hanya judul. acara sebenarnya adalah acara saat kalian bisa bekerja sama dengan orang lain dan menambah teman. efeknya ya... lingkungan jadi bersih..."

pengakuan secara eksplisit bukan????

habis mentoring, anak 2006 digiring lagi ke lapangan sipil. dikepung sama anak2 dari 2 himpunan, 1 ikatan dan 1 keluarga, ditambah lagi dengan dipelototin sama dosen2 FTSL.
anak2 2006 udah bergosip, "wah, siap2 dimarahin nih sebelum pulang..."
balik lagi ke danlap yang cetakan mukanya udah di-set jutek parah (tapi cakep juga...hahaha!)
"teman-teman 2006 dan teman-teman himpunan, berikan aku salam Ganesha terbaik kalian!"
salam Ganesha-lah kita semua.
danlap ngomong lagi, "kami tunggu kontribusi kalian dihimpunan!"
ditambah, "kami pasti akan mengadakan proses penerimaan kalian di himpunan!"
in other words, pasti bakalan ada osjur.
trus danlap ngomong, "acara ini aku tutup. bubar! jalan!"
trus aku ngomong, "kok akhirnya garing sih?"
trus smua bubar.

sumpah! GARING!!!

Dhira, si ketua angkatan, maksa kita buat ngumpul angkatan sendiri.
Dhira ngomong makasih atas kedatangan kami...
setelah semua orang berangsur-angsur pulang, Dhira dipanggil sama dekan FTSL.
Dhira dibilangin sama ibu dekan kalau gak ada kaderisasi lagi.
in other words, osjur tetep dilarang dan ancamannya masih sama: DO.

aku bilang,
kakak2 senior ketakutan anak2 2006 gak ada yang mau masuk himpunan dan gak ada yang mau ikutan osjur.
para dosen dan dekan ketakutan para senior keukeuh bikin osjur dan lebih ketakutan lagi kalo anak2 2006-nya keukeuh ikutan osjur-nya.
para mahasiswa 2006 yang paling ketakutan dan kebingungan harus nurutin siapa...


gak pernah nyangka kalau kehidupan jadi mahasiswa bakalan asik banget buat dibicarakan!

p.s. ada yang mo liat tampang anak2 FTSL 2006???

karena orangnya banyak, jadi mukanya kecil2 banget ya...
yawda, aku zoom dan crop-in muka-ku aja...