Sunday, December 10, 2006

Guess what?
I just had a vision…. Hahaha! I’m kidding! I’m not Raven (from “That So Raven” for those of u who knows the Disney Channel TV Series)
No. I just understood one thing.

Well, lemme explain the situation like this…
I’m in Jakarta right now… typing this with my sister’s laptop (the used to be mine one…)

This weekend is the third weekend I come to Jakarta in a row.
My first weekend, I came here on purpose to go to Jakarta International Jazz Festival. And I did go there. And had loads of fun…
My second weekend, I came here on purpose to go to the MTV Staying Alive Music Summit. And I did go there. Even though I was kinda disappointed coz it was really crowded and the crowd was uncontrollable and I didn’t get a chance to see Maliq n d’essentials live, I still saw some great performance…
My third weekend, I came here on purpose to go to the Traxkustik. The jazz thing held by MTV Trax. And I didn’t go there. I was in the eX, Plaza Indonesia until 5.30 pm and the thing started at 6pm, but I had to go home… My sister is sick and we choose to go home…

The thing is… I really wanted to go to the Traxkustik thingy… I really wanted to watch Tompi live.
But then I sacrifice all that coz my sister didn’t look like she had any power to be kept awake…
And what I wanna share with y’all is actually how I felt…

Well, I thought, “Oh my God! I really wanted to watch Tompi!” but then I thought, “What’s really important about Tompi? My sister’s gonna have her exam on Tuesday and she’s gotta be healthy for that… I don’t really wanna sacrifice that… besides, there’s another chance that I’m gonna watch Tompi again in Bandung on the 23rd. So, nothing to lose, really…”
So we did go home.
On our way, my mom asked, “Is it really okay that we cancel this watching Tompi thing? Coz u actually came here for that…”
I could hardly say anything. It took me sometime to swallow my saliva before I could actually say anything. Plus the pretending-clearing-my-throat thing. I finally said, “It’s alright…Do I have any other option anyway?”
And my mom didn’t give any reply back…
So we got into our car. And I started thinking.
“Mmm… aren’t I supposed to be mad? Aren’t I supposed to be sad? Aren’t I supposed to keep my hard feeling???”
I actually did try to be mad. To be sad. To have hard feeling to my mom, or sister, or whoever.
But, amazingly, I couldn’t. In fact, I can’t.
I can’t be mad to anyone coz I didn’t get to watch Tompi live. I can’t be sad. I don’t have any hard feeling to anyone coz I didn’t actually watch Tompi.
And I thought, is this a process to be an actual adult?
I mean, I know that to be an adult means I’m not allowed to act childish anymore. And what happened to me this afternoon was one of those processes.
I kinda understand that I can’t get anything that I want exactly at a time that I want it. There’s a process for everything…
And being adult means understanding that u don’t always get what u want…

Well… have fun being an adult!
Nice quote: “Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up” (The Ataris – In This Diary)

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this is the event that I was supposed to go to tonite...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

high school never ends...

before I write anything else, I want u to read a song's lyrics...
this is the new song from one of my favorite punk-rock band, Bowling For Soup...

Bowling For Soup - High School Never Ends

Four years, you think for sure
That's all you've got to endure

All the total dicks, all the stuckup chicks
So superficial, so immature
But then when you graduate
You take a look around and you say, hey! wait!
This is the same as where I just came from
I thought it was over
Aw, that's just great

The whole damn world is just as obsessed
With who's the best dressed and who's having sex
Who's got the money, who gets the hunnies
Who's kinda cute and who's just a mess

And you still don't have the right look
And you don't have the right friends
Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends
High school never ends

Check out the popular kids
You'll never guess what Jessica did
How did Mary-Kate lose all that weight?
And Katie had a baby, so I guess Tom's straight
And the only thing that matters
Is climbing up that social ladder
Still care about your hair and the car you drive
Doesn't matter if you're 16 or 35
Reese Witherspoon, she's the prom queen
Bill Gates, captain of the chess team
Jack Black, the clown
Brad Pitt, the quarterback
Seen it all before, I want my money back!

The whole damn world is just as obsessed
With who's the best dressed and who's having sex
Who's in the club and who's on the drugs
Who's throwing up before they digest

And you still don't have the right look
And you don't have the right friends
And you still listen to the same shit you did back then
High school never ends

The whole damn world is just as obsessed
With who's the best dressed and who's having sex
Who's got the money, who gets the hunnies
Who's kinda cute, and who's just a mess

And I still don't have the right look
And I still have the same three friends
And I'm pretty much the same as I was back then
High school never ends
High school never ends
High school never ends
Here we go again

next, these are some comments from random people about this song...
quite funny... read on!

Ha ha ha.
Most People... Put sad depressing songs for graduation... Screw that.. THis is what I want played at MY Graduation!

alrite, I should explain sumthin here...
red words: words which express exactly what I think and feel...
I mean, I got 4 years of high school.... and I always think, "God! I've had enough!"
but now, here I am... one of the students in a university and still feel like I'm in a high school condition...
blue words: the actual words that came up to my mind when I started university.....
purple words: the things that actually happens in the world today...

chocolate words: the words I don't agree with... I HAVE the right friends... I always do...

I'll show you my right friends right now...
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love them... glad to be w/ them...

well, see, in my beloved university (hold it... I know we all wanna throw up), every first year students study general courses...
and I believe the same thing also happens in other university which has engineering as one of its major.
so, what usually happens in my university is that all the first year students are thought of still being like a child. we are still children. the first year is nothing! there's no difference between the first year in university and 4th year of senior high school. (There are only 3 year of senior high school in Indonesia)


I know I hate having 4 years of senior high while most ppl only had 3 years and some other ppl even only had 2 years...
I hate to know that there's no difference b/w senior high and 1st year of uni...
y'know, I've had enough of hig school already...

but then... I love having 4 years of senior high becoz now I have LOADS of friends....
and when I say LOADS... I really mean it...
Best Friends Best Friends 2
almost everywhere I go now, I always meet one of my friends...
and I love it!!!

and what happened in high school, almost always repeats in my life...
until now, I'm still gossiping about who has the best clothes... who has the best hair... who has the best car... who the best couple is...
it's always like that....
It's gonna be like that forever...
and I like it...
so be it...

and here are more pics of me and some of my friends that I just gained in the last 5-6 months...
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sbagian kecil tman2 yg kuknal dr 8eh Radio ITB

bagian kecil lain dari tman2 di 8EH
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kebayang gak studio 8eh kyk gmn?

udah ah... banyak banget foro yang dah kumasukin....

and believe me (and the Bowling For Soup)...

love for every single one of my friends.... Blow A Kiss

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie - I Call It Love

Verse 1:
I look at you. You look at me
(You can tell me you ain't feeling butterflies)
It's obvious there’s some chemistry
(I think I know when it feels so right)
Girl I wanted so long to know
Know your telling me you gatta let it go
(Don’t tell me I have to start all over again)
I never thought this day would come
(This is something that I wanted in my life)
I realized that you’re the one
(And your telling me it’s time to say good-bye)
What’s inside my heart it ain't gonna change
So it shouldn’t be so easy to walk away
(You feel it I feel it lets not pretend)

Maybe I don’t know what love is
Maybe I’m a fool
I just know what I’m feeling and it’s all because of you
Don’t tell me I don’t know I want the truth
Cuz they call it, we call it, you call it, I call it love

Verse 2:
It’s so clear for you to see
(Don’t let nobody telling you what to do)
Why they can’t just let us be happy
(I don’t want to find somebody new)
If you know what’s really in your heart
Then don’t let them tear us apart
(Cuz you feel it I feel it don’t say were through)

Maybe I don’t know what love is
Maybe I’m a fool
I just know what I’m feeling and it’s all because of you
Don’t tell me I don’t know I want the truth
Cuz they call it, we call it, you call it, I call it love

We have a bond, better breaker
I won’t and it's not time to letting go
(We're in love)
And know that we know that it’s real
Were gonna let it show
To the whole world that I’m yours forever
And you’re my girl

Maybe I don’t know what love is
Maybe I’m a fool
I just know what I’m feeling and it’s all because of you
Don’t tell me I don’t know I want the truth
Cuz they call it, we call it, you call it, I call it love

very sweet song...
don't u think?


I had two cool conversations today… and I’m really glad that I’m gonna share them…

My first cool conversation was this afternoon with two of my quite new friends from ITB, Icha and Vivi. I was actually the one who started the conversation. I said that I don’t like the situation between my crush and I. The situation is, I meet my crush regularly about 2 days in a week and for the other 5 days, I don’t see him at all… and those 2 days, the meeting b/w my crush and I are usually kinda intens and that was enough to make me look stupid in front of him… I mean, becoz of the intensity, I usually do something silly, maybe it’s becoz I’m a little too over-excited… Like what I did this week in front of him… that was the silliest thing I’ve ever done! And my friends knew about it… I’m not gonna reveal everything here… I’m not that crazy yet…

Anyway, back to my first topic… the conversation b/w Icha, vivi, and me continued as I asked them about their love life. And that was when vivi asked me the magic question, “why do I have a crush on my crush?” and then followed by Icha’s question, “how long have I been having a crush on him?” wow! Two deadly question! The answer for the first question is… “I don’t know” honestly, that’s an honest answer that comes from the bottom of my heart… I’m not sure what part of him that makes me like him… I wonder… probably becoz he’s super smart and super-duper diligent… yeah… that’s it? Really? I’m not sure my self… and then the answer for the second question is, “pretty long time… I actually realized that I’ve got a crush on him since the first year of senior high school…” and they both were like, “wow! That’s a long time…” and at that time I actually felt how long it has been… yeah, I can’t believe that I’ve been having a crush on someone for such a long time… I should get an award for that…

And then they started talking about how obvious that I really like him, how I talk about him all the time, and even how I walk happily after I met him… and of course, how silly I can be when I have to face him in front of me… and then they started to ask me, “you really like him, don’t u alien?” and then I didn’t know what I was supposed to say… and vivi said, “when I like someone, I almost wanna sacrifice anything to make him happy… and it almost similar to what happens to u…” whoa! Have I been that far on having a crush on a guy???

On the conclusion, they said I may be just obsessed with him… and I kinda agree with that… coz I don’t know what I actually want by having a crush on him. He absolutely never wants to have any gf, he (I suspect) is the type of guy who gets married right away… and I don’t wanna change his ideology… so I don’t wanna b his gf. And to b honest w/ u, I can’t picture my self being his wife. No freaking way! Hahaha! So yeah, maybe I’m just obsessed with him… so please, can somebody help me to find a new crush???

Oh yeah, I just remember what I told my friends. And I’m gonna write it down… I don’t think I’m gonna have any boyfriend while I’m getting my bachelor degree coz most of my friends r younger than me and I don’t wanna have a younger bf. And then my friends started saying about introducing them to nice guy who’s as old as I am…

The second conversation that I had tonite was actually on the phone. I was on my way home from working at EF when I heard the announcer on the radio announce that they were giving out cd from one of the coolest Indonesian guys alive, Rio Febrian… so I was really excited, I started to dial the number on my cell. But I didn’t get thru coz there’s someone else on the line… I kept dialing while I thought that I’m never gonna get in… I was really sure that they won’t pick up my phone call until they actually answer me!!!

So I was on the line… talking to the announcer and Rio Febrian himself… at first they were asking about my name… is it alien or alin? And they asked whether I’m working or still in school… they asked me about my fave Rio Febrian’s song and of course I answered ‘Bukan Untukku’… it was funny, pas aku bilang Rio Febrian garing, langsung ada koor aneh gitu… what I got was, klo ada artis namu ke radio gitu, mreka diperlakukan dgn baik bgt n g sharusnya aku bilang Rio Febrian garing. And then he defended himself by saying that Oz Radio was his sixth radio of the day, so he was really tired… and then we got into talking, until Rio Febrian said, “Ini bener2 jadi hiburan buat gue…” and I said, “kapan lagi bisa ngehibur Rio Febrian?” hahaha! Gotcha! So I got the cd by answering the question “who did Rio have duets with in Yovie Widianto’s concert?” and then I asked for the ticket for his upcoming performance… and he said he’ll try and someone will contact me later… I want it so bad!!! Hopefully he can do something with the ticket… hahaha…

Oh ya, before I forget, I also had a cool coversation with one of the teachers at EF last week. His name’s Mr. Osep. Yup! He’s Indonesian but his English is great… I mean, considering how bad my english teachers’ accent are… we had a cool but very brief conversation… I asked him where he studied english and whether he’s stay abroad or something… he asked me where I studied english… he told me about his job, working as a teacher in EF… really interesting… and he actually gave me a compliment, he said I speak english almost like a native… wow… I was so embarassed by that… I can’t even imagine that a few years ago I didn’t even understand what ‘native’ means… I didn’t know why, but I really like talking to him… he was really friendly and willing to talk to me… so I kinda felt honoured…

So yeah… some of my cool conversations… I wonder if someone ever think how can I remember every details of my conversations with other ppl…


India.Arie - I am Not My Hair

Is that India? What happened to her hair?

Da da da da da

(Verse 1)
Little girl with the press and curls
Age 8 I got a jerry curl
13 and I got a relaxer
I was the source of so much laughter
15 when it all broke off
18 when I went all natural
February 2002
I went on and did what I had to do

Cuz it was time to change my life
To become the woman that I am inside
97 dread locs all grown
I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw that (hey)

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations (no)
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am the soul that lives within

What she do to her hair?
I don’t know; it look crazy!
I like it.
I might do that.
I wouldn’t go that far.

(Verse 2)
Good hair means curls and waves.
Bad hair means you look like a slave
At the turn of the century
Its time for us to redefine who we be
You can shave it off like an African beauty
Got in on “loc” like Bob Marley
You can rock it straight like Oprah Winfrey
It’s not what’s on your head, it’s what’s underneath (say hey)

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations (no)
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am the soul that lives within

Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?
Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend?
Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?
Expressing my creativity

(Verse 3)
Breast cancer and chemotherapy
Took away her crown and glory
She promised God if she was to survive
She would enjoy everyday of her life
On national television her diamond eyes are sparkling
Baldheaded like a full moon shining
Singing out to the whole wide world like hey

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations (no)
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am the soul that lives within

If I wanna shave it close or I wanna rock locs
That don’t take a bit away from this soul that I got
If I wanna wear it braided all down my back
I don’t see nothing wrong with that

Alright... new song from India.Arie... one of my favourite Black Music singer... a very good song writer... I mean, can't u read what I mean???
this is a cool song!

tulisan yang aku merahin adalah kata2 yang aku stujuin banget!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the second week of my holiday...

well, I already told u about my first week of Lebaran Holiday that I spent in Saudi Arabia. and that was my most interesting experience so far...

so, as I told u before (have I written that in here? I can't even remember!) I had 2 weeks holiday... and I actually spent my second week of holiday travelling with my dad...

when I arrived in Indonesia on Sunday afternoon, my parents told me that my dad was actually leaving again for a business trip. He was going to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. I casually said to my parents and reminded them that I haven't been to Malaysia. My family actually went to Malaysia for holiday when I was in Canada. and I kept reminding them that they were cheating on me. I wasn't quite sure what happened to my parents, but they offered me to come with my dad and visit Malaysia for a week. That was a great offer... I had a tough time to refuse the offer...
then my dad said there was a little problem. My dad thought that his first trip was to visit Malaysia, so I could come and stay in a hotel with him for a couple days and then for the rest of the week I was gonna stay with my aunt who actually lives in Malaysia-and actually a Malaysian citizen right now-
but the ppl who organize this trip for my dad said that his trip was gonna start from Singapore to Hong Kong and the last one to Malaysia. So I couldn't really come with him and stay in Malaysia...

at that time, I thought that was okay... there's gonna be another time for me to visit Malaysia...

surprisingly, my dad said, "Why didn't u come with me to Singapore and Hong Kong and we're gonna be in Malaysia together?"
whoa! I was kinda surprised when I heard that too... My dad just offered me a great trip!

on monday morning, I haven't decided anything, until my dad said, "Udahlah, ikut aja..." becoz I was thinking too much-I guess...
So yeah... I decided that I'm coming with my dad...

On monday afternoon, right before it got dark out, I was on a plane to Singapore! (of course I got to seat in the economy class and my dad was in the Business class)

When I got to Singapore, I was surprised to see where my dad and I got to stay: The Ritz Carlton Hotel!!! (five star plus one) WOW!!!
the room was ah-mazing! the tv was only a little bit smaller than the tv in my living room in Bandung. and don't get me started describing the bed! u won't believe it!
and then in the morning, I got to have breakfast alone coz my dad got a meeting to go very early in the morning. and the breakfast buffet was incredible! they had almost anything u could ask for breakfast! and I wasn't even that hungry when I had 3pm lunch that day, coz I aet so much.
after breakfast, I discover that my hotel was near the esplanade and the typical lion statue of Singapore... I finally found the MRT station near the hotel after passing a mall that has many tempting stores such as Surfer Girl and bookstore. Then I went to Orchard Road by MRT. My destination was one: Border bookstore, one of my favourite bookstore in the world. and then I walked along orchard road, looking for some candies my sister asked me to buy. too bad I only got about half an hour in the HMV mall... the coolest mall in Singapore-in my opinion...

and then, right before the day got dark again, I was on the plane from Singapore to Hong Kong. (again, sitting in the economy class, once again. watching The Barnyard and half of John Tucker Must Die. while my dad sitting in the Business Class with his colleagues)

When I got back in Hong Kong, I once again surprised to see where we stayed. The Conrad Hotel! again, just don't let me start describing about the bed! I'm not gonna finish! and in this room, not only the tv was cool, but the sound system was the best! the brand of the audio system was BOSE and that was one of the most expensive audio system I've ever known! very cool room!!!
and the breakfast was once again incredibely delicious! the thing was they have pork in many of the food... and I don't eat pork... But I ate enough appearantly, since I wasn't even hungry until 4pm.
after breakfast, I discovered that my hotel was in the same building with the Pacific Mall which sells branded stuff... like Gucci, Coach, Burrberry, Luis Vuitton, Le Sportsac, etc... I was kinda dissapointed.
but then I found another mall that has HMV and a really cool store called Prints which has notebook, address book, agenda, gift wrap, and all that sorts of stuff in a really cool prints... and I just had to buy one thing! so I bought a 2007 agenda!!! yeah! and I walked around the Central area, got lost, found a Bathing Ape store which dissapointed me with their very expensive price, and got back to the hotel to check out.
b/w 2 n 3 pm, my Hong Kong friend James came to meet me at the hotel! and I'm so glad that I had a chance to meet him again... We talked a lot and I think our meeting was really cool!!!
Lisa and Jo also thought it was really cool that I could meet James!!!
Never really realize that I miss him, actually... but now that I've met him again, it was all coming back to me... how we were really close when we were in Canada together...
Don't worry James, my mom promised that my family and I are absolutely gonna come to Hong Kong for a much more decent visit than what we had. we only talked about couple hours and my dad didn't even get a chance to chat with u... that was a bad visit from me and my dad...

again, right before dark, I was on the plane again. China Airlines, 4 hours. crumped in a very thight economy seat, without any movie to choose from other than You, Me, and Dupree. in the scariest flight I've ever experienced! becoz we actually had to go thru the taifoon in order to get our asses to Malaysia. The flight was REALLY shaky... and I thought we were all gonna crushed down by the taifoon... I kept on mumbling every prayer that I knew... I really thought that my plane was gonna crash down or something.

Alhamdulillah... I finally arrived in Malaysia save and sound...
and u can't imagine how thankful I was when I knew where I was gonna stay... I stayed in Westin Hotel... that was fabulous!
the next day, my dad went to his meeting while I was left alone for the day...
so i decided I started out with some breakfast... only, it didn't turn out to be only 'some' breakfast, it turned out I had a whole freking lot of breakfast!!!
The restaurant was called the Living Room and the food was incredibely delicious!
The got like a hall of bread... and the got everything u can ask for! any kind of food... and when I say any kind, I really mean any kind!!!
the got hundreds of pastry I could choose: french toast, many kinds croissant, danish, english muffins, quiches, donuts, baget, toast, pizza, ANYTHING!
they got yoghurt, any kind of smooties, milk, skimmed milk, chai tea, lassi, coffee, tea, fresh juices with any fruit u like, they even had margarita!!!
they got nasi lemak, with fish, squid, chicken, lamb, beef. Laksa, any kind of eggs u like. they got salad bad, sushi... they got roti nan and the dhall curry and many other kinds of curry and tandori.
I'm tellin ya... they got EVERYTHING! u could imagine for breakfast!!!
they got this one motto: "enjoy the heavenly dining in the living room"
and I say, I really enjoyed my heavenly dining there...

the rest of my holiday I spent in Kuala Lumpur.
On thursday, my first day in Malaysia, I was really tired from the previous days of travelling around in 3 countries by feet. in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and HongKong I was walking a freaking lot... and that Thursday in Malaysia, I decided I had to take a break...
So I did. After one round trip in Bintang Walk, I decided that it's time to relax and enjoy the view, so I took the monorail. I just sit in the train, looking around resting my feet. and after I felt it was enough, I found a movie theatre, so I decided right then and there to watch Open Season. Very funny movie, but very chilly theatre... I was almost got frostbites after sitting in the cinema for 1 1/2 hour. after that, I found Borders in the same mall which I found a theatre. so I decided to take a look around and have a cup of hazelnut hot chocolate. After that I was ready to walk again.
In the evening, my dad and I went to visit one of my aunt who lives in Malaysia. we spent all evening there... meeting her family and all... one funny thing that I found out there was their tv programs. they're playing various titles of very old Indonesian's soap opera in Malaysia and that's really funny. considering how far ahead Malaysia from Indonesia, but they still like our old-cheesy-corny soap opera.

On friday, I took my time enjoying my breakfast again (of course I did! I honestly didn't need any lunch when I was on holiday and stay in a hotel... hahaha). I was out from the hotel around noon and I decided to go to the KLCC, the Petronas Tower. I took the monorail again, STAR train, and PUTRA undergrond. It was kinda funny becoz when I was out of the train station, the first thing that I smelled was Roti Boy. so I went out of the KLCC Suria, which is the mall (yeah, shopping places everywhere...), and I found my self in a park and I could see the Petronas tower... that day, I finally did lots of shopping... hahaha...
in the evening, my dad and I were out with my aunt and her family again...

oh yeah, just a little info... many ppl still don't know that the Petronas Tower is not the tallest tower in the world anymore...or should I say the tallest habitable building... Taipei 101 in Taiwan is the tallest habitable building in the world since I was in Canada, which was 2004.

on saturday, my dad finally done with his meetings and all that stuff. We took the fast train to Putra Jaya, where the center of the Malaysia's government is... we spent almost half day there and then we went to the KL Tower. we did a lot of walking becoz... I'm not really sure why... becoz we can't really take any buses or trains or even taxis... the path that we took is actually for walking and I was so freaking tired!!!
that day too, is the time to say goodbye to my aunt. that was kinda sad. at least, I knew my dad and aunt were sad. they haven't meet each other for such a long time. my aunt has never been home, to Indonesia, for such a freaking long time (probably since my grandma died, which was when I was still in the elementary)... I can't imagine not meeting my sister for that long...

on sunday morning, we were on the plane to go back to Indonesia.
I'm always really sad to end my holiday... any kind of holiday, even if it was only a weekend... and this holiday was great...
it adds to my long list experience and you can't imagine how thankful I am...

y'know what? I extremely love my life! no matter how crappy it can be...

here you are...

For once in your life, someone might ask u this question: “what’s your most interesting experience in your life?” bahasa Indonesianya kira2: “Apa sih pengalaman paling menarik kamu?”

Nah, sebelum libur lebaran kmaren, aku dikasi tugas buat jawab pertanyaan itu… and the answer has to fit one page A4, and one page only… I mean what the hell??? Every experience in my life has been interesting… NO! they were all amazing!!! And to think about it, and esp. to choose one of them to be the most interesting… that is TOO MUCH! Waaaaayyyy too much for such a person like me… I mean, if u are my friends, u know how long I think about a stuff before I finally buy it… for example the last thing that happened to me was when I was thinking about buying a sweater. I thought about buying and not buying it for like a hundred times, before I finally bought it and finally got discount…

And now, how can I decide to choose the long list of my experience?

For example, this last holiday season, I (again) experienced A LOT of things… My family and I did umroh. We went to Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah. And that was an experience I would never forget! I mean, not everyone in this world got the invitation to go there… and thru my dad, my family could go there… and I’m telling you, that was an amazing experience…
It wasn’t just about how happy my and my family, it was also abot the sadness… the moment u cried when there’s nothing sad happened… those tears of joy…

Aku bener2 ngrasa klo aku gak pernah ngejaga diriku sebelum pergi umroh kmaren… I mean, I controlled what I was gonna say… I say prayer all the time… I tried not to look at the bad side of someone… Aku ngrasa klo aku bisa memaklumi smua orang… and if u ARE my friends, u know how much I complain, how much I protest, how much I criticize people…

And it was the feelings when u got to see Ka’bah that is worth a living! It’s really true!!! The moment I saw ka’bah, I felt there was a magic within myself… and I’m not even lying! Like the moment I wrote this, I could still feel the magic… it was all beyond my logical thought… I mean… if u think about it, esp. ppl who are not Moslem, ka’bah was only a building that was built a hundred thousand years ago, square, and was covered with black fabric… that’s it! And why would all these people come to see it???

As I said, it was beyond my logical thought… there were thousands of people in Masjidil Haram at the same time when I was there. And all of everyone’s doing was say the non-stop prayer… and the magic that I told u about was grown inside of everyone’s body and mind and spirit… that was a GREAT feeling!

It wasn’t the same feeling when I saw the Eiffel Tower… or when I saw the Oxford University… or the Notre Dam… or the Niagara Falls… or the Petronas Tower… or Monas… or any other great buildings in this world… u don’t get the chemistry in ur heart when u see those building… there was no butterfly in your stomach… there was no tears nof joy… TRUST ME!

And the bonding of everyone… it was really weird, I think… becoz everyone in the mosque was smiling to one another… there are some people who got angry of course when other ppl disturb them from praying… but honestly, I could feel the bonding… I mean, everyone around the world were there to pray… and we were together becoz of Islam… that was an amazing thing… there was one time, actually the last day when I was in Mecca, I was sitting in the mosque with my mom and sister as usual… and suddenly there was this Turkis woman who started talking to us. In Turk or Turkish (or whatever language they use in Turki). We didn’t understand any word at freaking all. My mom, my sister, and I kept on smiling to her… and she started to use the body language. She used her hands to explain stuff… and amazingly we kinda got the point of what she was saying… she told us that she was ther with her family, but all of her children are boys, so she was alone in the woman section. She told us about how far Turkey from Mecca. She asked about how far Indonesia from Mecca (it was freaking far!). she asked to my mom about me and my sister. We exchange so many information in two different language that we were speaking and plus a body language… and that was a miracle!

And the girl that I met in Medina… thank Allah she speaks English! We talked a lot… she said I got American accent, since she comes from England. She asked me where I got it… she asked me whether my English teacher is an American… I was almost laughing… all of my English teacher’s accents were Javanesse or Sundanesse!!! It was her second time to come Medina and she was there with all of her family member, 7 people… she’s taking CREATIVE WRITING as her major in the university!!! Oh My God!!! I wanna study creative writing too!!! And it was the night before Eid Al-Fitr or Idul Fitri. And the tears of joy was pushing to get out of my eyes… but I didn’t let it go…

And everyone was saying to one another, “Eid Mubarak!” or “Happy Eid!” to stangers!!!

I faced miracle! I’m telling you!!!


Those tears of joy again…


You, the one who reads this just have to experience it yourself… then u know… then u’d

And my dad was crying… when we did Tawaf Wada… the goodbye tawaf… what he was saying to my and my sister was: “Ayo berdoa! Berdoa lagi! Berdoa lagi! Biar bisa datang kesini lagi! Biar bisa datang kesini lagi! Biar bisa datang kesini lagi!!!” in front of the door of ka’bah, multazam…

Shit I’m crying…

And my dad doesn’t usually cry!!! My dad never cries!!!

That was an experience…

My most interesting experience so far… in my whole life…

p.s. aku mo nulis ini buat laporan kimia ah... buat Geta...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

what u can eat....

Can't eat Beef,

Mad cow....

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Can't eat chicken .

bird flu

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Can't eat eggs ..


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can't eat pork ..

fears of trichinosis...

and I'm not allowed too, anyway... as I'm a Moslem...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can't eat fish ..

heavy metals in the waters has poisoned their meat

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can't eat fruits and veggies ...

insecticides and herbicides

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I believe that leaves Chocolate!!!!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


spelled backwards is

happy eating chocolates!!!!

p.s. I feel terribly sorry for those ppl who are allergic to chocolate.... too bad u can't taste one of the most delicious food in the world... and for those of you who said that u don't like chocolate... come on! like how long can u lie???

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

sminggu pnuh!

Okay, di posting yg kmaren, aku dah crita tentang buka bareng 1-7 angkatan 2005 di rumahku. How things changed and how everyone changed… kalo mo dibikin ranking, bubar 1-7 yang kmaren itu dapet ranking dua acara bubar ter-rame yang aku datengin minggu kmaren… gimana enggak? Ada kurang lebih 20 anak mahasiswa yang ngumpul di rumahku dan pas lagi acara, suaraku udah habis saking banyak triak2… mahasiswa gitu loh… kayak gak mahasiswa aja… brisiknya sama kayak anak sma, ato bahkan lebih parah… tapi walopun yg dateng Cuma sekitar setengahnya (dan anak2 dari jurusan TI ITB gak ada sebiji pun yang dateng gara2-katanya-banyak tugas… ->blagu banget seeeehhhh!!! Smua orang juga banyak tugas kali… Nio yg anak IF, Efri yg anak elektro, anak2 FK, anak2 Marnath yg lagi UTS aja dateng… mreka sok2an gak dateng… susah deh yang nantinya harus bikin pabrik…), keributannya tuh udah kayak klo smua orang dateng aja… BRISIK ABIS! Hahaha!

Anyway, minggu yang lalu (scara skarang dah hari slasa), aku buka puasa di rumah Cuma hari senin ma slasa doang… hari Rabu dan seterusnya aku buka puasa diluar… untungnya kalo gak tinggal ma kluarga… gak usah ribet mikirin ijin dan gak enak karena gak pernah buka puasa di rumah…

Jadi hari Rabu itu aku BuJoKo (oopppsss! Maap klo ada yang tersinggung). Bubar Jomblo Koplo, itu kepanjangannya. Jadi waktu aku klas 3 SMA aku itukan perkumpulan orang gila yang namanya Jomblo Koplo yang awalnya Cuma terdiri dari Dyah, Ninis, Wiput, dan Teqi. Pas aku dateng, aku ikutan deh… well, aku juga diajakin sih ma mreka… waktu itu kita bikin Jomblo Koplo lebih berwarna, Dyah: Koplo Biru, Teqi: Koplo Ijo, Wiput: Koplo Orens, Ninis: Koplo Transparan, dan aku: Koplo Garis2. pas BuJoKo, aku nyaranin pada pake dresscode sesuai dengan ke-koplo-annya. Si Ninis langsung protes, transparan??? Hehehe! Pas bubaran itu, ada Lucky, aku kurang tau bagemana sbenernya status dya dlm Jomblo Koplo, tapi dya ikut bubarnya anyway. Rame juga… pertama kita ke cabe rawit, tapi waiting listnya gila… jadi kita pindah ke kafe halaman… dah pada protes aja soal harga makanan, padahal gak mahal2 amat… trus ada acara ngasih kado ke dyah… trus heboh foto2… trus ujung2nya ditraktir ma si dyah deh… hehehe… asik…

Hari Kamis, ada bubar SEF (Student English Forum). Acara bubar teraneh yang pernah aku datengin… habisnya aku dateng dari jam stengah enam, trus ngobrol2 ma temenku, trus buka puasa, makan, minum, ngobrol lagi sama temenku, trus pulang… hahaha! Udah gitu doang… gak ada acara apa2! Gak ada perkenalan, gak ada ngomong pake bahasa inggris, gak ada apa2 deh pokoknya! Aneh kan? Aku juga bingung… harusnya kan ada acara apa kek… ngerame2in dikit… tapi itu sama skali gak ada acara apa2… ada keanehan yang terjadi…
Hari Jumat aku buka bareng ama anak2 3ipa2 angkatan 2006… buka puasa yang cukup aneh tapi walopun cukup rame juga… inget gak di dua postingku yang lalu aku marah2 soal bubar 3ipa2 ini? Nah, ternyata akhirnya temen2ku tuh kerjasama gitu buat tetep ngadain acara bubar ini… ternyata mreka pake ngadain ‘ngumpul’ panitia kecil gitu, ngebagi tugas: siapa ngehubungin siapa, siapa yang ngurusin makanan, siapa yang bisa ke rumah Giri duluan, dll… Niat juga… I appreciate that… thanks… sayangnya mreka lupa nunjuk seksi acara… jadi pas kmaren bubar, Cuma ngumpul, makan, ngobrol, udah deh pulang… malah ada acaranya ada yang ke pecah2 gitu based on the ganks… jadi gak ada acara yang, “woi! Ngumpul yuk… ngobrol2 ato smacam itulah…” ada yang ngobrol berdua, gitar2an bertiga, maen piano, yang cowok2 malah maen ps… gak ada yang ngaturnya sih yang bisa ngejaga biar acarnya tetep nyatu… trus temen2ku juga heboh nagihin uang biar pada bayar… kasian, mreka baru tau klo nagihin orang2 buat bayar itu susah… well, they learned their lesson… Ada yang dateng, makan, trus gak bayar lagi, trus dengan semena-mena pengen make duit org yg udah bayar tapi gak dateng… I didn’t say anything at that time… kalo panitia-nya oke, aku sih gak ada masalah… tapi yang kayak gitu harusnya gak boleh kejadian. Klo gak dateng ya resiko, yang dateng ya bayar… si tukang nagihin uangnya itu banyak gak enaknya sih… kalo aku sih hajar aja langsung! Hehehe! pas udah jam delapan/stengah sembilan gitu, aku udah pengen pulang. Blum ngerjain tugas 8EH… trus aku bilang, foto bareng yuk… aku sih gak mau susah2 ngajak2in orang, aku bilang ke KM. tapi anak2nya gak pada ngumpul… trutama anak2 cowok yang heboh main ps… then I said, “kalo pada gak mau foto ya udah, aku mo pulang nih…” trus smua orang langsung jadi pada ngumpul… aku jadi gak enak loh pas itu… aku juga foto-nya jadi kepaksa gitu… all and all, acara bubar 3ipa2 ini jadi acara bubar ter-gak rame ke-2 yang aku datengin minggu kmrn…

Hari sabtu adalah hari dimana aku ngerasain acara bubar ter-rame yang au datengin minggu kmaren…! Itu adalah acara MAlam KEakRaban FTSL… lebih dari 200 orang dateng ke maker itu dan I REALLY-REALLY didn’t get why many ppl refuse to come or go home early… I honestly did! Buat yang gak dateng, RUGI! Lemme tell u that! Pertamanya sih panitia udah takut gitu acaranya bakal gak rame… pas jam lima juga anak2nya yang dateng baru dikit… anak2 yang dateng kayaknya pada males2an gitu… (aku heran deh… knapa ya?) kalo aku sih smangat2 aja… trus kita buka puasa sambil diiringin band gitu, habis itu ada quiz tiap lagu dan ada perwakilan dari tiap kelas gitu, dari klasku Chico, Acint, ma Icon… acara itu mulai bikin rame… kekompakan tiap kelas mulai di uji dari dukungan supporter… rame deh… heboh tebak2an lagu gitu… trus shalat, trus makan… pas makan juga masih aja ada yang males2an gitu, gak mau gabung dan sgala macemnya… padahal sambil diiringin band yang keren juga tuh… pas orang2 dah slese makan, tiba2 seorang anak dari klasku pengen nyanyi. Namanya Ian dan dya nyanyi lagu Because of You… dan ternyata-oh-ternyata suaranya keren abis!!! Anak2 klasku langsung heboh gitu triak2 dan joged2 diblakang… keren banget deh!!! EKSIS! habis itu ada quiz lagi seputar ITB dan FTSL… dari klas aku yang ikutan aku, Ani, ma Fadhil. Tapi Fadhil gave up ditengah2 quiz, jadi cuman aku berdua ma Ani… dan kita berdua menangin quiz itu!!! Gaya banget ya…? Udah mah anak2 klas aku pada gak nyuporterin lagi… apa karena mreka amazed krn aku dan ANi smangat banget? Hehehe. trus pas orang2 shalat isya, aku malah ngelengkapin kertas eksis aku… dan berhasil menuhinnya… hehehe… sebelum pengumuman pemenang dan ngasisin hadiah gitu anak klas aku lagi, si Cio tiba2 maju kedepan dan nyanyi lagi gara2 dya ngecengin orang… orang2 langsung pada heboh, “tembak!tembak!” dipanas-panasin lagi ma si Icon yang baca puisi cinta gitu…hehehe. sayangnya dya gak nembak ceweknya… pas pembagian hadiah, pertama yang menang quiz tebak lagu, trus aku, Ani, dan Fadhil maju, dapet hadiah gitu… trus ada pengumuman best dress, yang mnang cewek ma si Icon… pas diumumin the most famous, yang mnang Aku ma cowok dari klas lain gitu… pas doorprize, 2 pemenang dari 5 pemenang yang ada itu dari klasku, Ufi ma Sanni… blum lagi 3 dari 4 MC-nya dari klasku, Chico, Ainy, Firman. Panitianya yang sok sibuk banyak juga, Vanny, Dhira, dll… pokoknya acaranya rame banget!!! Dan klasku EKSIS! Aku dan tman2ku pas pulangnya suara kita abis gitu… parah… hehehe

Ada kejadian malu2in juga pas maker FTSL itu… kan critanya aku mnang the most famous ma cowok yang namanya Timmy. Trus kita dikerjain dulu didepan gitu… harus jalan muter2 sambil pegangan tangan gitu… I actually blushed at that time… it was really embarrassing! Trus orang2 pada ngadeuh2in gitu… oh my God! Sampe skarang masih yang, “adeuh Alien ma Timmy…” parah abis! I don’t even know that guy! Trus lucunya pas dah mo pulang gitu, aku lagi jalan ma temen2ku dan papas an ma si Timmy itu, trus si Timmy-nya nyapa aku aneh gitu, “halo” trus sampe skarang masih jadi bahan omongan temenku… parah abis!!!!

Hari minggu sebenernya gak ada buka bareng sapa2… tapi anak2 cakru 8EH pengen foto bareng gitu… dari janjian jam 4, baru difoto beberapa menit sebelum buka puasa… parah banget! Tapi seru abis!!! Kita heboh2 gitu pas difotonya… sayangnya juga banyak banget yang gak ikutan foto… jadi gak sabar pengen liat fotonya yang jadi hari ini!!!

Oh ya, foto2 yang lain juga nanti aku posting deh disini… klo aku dah dapet card-readernya dari Jakarta, okay?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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foto waktu di pasar seni ITB... aku pergi ke pasar seni sama orang2 ini...

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adekku di pasar seni... setelah dibujuk2, dya mau juga difoto...

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slh satu dekor pasar seni ITB yang aku suka banget!

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aku, habis nonton konsernya Yovie Widianto. One of the best concert I've ever been to... and I just love all the songs that they played!!! I wish they put all the live in concert song in one album and sell it...

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yang ini juga... oh yeah, Yovie Widianto ternyata pinter banget loh... masa dia bisa bikin lagu dalam waktu 2 lagu dinyanyiin (palingan 8 menitan!) Jagoan abis!!!

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Aku lagi ama Desta di acara Kumpul Kribo-nya Prambors. Acara yang keren banget! banyak banget artis2 keren yang dateng.... seperti: Mocca, Homogenic, Superman is Dead, Club Eighties, Goodnight Electric, The Upstairs, etc...
Prambors, ayo sering2 bikin acara kayak gini ya....

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ini aku n Arie Dagienkz

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aku n diah... nonton kumpul kribo berdua... sementara orang2 lain nonton kumpul kribo rame2... gara2 alia, adekku, batal nonton...

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diah, masih di acara kumpul kribo. dya didpn slh satu art work yg ada di acara itu... art work itu juga sebenernya salah satu dekor-nya pasar seni ITB.

salah satu event yang aku datengin juga
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event yang keren abis!!!!

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aku n adekku foto2an di foto booth-nya jakjazz... 'tanda' kta dateng ke jakjazz... hehehe...
anehnya, yang dateng ke jakjazz cuma dikit banget loh... gak crowded sama skali... just right number of ppl get together to listen to jazz...
gak kebayang ramai-nya java jazz nanti....

ini adalah salah satu foto yang udah aku simpen lama banget... dah lupa kapan...
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Ten 2 Five... waktu itu mereka manggung di PIM2, trus aku n adekku nonton deh...
ujung2nya mama n papaku juga ikutan nonton... sayangnya aku gak hapal lagu2 mreka yang gak terkenal...

well, kayaknya, buat gallery [first edition] segini dulu aja.....
nanti bakalan ada gallery edisi selanjutnya....
tempatku pameran foto2... hehehe!
Aku sebenernya udah lamaaaaa banget pengen nulis ttg ini… tapi karena banyak hal, gak sempet2 aja nulisnya…

Sebenernya topic tulisanku kali ini standar banget… perubahan…

Jadi inget, aku kan ikut UKM radio ITB, namanya 8EH, trus aku ngelamar jadi music director dan sminggu yg lalu aku baru aja interview. Di interview itu aku disuruh ngejelasin lirik lagu Everybody’s Changing-nya Keane… dan aku curhat pas itu… hahaha!

Anyway, hari sabtu kmaren, ada buka bersama di rumahku. Yang buka bersama itu temen2ku pas 1-7. dan saat buka bersama itu aku ngeh lagi aja betapa perubahan itu emang udah bagian dari kehidupan manusia. Emang sih masih ada temen2ku yang sedikit-banyak gak berubah, tapi ada temenku yang berubahnya gila.

Contohnya nih, aku punya temen yang namanya Ical. I never really like him as a friend. Didn’t really talk to him then… but I know he changed. By the time he arrived in my house, everyone realized that he changed. He became more of a metrosexual guy… his looks, his style, his language… he changed, extremely…

It was funny, I have another friend named Inoel. They used to be in the same major in ITB before Ical resigned. Inoel lagi pake jaket himpunan dan dya nanya ke Ical, “Cal, masih pengen ini gak?” sambil nunjuk jaket himpunannya. In one way, I know that Inoel didn’t change. Dya masih sok… tapi pas Ical jawab, “Enggak. Yang gue pengen sekarang itu Cuma duit dan cewek!” surprisingly, Inoel jawab, “masih banyak hal yang lebih penting dari itu…” and that was the one and the only meaningful sentence that I’ve ever heard from Inoel!!! And I could feel that he actually changed, even just a lil’ bit…

Yang aku rasa perubahannya paling besar dalam hidupku salah satunya adalah keluargaku… adekku misalnya, dya skarang udah klas 3 smp and I can barely remember how she looked when she was still in elementary school. I ‘left’ her for Canada, she was just starting junior high school and when I came back from Canada, she was all changed! For example, I could feel that I was one of her role model when she was in elementary school. She listened to me, followed me, even copied me. She liked the same songs that I liked. She didn’t like everything that I don’t like. She decorated her binder just like my binder. And that sort of things… but now… she kinda forgets me… I mean, she still listens to me now when I tell her something. She still asks for my advice for stuff. it was just about the frequency, it reduces so much… now I miss the way she was when she was little. I think it also becoz I’m worried that she’d follow the wrong path of life… well, it also probably one of her way to learn about how life is… I don’t know… and talking about my family, we changed a lot after I came back from Canada, I can feel it… We’re closer now. We care about each other more now, than we used to. I guess we’ve learned how it was to be so far apart and the fact that we really need each other… we talked more often now. And eventhough we can only meet as a full family once a week, the quality of the meeting is increased… and I’m amazed by that…

And then, my-used-to-be-closest-friends, they all changed… Aulin, Anna, Alin, Ditta, and Diah. We used to be really close together, but now, we don’t even have time to have buka puasa bareng… I was surprised too. It seems like, by the time I arrived from Canada, they were all changed. They were all exteremely busy with their university things until solidarity became bullshit… I still go out (quite) often with Diah, coz she’s reachable… but other than her… no one! They were all busy… I can’t help anything; if they’re busy then they’re busy… it was this thing that we used to have when we were in senior high school together, “Walopun kita udah pisah… kita tetep temenan ya???” all those things are bullshit now! The so-called-solidarity… hahaha (tawa sinis)

Of course the one who has changed very greatly, until I don’t know how to react until now, is my crush. I’ve been having a crush on him since I was in grade 10. pretty long time, eh? Well, I was just looking thru my old diaries and I found a page that was about him. Apparently, in that page I wrote about our sms. It was a must-write thing becoz he was the one who sent me sms first and that’s rarely happen until now… our sms were as follow:
My crush: “Hei, gie ngapain?aku td sore liat kmu, lg mo kmana?”
Me: “G lg ngapa2in sih, km lg apa? Ak td mo nganter mamaku ke stasiun. Mama-papaku udah pd ke jkt lg coba?! Nyebelin”
My crush: “Sendiri lg dong, ak lg tiduran sbl baca. Eh, kmu punya suatu berita yg menarik g?”
Me: “Brita? Apaan? *%$#@!? (that was the name of his crush at that time) atow brita lain? Ttg ak misalnya?
My crush: “T’srah berita apa aja, soalnya aku udah lama g ngobrol…”
Me: “Kamu dah lama gak ngobrol ato ‘kita’ dah lm g ngobrol? Ak g ada brita soal *%$#@!, Hr Sabtu aku mo ke jkt loh, km ngerayain valentine g?”
My crush: “ ‘Kita’ maksudnya. Aku g ngerayain, klo km emang bakal ada acara buat v-day disana?”
Me: “Kpn kta bisa ngobrol lg? Aku g ngerayain valentine lah! Kan g blh!”
My crush: “Ya udah, ntar kita ngobrol lg, see you later…”
Me: “Yawda, thx dah nemenin aku slama bbrp menit. Eh, lupa, knp km tumben sms aku dlan?”
My crush: “gpp, cm pgn aja…”
That was our old times… hahaha! Really funny when I read thru my diaries… I could feel my excitement at that time…
But, my point is, we were really close then. We talked a lot. We met a lot. We sent each other sms a lot. But then when I came back from Canada. He changed. We don’t meet as much as we did. We didn’t talk as often as we did. We weren’t like we used to. He changed into something from unreachable into out of the limit. It’s just impossible to have a relationship like we used to again…
This afternoon he sent me a sms. Asked me around what time I was going home and told me that he was gonna go home by 5. did he want to go home with me? I was a little excited when I got his sms. That was different, I usually am the one who ask him to go home together… and this morning we were different too, we didn’t talk about anything… and when I received another one of his sms, I didn’t have the excitement to reply it… I just didn’t reply…

It is all different… it all changes… I change… my sister changes, my family changes, my friends change, my crush changes…

Aku mikir aja… walopun perubahan itu udah deket banget ama kehidupan kita, kita kadang gak terima ama perubahan itu… knapa? Misteri!

Aku gak terima adekku berubah… aku pengen dya tetep jadi my little sister… aku gak pengen temen2ku berubah… aku pengen mreka (dan aku) gak sok sibuk jadi masih ada waktu buat maen bareng… aku gak pernah pengen kecengan aku berubah… gila! Aku ngecengin dya gitu loh… dan aku tadinya masih niat ngecengin dya… tapi dya smakin unreachable, jadi aku mikir-mikir seribu kali lagi… yah, walopun klo ditanyain kecenganku siapa, aku pasti masih bilang nama kecenganku yang sekarang…

Tapi ada satu kejadian lagi yang wajib aku tulis. Aku pengen banget pake rok ke kampus. Tapi aku belum siap dapet cela2an dari orang2 klo aku pake rok… kayak, “Wuih… alien pake rok…!!!” ato “Alien cewek banget!!!” dan smacamnya… tapi tadi siang aku ktemu slh satu temenku yg namanya wiput. Wiput pake rok hari ini dan hari ini adalah kali ke-2 dya pk rok ke kampus, dan dya bilang, “udah gak ada yang komentar lagi hari ini…” (maksudnya komentar ttg dya pk rok… krn pas kali pertama dya pk rok, smua org ngomentarin spt apa yg udah aku tls diatas…)
Jadi bikin aku mikir juga… orang tuh gak bisa nerima perubahan pas awal2nya aja… pas kali pertama nyadar bahwa sesuatu hal bner2 berubah… slanjutnya, org2 udah terbiasa, dan gak gak mau nrima perubahan itu lagi…

Ah… gak tau ah… yang pasti sih klo aku sendiri masih agak takut menerima perubahan, soalnya kenyamanan dan keteraturan yang ada suka terusik gitu dan awalnya suka jadi gak enak dulu… seperti aku agak males waktu disuruh potong rambut (walopun sebenernya rambut aku udah panjang gak puguh dan dah rontok kemana2 gr2 kepanjangan), agak males karena males nanggepin komen2 org2 spt, “alien potong rambut ya???” ato “Adeuh…adeuh…” dan smacamnya… but I gotta live on it… I have to face it anyway… I mean, I’m not gonna have long hair! Not in the next 5 years, at least… so I had no choice, gotta face the changes and found it wasn’t too bad after all… hehehe

Thursday, September 28, 2006

fuck! Fuck! FUck! FUCk! FUCK!

Aku lagi SEBEL banget!!!!
Sekarang ini sebelnya beneran… gak boongan…

Well, bagi kamu yang udah pernah baca blog aku pas aku ngehina-hina pak Zein, aku gak sesebel itu… soalnya sekarang aku lagi sebel ama temen-temenku sendiri…

Gini ceritanya, aku kan pindah ke rumah baru nih ya… jadi rumahku yang skarang ini cukup besar… yah, cukup deh buat buka bareng kelas gitu… nah, aku kan nyadar diri ya, punya rumah yang cukup besar, jadi aku tawarin deh ke temen2ku bwt buka bareng di rumahku. Yang aku tawarin pertama adalah temen2ku pas 3ipa2 angkatan 2006 dan temen2 1-7 angkatan 2005. ada dua bubar kan? Susah ngatur jadwalnya, aku tau… nah, pas sebelum mulai masuk bulan ramadhan aku dah heboh ngajakin temen2ku buat buka bareng… dan akhirnya aku ketemu sama temen-temen 3ipa2-ku dan waktu itu kita sepakat buat ngadain bubar di awal2 ramadhan. Alasannya: orang2 blum banyak yang janjian ma temen2nya yang lain dan kalo udah dikasi tau dari awal orang2 lain kan udah bisa bilang kalo mreka dah ada janji bubar ma 3ipa2.

Aku sih sneng2 aja… aku tau urusan bubar ini banyak masalahnya. Gak ada tempatlah, gak ada yang mau nyumbang apa2, gak ada yang mau ngurusin makanan, sampe gak ada yang bersedia ngasi tau anak2nya. Jadi aku jadi sukarelawanlah buat NGELAKUIN SEMUANYA!!!

Tempat bubarnya di rumahku, jalan arcamanik endah 29. aku (ato mamaku) nyumbang tajil (jadi temen2ku gak usah susah2 mikirin tajil apaan), aku (ato mama dan tanteku) yang ngurusin makanan(karena temen2ku begitu egoisnya sampe2 gak ada yang mau ngurusin makanan, PADAHAL ITUKAN BUBAR KELAS!!!), sampe aku merelakan pulsaku buat ngesms-in dan nelepon org2 ngajakin mreka bubar dan nyuruh2 mreka bayar….

Ya ampuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orang2 tuh sama skali gak appreciate banget sih sama apa yang udah aku lakuin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gak ada sama skali rasa terima kasihnya gituh………

Dan aku nulis ini bukan aku pengen sok dihargain… bukan aku pengen sok diterimakasihin… bukan aku sok pengen eksis jadi orang yang ngurusin smuanya… bukan!!!! Aku Cuma terlalu cinta sama temen2ku, jadi aku bersedia ngelakuin smuanya bwt temen2ku, sampe2 akhirnya aku dikecewakan bulat-bulat…

Coba ya, skarang aku tanya, ada gak orang yang mau ngelakuin smua yang udah aku lakuin?????? Ngurusin bubar SENDIRIAN????? Please, ngaku???? Ada yang rela ngebuang pulsanya buat ngajak2in orang dtg bubar??? Bukan ngejarkomin ya, maaf, aku smsin smua org yg blum pernah aku temuin, ngajakin mreka bubar dan bayar bubarnya!!!

Dan temen2ku tuh gak mikir btapa susahnya nyari catering yang murah di bulan Ramadhan… mreka pengen makan range-nya antara 15-20ribu rupiah… aku dah bilang diawal2, mamaku gak mau ngurusin. Kalo mau diurusin ama mamaku, bayarnya 25rb, soalnya mamaku gak mau sibuk2 nyari catering yang murah. Tapi akhirnya aku bujukin mamaku, soalnya TEMEN2KU GAK ADA YANG MO JADI SUKARELAWAN NGURUSIN MAKANAN!!! Dan akhirnya mamaku nemuin catering yang mau ngasih MAKANAN yang PRASMANAN dengan harga CUMA 15RIBU, tapi buat 50 orang. Mamaku bilang, “ya udah, gak apa-apa buat 50 org, nanti sekalian aja ngajakin keluarga-keluarga dateng. Biar makanannya habis.”





Astaghfirullahaladzim… aku seeeeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbbeeeeeelllll banget!!!!

Dan mereka tiba2 ngomong sama aku hari RABU MALAM buat mengundur acara yang bakalan diadain hari SABTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan hari KAMIS SIANG mereka minta acaranya diundur sekali lagi ke aku!!! Dan pas aku bilang gak bisa, mereka bilang, “Ya udahlah, tetep aja tanggal 30. Yang mau dateng, dateng, yang gak bisa, ya gak usah dateng…”
Guess what I thought? “I’m so gonna shut your fucking mouth!!!” Aku bilang ke temen2ku, “Makanan yang udah dipesen mamaku itu buat 50 orang! Jadi klo nanti yang dateng Cuma 20 orang, buat apa???”

Dan saat itu juga aku kembaliin uang temen2ku yang ada di aku ke mereka. AKU GAK AKAN PERNAH MAU NGURUSIN BUBAR 3IPA2 LAGI!!!!!

OhmyGod!!!!! Don’t they fucking think???? I thought they’re all really smart people who got accepted in fucking ITB and other fucking good universities!!!! And they thought that they can just have everything they want just like THAT!!!!

Y’know what???? FUCK THEM!!!!

And don’t ever think I don’t mean it!!! I really, honestly, do mean it!!!

So they learn… supaya temen2ku yang tercinta itu pada tau, ngurusin hal ‘kecil’ kayak bubar itu butuh pengorbanan. Supaya temen2ku yang tersayang itu pada ngerti, kalau mereka gak bisa bilang iya dan meng-cancel ‘iya’-nya itu di detik2 terkahir seenak jidat mereka…


I hate them so very much right now…

P.s. tentunya gak smua temen aku yang ku benci… ada juga temen2 aku yang terus2an mensupport aku dan sama gak ngertinya sama situasi yang sekarang ini seperti aku… (thanks Lina, Nita, Ivan)

P.p.s. maaf kalo ada yang tersinggung… maaf, tapi itu emang yang aku rasain sekarang ini. Silahkan kalau mau marah… aku tetep akan ngehargai kalian sebagai teman secara professional… kalian bener2 udah ngelanggar batas-batang yang gak acceptable dari hubungan pertemanan…

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hai tman-tman....
terutama anak-anak bekas 1-7 angkatan 2005
dan anak2 bekas 3ipa2 angkatan 2006


di rumahku, rumah alien, Jalan Arcamanik Endah 29, Arcamanik, Bandung, 40293.
mulai ba'da ashar udah ditungguin dirumahku...
bayarnya 15 ribu, makanannya prasmanan loh.....
enak kan....??? murah lagi...

Bagi anak2 3ipa2 angkatan 2006, kita buka barengnya tanggal 30 September 2006

untuk anak2 1-7 angkatan 2005, kita buka barengnya tanggal 7 oktober 2006

awas kebalik!!!

oh ya, 10 pembayar pertama dapet hadiah loh!!!
so, cepetan cari aku (alien) trus bayar kalo mau hadiah.... okay????

ditungguin ya....
tiada kesan tanpa kehadiranmu loh...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Please baca ya, penting banget loh ....... Ngeri banget.....
Hati-hati jika terkena debu di jalan atau dimana saja, ini telah terjadipada seseorang :Waktu dia jalan dia pikir kena debu, otomatis matanya dia kucek-kucek. Setelah beberapa jam matanya agak merah, lalu dia beri obat tetes mata. Setel! ah beberapa hari koq dibawah matanya masih merah dan agak bengkak.Semakin hari dibawah matanya semakin bengkak, lalu dia pergi ke doktersetelah di periksa dokter bilang harus dioperasi takutnya ada benjolan apa....?? Setelah dioperasi benjolan tersebut, maka keluarlah ulat.... Dimana awalnya dia pikir matanya terkena debu, namun ternyata telur ulat. Makanya hati2x jika banyak debu, kalau sakit berkelanjutan hubungi dokter terdekat .

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mario Vasquez

Mario Vasquez - Gallery

God broke the mold,
When he made this one I know
She's breathtaking but so much more
She walks in the room, your loves closed
Making you never want to breathe again
Her boyfriend has got so much dough
So much ice his neck and wrist froze
Is he faithful to her? Hell no
But she chose to be with him, shorty
Tell me is the money worth your soul
Tell me what's the reason that you hold on
When you know that dude has a whole wall of 'em just like you
And girl you're just way too fine
Gotta be treated as one of a kind
Girl use your mind
Don't be just another dime
Because I can't take
Seeing you with him
'Cuz I know exactly what you'll be,
In his gallery
It's just not fair
And it's tearing me apart
You're just another priceless work of art
In his gallery
She's so confused
She knows she deserves more
Someone who will love and adore
But his money's hard to ignore
She really doesn't know what to do
Girl it's just a matter of time
Before he finds another more fine
After he's done dulling your shine
You're out the door and he's through with you
Tell me is the money worth your soul
Tell me what's the reason that you hold on,
When you know that dude has a whole wall of 'em just like you
And girl you're just way too fine
Gotta be treated as one of a kind
Girl use your mind
Don't be just another dime
I can't take
Seeing you with him
'Cuz I know exactly what you'll be
In his gallery
It's just not fair
And it's tearing me apart
You're just another priceless work of art
In his gallery
You're a masterpiece
I know that he
Can't appreciate your beauty
Don't let him cheapen you
He don't see you like i do
Beautiful not just for show
Time that someone let you know
I can't take
Seeing you with him
'Cuz I know exactly what you'll be
In his gallery
It's just not fair
And it's tearing me apart
You're just another priceless work of art
I can't take
Seeing you with him
'Cuz I know exactly what you'll be
In his gallery
It's just not fair
And it's tearing me apart
You're just another priceless work of art
In his gallery
In his gallery

lagu keren lagi lah... this is my music gitu loh...
Knalin, ini Mario Vasquez...
tau gak klo Mario ini sebenernya adalah kontestan American Idol 2005, tapi dya ngundurin diri, entah knp... ktny sih family reason gitu, bo... tp ya ndak tau lah... baru pertama kalinya tuh dlm sjarah idol2an, pesertanya ngundurin diri... hahaha...
nah, lagu ini ditulis ama Ne-Yo... pantes aja keren kan? hehehe...

I think this is a unique song... it's talking about a whore/ho/bitch (whatever u call them)... read the lyrics and u're gonna see.. "tell me is the money worth ur soul..."
di lagu ini Mario Vasquez ngajak cewek2 buat nge-value diri mreka sendiri... byk cewek yg suka menjajakan diri mrk gt dan dari lagu ini sih, si Mario Vasquez ini concern bgt ma hal itu...

Lily Allen

Lily Allen - Smile

When you first left me,
I was wanting more,
But you were fucking that girl next door,
What did you do that for? (do that for)
When you first left me,
I didn't know what to say,
I'd never been on my own that way
Just sat by myself all day

I was so lost back then,
But with a little, help from my friends
I found the light in the tunnel, at the end
Now your calling me up on the phone
So you can have a little whine and a moan
And its only because your feeling alone

At first, when I see you cry
Yeah, it makes me smile
Yeah, it makes me smile
At worst, I feel bad for a while
But then I just smile
I go ahead and smile

Whenever you see, you say that you want me back
And I tell you it don't mean jack,
No it don't mean jack
I couldn't stop laughing,
No, I just couldn't help myself
See ya messed up my mental health
I was quite unwell

I was so lost back then,
But with a little, help from my friends
I found the light in the tunnel, at the end
Now your calling me up on the phone
So you can have a little whine and a moan
And its only because your feeling alone

At first, when I see you cry
Yeah, it makes me smile
Yeah, it makes me smile
At worst, I feel bad for a while
But then I just smile
I go ahead and smile


At first, when I see you cry
Yeah, it makes me smile
Yeah, it makes me smile
At worst, I feel bad for a while
But then I just smile
I go ahead and smile

Lagu ini tuh asli keren banget... cerita ttg cewek yang putus dari cowoknya. pertamanya sih dya emang sedih2 gitu... tapi trs dya mikir lagi dan dya jg dibantuin ma tmn2nya bwt bs ngelupain mantannya... eh, ujung2nya dya malah bisa ngetawain mantannya. dya nyadar klo mantannya itu g pernah serius ama dya...

jujur aja, awalnya aku ketipu banget... gimana enggak? di lagu ini tuh Allen nulis, "I was so lost back then, but with a little help from my friends I found the lights in the tunnel at that end" aku bener2 ngira kalau Allen bener2 sedih dan temen2nya dateng buat nenangin dya... nggak taunya... check out her video clip for more info!!!

walopun aku g pernah ngalamin kyk ginian... aku suka lagu ini... musiknya jg lucu... apalagi logatnya Lily Allen yg british bgt... lucu deh... oh ya, lagu ini masuk UK Top 40 Singles loh...


Sunday, August 27, 2006

my impression

I have a friend named Aulin… (Com..Com…)
Last Tuesday was my first day of class in ITB… after I had 2 classes that day, I sent a sms to her. I said, “aulin, km ad dmn? Ak lg istirahat, slese kuliah. Kuliah tuh garing ya…?” or something similar to that…
And she replied, “Iya, kuliah emang garing… makanya biar gak garing masuk lss…”
LSS is an abbreviation for Lingkung Seni Sunda, which is one of extracurriculars that ITB has. It’s a unit about Sundanesse, they play music, dance, and learn the language. What’s really unique about them is they’re really funny. No matter what they do, they’re really funny. I kinda like their performance…
And Aulin is in LSS… she really likes it there… and I can see that…

Last Saturday was the time when I understand what Aulin said. That day was the first meeting for an extracurricular called U-Green. And the first meeting was really fun… we were first gathered around, did a little game to get to know each other, and then we had to introduce ourselves. I wasn’t sure what actually happened, but I was all hyperactive… probably I was all excited becoz that day was my first meeting for an extracurricular. I was the first to introduce myself, the loudest one, didn’t feel ashamed, full with idea… excited, that was for sure!
After I was home, from that meeting, I can’t stop thinking about how fun the meeting was and how true what Aulin had told me.

But like, that’s really bad then… I mean, I’m not going to ITB to join just some extracurriculars… I wanted to go to ITB to build my future, my dream… if I don’t like my classes in the university and I get busy with all this extracurricular activities, what should I do? Being as lazy as I can and get my degree after 6 years of studying in the university????
I’m not THAT smart, just for ur information… being lazy is just making myself worst…

Actually…..that’s what I’ve been scared about for so long….
I don’t like my classes in ITB, work or study under pressure, not good enough, get too busy with too many extracurriculars, etc…
Until I’m gonna be in ITB forever… forget all about graduation… my dreams about being a ministry of education, being a consultant for the environment, having a book written, etc…

I know that I’m being all negative… but, to be honest, I don’t see myself passing physical education class… I mean, who pass the run as far as 2,6 km for 12 minutes? Not me, that’s for sure!
I have to make a real decision pretty soon…

I never imagine that I actually have to do this… but I guess that’s life, eh?
All about making a decision…
Wish me the best luck, friends…

Saturday, August 26, 2006

what the hell am I thinking???!!!

Guess what I feel really stupid?
If u’re one of my friends, u’d know how hard I try to make ppl read my blog…
Tonite, I just thought, “shit! Now I can’t write about ‘it’ in my blog, coz everyone would read ‘it’…”
Really, I thought about it…
Well, the thing is, I told my crush about my blog (of course I told him; what do you think?!)… and as u guys know, my blog is like a replacement for my diary… and guess what I sometimes write in my diary? Yup! About my crush! Now, since I don’t have anymore diary besides my blog, I don’t have anywhere else to write about my crush…
Well, I can just write about him here… right now…
I’m just thinking now, am I that crazy?
I mean, I did crazy things… like: walked home from school I Canada when it was still January (the coldest month of the year!), went swimming in the freezing lake in Canada when it was still May, ran from the swimming pool to my room with just my swimsuit and towel when I was already 19, and so much more… (I’m not gonna reveal everything in here! NO WAY!)
Now, am I willing to add ‘writing about my crush when there’s a huge possibility he’s gonna read it’ to my ‘I did crazy things’ list?

First, I wanna make sure about this to him… to my crush: (that if u actually realize I’ve got a crush on u… but come on, u already knew it… I know u know… but if u think u don’t know it before, u’re gonna know becoz of the thing that I’m gonna write…) don’t get me wrong… I’m not expecting anything from u… so, please, don’t act all that strange… just don’t change, please… please ignore that I have a crush on u and let’s just be friends…. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee…………. (I wonder if u get what I mean…)

I wrote the ‘inroductory’ paragraphs… what I’m gonna do now is write the real story….
Well, it’s kinda boring if I write that we send each other sms… and do I have to tell u that I’m always extremely glad whenever I receive a sms from him? I don’t think so… but what I think is kinda weird is, nowadays, I don’t think that hard if I wanna reply his sms. I used to think really hard everytime I reply his sms, like “if I say ‘this’, what would he say? Would he say ‘that’?”. Nowadays, I don’t think about that anymore… I just reply what I have to reply. A little ‘thanks’ here and there I still consider acceptable… but other than that, I’m not all that worried…
Tuesday was my first time having classes in ITB, so we went together, coz accidentally our morning schedule was the same. On our way, we talked… or rather, I talked and he listened (did he really listen to me everytime I told him about stuff? I wonder…) as usual… y’know, becoz I’m really talkative and he’s really quite… he asked me one question that I didn’t know how to react…
Which was, “udah sarapan belum?”
My reaction, “mmmmmmmmm……….. (in my mind at that time, what was he trying to say?what did he mean?) udah… kamu…?”
Diah’s reaction (when I told her about that), “HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” (she really did laugh out loud)
Nita’s reaction, “Ada kemajuan, Alien…!” (hah?! Kemajuan apa????)
Probably, my friends and I were exaggerating something… probably he didn’t mean anything by asking that question… but, whatever!
On that day too, he walked me to my class… and one of my friends, Bintang, was all like, “Adeeeeeeuuuuuhhhhh…. Adeuuuuhhhhh…” and I thought, I was fucking ready to kill him!!!
I mean, I-of course-have a feeling that my crush knows that I have a crush on him, but none of my friends made that obvious action in front of him, just like Bintang did… aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday, I was told that there’s gonna be a calculus class at 8 am, so I set my alarm clock a little early. But, it wasn’t my alarm clock that actually woke me up. It was his sms. He said that we can only go to ITB together on Tuesday… that’s the only day we have the same morning schedule…… guess what I felt? I mean, I’m just an ordinary girl when I’m having a crush on someone… so, I was REALLY DISSAPOINTED when I read that. I can’t believe that I was really unlucky….
Oh yeah, that day, he sent me a sms, “aku mo brangkat skr sm bpkku, gpp kan?”
And my dissapoinment was like doubled! I tried to be as flat as possible and replied, “Yah masa aku blg apa-apa.gak pa-pa lah.”
My friends were all laughing at me, really loud…

Yesterday, he sent me sms that said he’s coming to my house to drop the book that I wanna borrow from him. I replied him and said it’s not necessary. But he came anyway… we had a little conversation, not very long, but enough to make me think… (before I went to sleep last night, I could still recall almost everyword that we said, but now I forget it…)
I said thanks for the book… and we talked about some Islam organizations… he asked me is there any Islam org in my faculty, I said yep but I was lazy to come to the meeting. And he said, that was what I was trying to tell u.
And he asked me, “bukunya gak akan dipake setaun kan?”
I said, “Kamu ngarepin aku pergi ya?”
He said, “Bukannya gitu” (smile)
I said, “Habisnya semua orang ngelarang aku pergi…”
He said, “kenapa perginya gak S2 aja? Soalnya aku juga pengen nyari beasiswa buat S2…”
I said, “Aku takut gak betah kuliah di ITB… kalo aku kuliahnya setengah2 juga kan pasti hasilnya gak bagus…”
He said, “Iya sih… ya udah terserah…”
I said, “Yah… jangan terserah dong… bantuin aku… kasi tau kalo aku disini bakalan kyk gimana… kalo aku disana bakalan kayak gimana…”
He said, “Masalahnya aku gak tau disana kayak gimana… kan gak enak kalo ngebandinginnya Cuma satu…”
He said, “Yah… kan masih lama brangkatnya...”
(Honestly, he’s the only one that said I still have plenty of time before I leave for the States.)
I said, “Tanggal 9, masih lama…?”
He said, “Minggu depan kan masih tangal 3… cobain aja dulu beberapa hari lagi…”
And I can’t really remember the rest of our conversation… and he left for the mosque.
One thing that really stood out yesterday, he smelled really good….
Hahaha… if u’re my real friends, u know how I like to comments on someone’s smells, except when they smell like sweat…

So, that’s my story… nothing that I wanna pointed out… I just have the feeling that I have to write it down… so, I did…
To my crush again, don’t get freaked out of how I remember every details about u, or our conversation… I usually do that… and I said before that I’m just an ordinary girl when I have a crush on someone, and guess what, when a girl has a crush on someone, she remembers everything he did to her… or that’s a common thing that usually happens…

Well,well,well… so I did it…
U guys probably don’t believe me… but I truly feel different after I wrote everything down… it’s almost like, now I’m allowed to forget about it, coz I have it written down somewhere…
Anyway, Thanks for reading…….

Thursday, August 24, 2006

a lot of going on in my mind...

Okay... so life is about choice...
about making a decision...
now I know that...
now I understand...

see, the thing is... I'm accepted to this #1 university in Indonesia that's called ITB, Bandung Institute of Technology as in English.
another thing is... I'm also accepted in Shoreline Community College in Seattle, USA.
almost all of my friends and family said that I should stay in Indonesia... becoz:
1. man, it's ITB! the #1 university in Indonesia! do I really wanna reject my luck after being accepted in there? do I really wanna leave ITB without even considering how many ppl wanted to be accepted in ITB but they were not lucky enough to get accepted?
2. am I sure I wanna leave Indonesia? where I was born... where my mom, dad, sister, other family members, and friends live... where my all time crush live... (hahaha... of course I'm willing to leave him!)

honestly, if I wanna be all selfish, I would say... I don't care!!!
really... I don't give a damn about my being accepted in ITB... I do care about my family and friends (and my crush), but I'm sure they'd understand whatever choice I would make...



p.s. that's why, if there's someone who's trying to convince me that life's a choice.... I'm gonna kill that person!
don't talk about life is a choice with me, coz I really understand that!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

SPMB (part II)

alrite, I'm here now... to tell u something... to write down something...

around this time 24 hours ago, I experienced one of the greatest shock in my life... which is...

I pass SPMB!!! aku LULUS spmb!!!!

and guess what I would really like to do???
run around and tell everyone I know that I can actually pass the fucking SPMB....
I'm really glad... honestly....

see, the point is, I didn't really expect that I'm gonna pass the exam... I mean, I never really study for it... LOTS of other people who studied A LOT more than I did...
But miracoulusly, Allah just blessed me... Allah seems to really care about me, even if most of the time I forget to thank Allah...
I actually pass the fucking exam!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!

I'm so proud of my self... I'm so proud of myself for passing the exam... for making my parents proud of me... for every study that I did...

oh yeah, probably I should write down where I'm actually get accepted...
aku diterima di Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan... it was actually my second choice. My first choice was Industrial Engineering... and, to b honest w/ u, I put that on my first choice becoz of my dad... and guess what? Allah knows everything... I'm not accepted in a major which my dad picked for me... but I'm accepted in a faculty that I really wanna be in...
I can see myself being environtmentalist.... hahahahahahahaha

anyway... one more thing I wanna write down here... I have the feeling that some ppl never really thought that I would pass this exam... some ppl thought that my choice was crazy, it was just too high for just an average person like me... but guess what ppl? for anyone who thought that I'm never gonna b able 2 pass the SPMB I just wanna say, think again, man! face the reality! I'm showing u the proof right now that I know what I'm doing, and I can actually do this... so, please, keep ur thoughts to urself... think again whenever u're gonna make me down again... I have proof that I can do it!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It's not like I don't wanna write in my blog.... or even say any thank yous...
but when u're on holiday and u're in Bali, staying in HardRock Hotel Bali, going out everyday, knowing there's always Kuta square for you to come...
u wouldn't wanna spend all your time writing on ur blog in front of computer...
am I right or not????

anyway, what I was trying 2 say was I wanna say really big THANK YOU for all of my friends that wished me a happy birthday... or came to my birthday 'party'(that wasn't a real party, y'know... just some lunch together...) or gave me presents...

they were the one who wished me a happy b-day: Papa, Mama, Lisa, Alia, Dani --->> mereka ngucapin met ultah pas jam 12 malam... trus kita lsg buka kado...
in order of sms (hahaha!): Anna, Ndith, Imel, dina, Kak Ita-Bang Doni, Tante Karni, Eka, Nita, Uwak Nana, Kak Bel, Mira, Ayu-Asti, Alin, Aulin, Beny, Feby, Catel, Dididung, Mbak Petri, Ditta, Wiput, Ilah-Lari-Ipphy, Fey, Diah (tlat ahhhh!!!), Nchie, Almira, Fheb, Icha.
yg g ngesms tp ngucapin slamat ultah: Minul, Bagus, Andin, Agung, Bintang, Tommy, Shiddiq, Faisal, Eha, Giri, Liman, Yozzi, Ivan, Ninis, Fachri, Desi.

they were the ones who came to my 'party': Lisa, Agung, Anna, Bintang, Dyah, Tommy, Nita, Shiddiq, Wiput, Faisal, Eha, Giri, Dina, Liman, Imel, Yozzi, Fey, Ivan, Ninis, Fachri, Diah, Andika, Desi, Ija Danu, Ayu-Asti, Andin, Ndith, Bagus, Minul, Ayu, dan Catel.
kalo ada yang belum disebutin bilang2 ya..... aku ngrasa bersalah banget nih klo g disebutin satu2... okay????
and my family: mom, dad, Alia, Bou Risna, Amangboru, Kak Ita, Bang Doni, Uwak Nana, Om Uwak, Abang (sm ceweknya: Nadia), Kak Bel, Cindy, Om Apul, Tante Feny, Feby, Fajry, Bang Zul.

and.... here's the interesting part....
what I got for my b-day: Meg Cabot's Size 12 is Not Fat and Avalon High, a Roxy wallet, a Happy House photo album from mom, dad, and Alia. a world cup 2006 black t-shirt from Lisa, a dollar clock from Vania, tempat tissue and tempat hp from some of my classmates (Nita, dydydung, Ninis, Wiput, Bintang, Shiddiq, Tommy, Ivan, Yozzi, Faisal, Giri, sapa lagi bo? aku lupa... maaf banget okay!), Ann Brasheres's Girls in Pants and 99 Asmaul Husna cd from Power Rangers (dina, Eha, Imel, Fey) dan Minoel, a bag and a notebook from Diah, Aulin, Anna, Ditta, Mira, Dsi, Ija, and who else? I can't remember girls, I'm so very sorry..., a Billabong sling bag and a Cult wallet from Kak Bel, Cindy, Uwak Nana, Om Uwak, and Abang, a Happy House Frame from Kak Ita and Bang Doni, and socks from Tante Feny, Om Apul, Feby, and Fajry.

whoa! I got lots!
It wasn't like a 19th b-day, really... it was more like a little girl's b-day... and it felt funny...
well, whatever... it was still a great time... I love having b-day...

and one more time, I wanna say THANK YOU for everyone who came and wished me a happy b-day... and also for tons of presents that I got...
I'm gonna try to make it up to you sometime, guys!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006


It's not like I don't wanna write anything on my blog.....
but I really don't have much time and much money to spend it on writing a blog....
I really would like to write about soooooooo many things....
but y'know, whan u're on holiday... and u're in Bali... and u got LOTS of other things to do rather than spending ur time and money in front of the computer... u don't really feel like writing in ur blog... believe me!!!
anyway, I already got some souvenirs to give out.... so, be patient....

p.s. anyone would like to come with me and Lisa to Embassy (both in Jakarta and Bandung) by the time we're in Jakarta????? if yes, contact me!!!
p.p.s. who said he/she would like to to to Ancol and/or Dufan this holiday? coz if u said so, I'm gonna be back in Jakarta on Aug 5th, u can contact me from now!!!

waiting for some answers!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grand Invitation

since my b-day's coming up... (on the 14th of july just incase somebody forget...)
here's my Grand Invitation for you, my friends...

come by my place on Saturday, July 15th, 2006. My place's ready for any guest from 11 am. where's my place? Jalan Arcamanik Endah 29, Arcamanik, Bandung. and we're gonna have lunch together...

check out "My b-day's Coming Up" post for my wishlist...
I'm a normal girl, y'know... want some presents... hahaha

well, anyway, if u guys have some spare time, come by my place...
we'll have fun together...
see ya there!

Monday, July 10, 2006

we have to wait for another 4 years....

the last team I wanted to be the champion of the world cup!!!!!!!!!!!
Italy has won it all!!!

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to me, that was a bad news...
I never like Italy...
well, I mean, I like the idea of the country... I just never like it's national football (or soccer or fussbal or whatever) team.
I wrote here before too...
I think if they win again this year, they would be all so cocky... "We're the Italians... we're handsome and all girls in the world love us... we're really great... we told u that we would win the world cup and we did!!! the greatness of playing football is absolutely in our blood!!"
and yeah, they all like to do the diving... I mean, honestly, everytime the Italians play, they just have to do the diving... the just have to fall... with or without any contacts with other players... they play hard... and I hate it!!!
remember their game with the USA? the worst game of this year's world cup!!!

I really thought that France would win...
but I guess I'm wrong...
I just want the best for Zidane in his last career... (just like his other friends in the Brazilian team)
and he played good... really calm and confident....
I always thought that he could be that calm becoz he's a moslem... as a moslem, we have severals pray that u can repeat it within yourself and it miracoulusly help u to calm... or to be strong... or to be smart...
but then the fact that he thrust his head to Materazzi's chest made everyone gasp... and when he got his red card,
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everyone (who support france) cried...
I think, the emotion within himself was like a volcano... and it exploded with a little comment from that fucking Materazzi guy...
and what the hell happened to the kinda-hot-Tierry Henry at the very begining of the game??? that was the weirdest thing I've ever watched about him...
I had a thought that he would at least make as many goals as Klose becoz of this final. coz Klose had won the golden shoes many times, I think it's time for another guy to win it...

well... who the hell am I anyway? what do I know? whatever I say it's not gonna change anything... Italy still win the 2006's world cup... and Zidane still got his red card... and it's all over now... the whole world cup fever...
can't wait 'till another 4 years!!!

p.s. can't wait 'till another 3 days when Lisa arrived in Jakarta!!! Raise The Roof